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  1. Didn’t watch it and I guess I’m glad I didn’t. Going to need some legitimate pitching help before the deadline for me to get enthused again
  2. To me it’s as simple as: they have Correa this year, so why not push the chips in and go for it? I wonder if the front office regrets the Rogers for Paddack trade at all…
  3. Yes. Don’t know if I’m as sold on Larnach as I am on Kiriloff and Miranda, but wow I’m excited for those two young guys!
  4. I wonder how Neto compares to Trea Turner in their college careers? I remember that 2014 draft thinking Turner would be a good choice, but Twins went with Nick Gordon…
  5. I actually went to bed last night feeling decent after the loss. Twins clearly are the better team. Guardians have a lot of fight that’s for sure, but I’d think Falvey and Levine saw this and know it’s time to get bullpen help. I usually consider myself pretty negative, but assuming the team is mentally ok after that, I think they’ll be fine.
  6. Whole post is great but this part about Shannon Stewart is right on. How great would a deal for a professional hitter be for this team?! I liked that the write up linked to the article about possibly trading for Marquez. A number of times tonight I was thinking “jeez we should trade for this guy.” I’d happily take Bard too.
  7. Some commenters after the 3-2 win two days ago (paraphrasing): “glad we won, but concerned about the offense” other commenters response (paraphrasing): “you can’t say that! A win’s a win!” And then the Twins score 0. Again. For the league leadingth time. I think it’s fair to be concerned about the Twins’ offense. If Kiriloff could help (and it seems like he could), then bring him up.
  8. Helluva prediction. Nicely done!
  9. It sure seemed that way. Seriously- it’s emblematic of my major problem with Rocco. He seems to go into every game with a “this is my plan and if we lose- shrug” attitude
  10. After Polanco hit his home run and we were down 5-4, my wife said “at least we’re playing ‘em close.” And then suddenly we weren’t. I put a lot of this on Rocco: leaving Minaya in for the three straight walks and bringing in Duffey without a 7+ run lead…
  11. Fun win. I wonder if any of it can be attributed to playing better competition? And playing up to try to match them? It’s got to get repetitive and boring to play the Royals and Tigers for like half a month straight.
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