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  1. Yeah, I guess I'm not sure. It absolutely could be a slump...it's a really small sample size. Or of course it could be his injuries.
  2. I think one of the issues is that, from what I have read about knee tendinitis, a 10 day IL stint would in no way be enough for Buxton. In fact, total rest might not actually help as much as "active rest". Read this excellent article from Canis Hoopis (regarding Anthony Edwards struggling with the same thing). If a 10 day IL stint was what would help, I'm sure the team would do it https://www.canishoopus.com/2022/3/10/22971292/what-is-patellar-tendinopathy
  3. Ready the Souhan article. He has tendinitis. That needs to be managed, and there's no quick fix for it (such as an IL stint). Anthony Edwards struggled with it most of the season too. It's a separate issue from the hip. Yes, playing center field can be more taxing on it than DHing. Yes, Buxton wants to play every game. Athletes usually do even to their own detriment. You, the casual fan, being confused and not understanding the Twins' plan with Buxton means absolutely nothing. When things aren't perfect we all want someone to blame, but in this case the only thing I can find to blame is Buxton's genetics. Or dumb luck.
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