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  1. That is what I was thinking. When I was looking at the photo with the jersey's I was thinking that they are all pretty solid jerseys, except that we don't have any pinstripe uni's! I think they need to mix those in.
  2. I'm going to go with Andrelton Simmons. We won't invest money in a quality shortstop. We won't have any options ready for next year. I would guess the best option the Twins will see would be to resign Simmons. How could he get any worse, he can only get better.
  3. I don't think he needs to be a starter or push anyone. If Gordon can play even little short, second, and outfield, he could pair nicely with Astudillo. Between the 2 of them they'd have the whole diamond covered position wise. Not gold glovers but they could be 2 of the better utility players. It could free up 2 roster spots for who knows what....maybe 15 pitchers instead of 13!
  4. It's good to see Nick doing well. I was hoping he'd get a chance this year. He sounds like a great young kid.
  5. I can barely say "unwritten rules" without shaking my head now, Anyone that whines about people breaking these unwritten rules needs to get with the times. After seeing what a baseball can do to someone's face (kirby puckett/kevin pillar) what are we even talking about. The guy hit a homerun off of a 40+mph pitch off of Willians Astudillo!!!!! If you have any thoughts of contending for anything, division title, playoffs, a world series, you better not be pitching Astudillo....EVER. Trevor Bauer had it right. If you don't like it, play better.
  6. I'm happy for Akil. I had posted similar before. The kid needed a chance and was behind many on the depth chart. If you look at the list of MLBers who have homered in their first at bat...it's a pretty forgettable list. Great for Akil, hope he does well, but I doubt he has a career as good as Kirilloff/Larnach/Celestino.
  7. In realty, when would Badoo have a chance to even see the field for the Twins. I would think he's been passed by Celestino and we still have Buxton. This is why the rule 5 draft is available. Give the kid a shot at playing in the majors. I hope he makes it and does well. Better than being a Twins minor leaguer for life. It isn't the fact that we don't like them...the system is set up for them to get a better chance at playing major league ball. At the end of the day, isn't that the dream of every player.
  8. I'm not worried about his hitting! From the little I saw from the game yesterday, he needs to figure out how to make a throw from 2nd. It doesn't help that Sano has issues catching and scooping a throw.
  9. I don't think it's a matter of being willing. If he couldn't walk with the protection the Twins lineup gave him he certainly won't having no protection in Cleveland's lineup. I hope Eddie does well, but why would a pitcher throw him a strike. Besides Eddie swinging at everything outside the zone, even if he walks, pitchers won't feel threatened with anyone coming up behind him. Unless he's hitting in front of Ramirez, but I feel like Eddie will be hitting behind Jose.
  10. Didn't Romero trying bringing Marijuana into the US? Or something dumb like that?
  11. I hope Gordan has a good spring and can stick with the team. That young man needs to catch a break!
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