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  1. I think an important distinction here when we talk about "bulk" is whether Miranda lost fat or muscle or both. It's not like Miranda is suddenly showing up at camp weighing 170 pounds. He's still a big guy, he just lost fat and is in better shape. If anything, that should only help his power. If a 250 pound player lost 60 pounds of muscle and became a distance runner, than yes, I'd worry about his power. But clearly, thats not whats happening here. Whether or not he improves at 3rd base, I think his being in better shape can only help his power and hitting as the season goes on
  2. Yeah I get that you know more than me. I just don't think you know as much as the team doctors and physical therapists who also have access to the player and his medicals. I'm having a great day actually. But I apologize for the rude tone. It's easy for me to do that when typing, my fault. Agree we want the same for him!
  3. Yeah I reread my post and realized it has a rude tone. My fault. I'll edit it
  4. "I get it to a degree that a lot of people might not" ? More than team doctors and expert physical trainers? I get you know more than the average joe due to your playing history, but surely all the experts involved in this process who also have access to the player himself and his medicals know more than you. "However he is not broken he can play centerfield full time again" What are you basing this on? Who knows what his current medicals say. An offseason will help a lot but not everything. "the human body is built to last" Not all bodies are built the same. Some players play 150 + games season after season, other players have chronic injuries. At the end of it all I very much agree: I hope his body holds up and he can get consistent playing time!
  5. You must be unaware that a primary injury Buxton dealt with last year was Patellar Tendinitis, which is a long term injury that is very tricky to manage, and requires "active rest" which essentially is a combination of slowly ramping up and / or maintaining activity with some rest days. His "healthy scratch" days still involved dealing with this chronic condition. This "weird" on again off again schedule was managed by top physical therapists and team doctors. But clearly, you know more than them! Yes, I'm guessing his health and inconsistent playing time caused his batting average to suffer. He could have gotten his surgery and ended his season earlier than he did I suppose.
  6. Interesting how the author himself states he had inconsistent playing time due to injuries and doesn't mention the multiple injuries Buxton dealt with last year, that left him being UNABLE TO RUN some days. I mean, honestly. Of course Buxton would be out there every day if he was healthy.
  7. Having responsibility for multi million dollar assets doesn't mean you can just wish miracles on people's bodies...how many athletes do you think we could name right now that have had careers altered or cut short by injuries? It happens, and it sucks.
  8. There's an assumption here that all injuries have diagnoses that can be found. The body has a lot of medical mysteries even in this modern medical era. There a millions of people in the USA with conditions that doctors cannot diagnose or cannot treat. Throwing money and doctors at the human body won't always result in answers, and that's not necessarily anyones fault. Obviously there's a lot we don't know in this situation, but I don't get the feeling there's an easy answer here or that someone is at fault. It just sucks
  9. Yeah, I guess I'm not sure. It absolutely could be a slump...it's a really small sample size. Or of course it could be his injuries.
  10. I think one of the issues is that, from what I have read about knee tendinitis, a 10 day IL stint would in no way be enough for Buxton. In fact, total rest might not actually help as much as "active rest". Read this excellent article from Canis Hoopis (regarding Anthony Edwards struggling with the same thing). If a 10 day IL stint was what would help, I'm sure the team would do it https://www.canishoopus.com/2022/3/10/22971292/what-is-patellar-tendinopathy
  11. Ready the Souhan article. He has tendinitis. That needs to be managed, and there's no quick fix for it (such as an IL stint). Anthony Edwards struggled with it most of the season too. It's a separate issue from the hip. Yes, playing center field can be more taxing on it than DHing. Yes, Buxton wants to play every game. Athletes usually do even to their own detriment. You, the casual fan, being confused and not understanding the Twins' plan with Buxton means absolutely nothing. When things aren't perfect we all want someone to blame, but in this case the only thing I can find to blame is Buxton's genetics. Or dumb luck.
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