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  1. I'd be skeptical about wins 2 through infinity. The first one means something.
  2. It makes sense to be cautious with Ober. What I don't understand is why Rocco didn't leave him in until after the 5th. His job as Manager is to also build confidence in our young guys. Being overly cautious could backfire. If he wasn't in complete control against one of the worst teams in baseball, then I get pulling him in the situation. But man ... would have been nice to line him up for his first MLB win. Individual achievements that boost confidence is just as important as being cautious.
  3. After what I've seen from Alcala thus far including the mess he cleaned up last night, I'd like to see him take over closing duties the rest of this season despite his inexperience. That fella has devastating stuff and ice running through his veins.
  4. Alex Cole. I wish I could have seen what she saw wearing those massive glasses.
  5. Madrigal didn't make Law's top 100 prospects. Maybe the problem isn't Larnach or Madrigal, maybe Law just doesn't like OSU.
  6. What Law wrote about Kirilloff in the field is why i'm surprised he cracked the top 10. All he wrote is Kirilloff is average in right, with a solid-average arm... That's it. The profile he wrote is all about his sweet swing, calling it the best swing in the minors. Hope I'm not giving away too much from content with a paywall.
  7. I was surprised Law ranked Kirilloff in his top 10 considering his defensive profile. I'll take it though. Abundantly clear his bat is very, very special. I'm convinced Balazovic is going to be a consensus top 50 prospect when mid-year changes are made.
  8. I followed Frank Thomas while being a rabid Twins fan. I'm also a fan of Mike Trout without being a fan of the Angels. Being a fan of a team and a fan individual players are not mutually exclusive. Isn't it one of the reasons TD has a thread that follows former Twins players? Fans build bonds with players regardless of where they play.
  9. Miguel Cabrera has always been one of my favorites to watch. He is one of the few players that will get me to Target Field to watch visitor batting practice because he's such a charismatic guy that clearly has a lot of fun with his teammates and fans.
  10. Even more shocking, ESPN charges a fee for that content.
  11. I continue to have high hopes for Romero. His stuff is lethal when he puts it all together. The stretch of starts in May 2018, from his debut and first MLB win against Toronto to his loss against Seattle, at only 23 years old, convinced me this guy is special and should be groomed as a starter. Wes will make it happen.
  12. I was quite likely at the same show. Slayer die-hards are a spectacle. I've always wanted to hear the opening of Raining Blood, starting with the sound of rain into the opening riff, as a Twins closer walks from the bullpen to shut it down.
  13. I'm more disappointed with the 6-game road-trip to end the season.
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