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  1. Games like this from Sano give me fleeting hope. Now I’m buckled up for him to stink for a week. Some consistency would be great from him. Limit the strikeouts, please! I like how his plays 1st base too.
  2. Great write up. I was laughing enough to take the sting out of a loss. Just wish a highlight of Turtle’s route had been included.
  3. I really like this group. Thanks for the write up! Where can I read more about Beck’s circuitous route to MILB?
  4. His diving catch in center last night was sweet
  5. No way they will trade him, but they absolutely should.
  6. Holy smokes. How soon can that Yennier Cano guy get to Minneapolis?
  7. I’m excited these write ups and the minor leagues are returning. Thanks for mentioning that Saints games will be on the radio. That’s really cool and a huge benefit for having the AAA affiliate so close. Can’t wait to listen to a couple of those!
  8. Attended the game today. First one since the pandemic. It was boring as heck. The players seemed as bored as the fans. Until the bats heat up and the players and Rocco show any urgency, I’m not going back. Appreciated Smeltzer’s effort today- he might be our best pitcher. Cave’s effort too (I said in another post that I’d be fine with him carrying us for a couple days).
  9. If Jake Cave wants to carry this team for a while, I’m all for it
  10. Ha! And now another “good story” with Thielbar. He pitched for the Saints! He’s from MN! SMH
  11. Agreed. I am so sick of him. Did Dick just say “Dobnak wondering when his luck is going to change”? Blah blah blah: he’s a starter Blah blah blah: he got a new pitch Blah blah blah: he signed a contract I don’t get it. I have zero faith whenever he’s run out there
  12. As far as a third stringer, I’m not too interested in Romine, Lin, Riddle... I’m curious if Lewis’s injury would open a spot in camp for another prospect like Spencer Steer or Will Holland. Seemed like both of those guys put up good numbers in the minors in 2019
  13. I appreciated the article and think most of the comments are fair. Not much room for him on the roster it seems but I was very impressed by his at-bats this year. He just never seemed to have a throw away plate appearance and with men on base I’d find myself wishing he was up
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