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POLL: Who will get injured next?


Uff da  

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  1. 1. Who will get injured next? Choose carefully

    • No More Injuries Will Happen this year
    • Josh Donaldson
    • Miguel Sano
    • Luis Arraez
    • Max Kepler
    • Byron Buxton (if the Twins keep him)
    • Alex Kirilloff (again)
    • Trevor Larnach
    • Kenta Maeda
    • Andrelton Simmons
    • Micheal Pineda
    • Someone else/IDK

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9 minutes ago, nicksaviking said:

Me, from patting myself on the back for calling the Twins 66-0 run to end the year and overtaking the White Sox in the standings with a week to go in the regular season.

With that level of confidence, I better call my bookie! 

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23 hours ago, Brock Beauchamp said:

Admit it. Everyone here clicked into this thread expecting to see Byron Buxton listed 12 times. 

I think it's actually pretty optimistic to expect us to go injury-free until Buxton's back on the field.

I feel like Sano's due for an injury. I envision him starting to get hot in the middle of August and taking a line drive in the nose the day after Twins Daily posts a "Miguel Sano is back on top" article. (Or possibly a "Maybe now we can move Miguel Sano during the offseason" article)

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thought of another joke to add
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