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  1. No impact water jogging. Seriously. My knee was bad for 2 years after surgery started water jogging every day and it worked. Knee got completely better It also cured my hip soreness He could have went anywhere, but wanted to be true to the team that had faith in him. He’s a man of great character and I will root for him all the way!! I’d love to be able to shove it in the face of his of those ignorant chumps that think he’s just milking the Twins
  2. The improvement was a team effort of course, but the pitching was the key. One of the oldest axioms in baseball is “Good pitching beats good hitting.” Go Twins!!
  3. I forgot about it being a smaller field like the decision. I think kenta might be able to fool some of them too. Go Twins!!!!!!!
  4. Too bad we couldn’t have gotten them both
  5. Good listening to Latroy announce again i think I remember something about him being a big backer of the Twins using that number 1 pick on Royce Lewis instead of Hunter Greene
  6. I mean a roll of the dice, so let’s roll twins winning the division would guarantee a home playoff game!! Target field would be rocking (and Rolling) See y’all there
  7. Seems like all trades are a shake of the dice! Sometimes you win and you know the rest
  8. Been an almost every day fan since 61, but I have to say I can’t stand watching all these strike outs. This analytics is everything doesn’t seem to be working I’m a baseball guy first and foremost, but I want to watch baseball not home run derby. Pablo is great but I wish we still had future Hall of Famer Luis. He was what a baseball fan pays to watch, because he was fun to watch. Baseball action not strikeouts
  9. Would like to see the exact medical diagnosis of where his knee is and a medical prognostication of what the future of his knee is. Can it ever heal?? My knee was really bad, but dedicated low impact water jogging everyday has back to normal. Feel so bad For him, because he is such a great guy!
  10. Great to see those guys get going. Now if Buck and CC can dump the slumps and get back to normal we will have a lot to look forward to watching.. Fun to watch them putting the ball in play last night instead of trying to hit a home run on every swing. and striking out. Those uppercut home run swings are fine in a hitters count, but leveling out the the plane and putting the ball in play is this old guys preference to watch.
  11. Almost all trades take years to determine which team if either comes out best. Paddock could turn this one back in the Twins favor. Thinking the FO has done well on some and not so well on others. I propose this trade— Alcala and Celestino to Houston for Pressley.
  12. Thanks Twins and thanks Byron for making my age 76 to age 83 years able to watch my favorite play.er. If he has healthier years, he WILL be one of the most valuable player in all of baseball. Even years when they aren't as competitive as we'd all like, I can look forward to watching them play. Really happy and excited!!!!!!
  13. Long time devoted twins fan. If they don’t resign Byron, I’m done with the Twins for good. Not just saying that, I’m stubborn and I will be totally done.
  14. Sign him somehow, someway. I’ve watched the twins and listened and followed since 61 Byron Buxton has the highest ceiling of any player in the game. I’d pay to watch him play every day. It would end my 60 year obsession with the Twins if they don’t. Imagine watching him lead another team to a World Series championship couldn’t handle that.
  15. I’m 75, big twins fan since 61 I would even listen to Ray Scott and Halsey Hall broadcasting late night west coast games. Seen all the great twins players and teams. If the Twins don’t sign Byron, I’m done. Instead of watching, attending or listening to almost every game, I’ll quit all of it for good. He signs, I’ll continue to be a super Twins backer. I’m stubborn and really mean this. I’m just 1 fan, but I’ll bet there’s a lot more like me. 2 of my best lifelong buddies are pledging the same thing. Cmon Twins, make the rest of my senior years fun, watching the best player ever lead the team. Thanks
  16. Buxton is the most important player to the Twins going forward. He’s the one we love to watch play by far the most.
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