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  1. Comments to the tweet are very interesting. It also seems like Falvey / Levine are doing a wonderful job of pitting AL East teams against each other to maximize a return. I'd be stoked if we get a haul of Pearson/Martin and/or Groshans .... or Dominguez/Schmidt/+ ... man ... it would be a coup.
  2. Berrios to the Yankees starts with Dominguez AND Gil or Schmidt, maybe both. I would also want at least one other top 10 prospect, preferably a position player like Peraza. Yeah, it's very greedy and a quite possibly an over pay. But the Yankees are rarely in a rebuild phase because they have the resources and the allure to bring in top MLB FA talent.
  3. Hayes interview with Jim Pohlad for The Athletic didn't give much of anything, as expected. However, maybe I'm reading too much into this, when questioned about current leadership, Jim didn't mention Falvey or Levine by name in his response, even though the question asked about the two and Rocco specifically. Mods - I hope a cropped screenshot from a paid subscription piece is okay. If not, please delete
  4. I can't get myself to participate in this poll. I don't want to be responsible for any bad juju.
  5. Balazovic's scoreless streak is made even more impressive by the fact it has come against the three teams chasing Witcha in the AA Central - North Division. Tulsa, Arkansas and NW Arkansas have a combined .530 winning percentage (all 3 over .500). He is blanking highly competitive division rivals.
  6. Perhaps I'm mistaken about Bauer ... he isn't a FA, but I believe he has a player option each year of his 3-year deal.
  7. Based on our offensive numbers against the rest of the league, we should keep the band together. Twins rank in the top 10 in BA, OPS, and HR, top 15 in nearly every other offensive category - 21st in SO though, which surprised me. The team has hit very well considering all the young guys we've had to play due to injuries and other circumstances. This season is once again a result not investing into quality pitching. We try too hard to fill our rotation and BP with bounce-back candidates or possible diamonds in the rough. My thought is to work hard to extend Berrios and Buxton. We won't get enough in return (IMO) to make it worthwhile. Invest heavily into quality FA arms in the off-season. Overpay if we have to, it's just money (easy for me to say). We are a much better team than our record reflects at the moment. I see no reason to sell now. If we're in the same position one year from now, become sellers then.
  8. Wow ... we didn't even use our final pick on a college committed HS guy to establish a relationship. Damn.
  9. This morning on the Day 2 thread I commented that we have plenty of savings opportunities between rounds Comp A and 6 ... easily could increase value of a 11-20 pick up to 2/3 value. I thought it would be enough to lure a HS away from a college commitment. My guy is Braden Montgomery.
  10. David Festa's worst game pitched was against UCONN 5/21. In that game, Twins 9th round pick Pat Winkel went 3 for 3 with 2 HR and 7 RBI.
  11. Absolutely agree. More especially being a Stanford commit. Doesn't get much better from an education perspective.
  12. I feel like we could skim quite a bit off picks Comp A through round 6 to entice a HS commit to sign. I see enough potential savings between those rounds to bring pick 11 up to round 2/3 pick value. Braden Montgomery is tops on my wish list. Two-way guy, with lot's of potential either way. Also seems very mature and humble judging by his interview with Baseball Prospect Journal. Potential five tool guy, good character, team centric ... lot's to like about him.
  13. Twins appeared to have an agreement with Kyle Cody.
  14. Kinda hoped we had a deal to pull Cody Schrier away from his UCLA commit. Add another SS from JSerra Catholic.
  15. At the top of the MLB Network broadcast, Jim Callis heard on "good authority" that the Clemson football team would be very disappointed with the 1st pick of round two. Pittsburgh using the 1st pick in round three tells me Clemson may not be as disappointed as originally thought.
  16. Adrian Del Castillo was mocked a couples times to the Twins by different outlets. We are very thin at the catcher position in the system. Definitely need to come away with a college catcher (or two) today.
  17. The only reason Bubba Chandler isn't in my top 3 is because of signing concerns. I could see him choosing football at Clemson over baseball. To follow in the QB footsteps of Trevor Lawrence is a pretty solid career path. More especially after the NIL decision for NCAA athletes. Regardless of what he chooses, he has a very bright future.
  18. In the final Fangraphs mock, Eric Longenhagen and Kevin Goldstein had the Twins connected to Matheu Nelson, C, FSU (drafted) and Edwin Arroyo, SS, Arecibo Academy (PR) based on draft patterns. My wish list for pick 61. 1. Anthony Solometo, LHP, Bishop Eustace (NJ) - Like his unique windup/delivery, creates deceptiveness, solid comps, signability concerns? 2. Jaden Hill, RHP, LSU - Injuries have plagued him. When healthy, stuff is top 5 in draft class. 3. Ethan Wilson, OF, South Alabama - IMO, Wilson fits the bill for a Falvey/Levine 2nd round pick.
  19. I'd be skeptical about wins 2 through infinity. The first one means something.
  20. It makes sense to be cautious with Ober. What I don't understand is why Rocco didn't leave him in until after the 5th. His job as Manager is to also build confidence in our young guys. Being overly cautious could backfire. If he wasn't in complete control against one of the worst teams in baseball, then I get pulling him in the situation. But man ... would have been nice to line him up for his first MLB win. Individual achievements that boost confidence is just as important as being cautious.
  21. After what I've seen from Alcala thus far including the mess he cleaned up last night, I'd like to see him take over closing duties the rest of this season despite his inexperience. That fella has devastating stuff and ice running through his veins.
  22. Alex Cole. I wish I could have seen what she saw wearing those massive glasses.
  23. Madrigal didn't make Law's top 100 prospects. Maybe the problem isn't Larnach or Madrigal, maybe Law just doesn't like OSU.
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