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  1. I don't think he needs to be a starter or push anyone. If Gordon can play even little short, second, and outfield, he could pair nicely with Astudillo. Between the 2 of them they'd have the whole diamond covered position wise. Not gold glovers but they could be 2 of the better utility players. It could free up 2 roster spots for who knows what....maybe 15 pitchers instead of 13!
  2. It's good to see Nick doing well. I was hoping he'd get a chance this year. He sounds like a great young kid.
  3. I can barely say "unwritten rules" without shaking my head now, Anyone that whines about people breaking these unwritten rules needs to get with the times. After seeing what a baseball can do to someone's face (kirby puckett/kevin pillar) what are we even talking about. The guy hit a homerun off of a 40+mph pitch off of Willians Astudillo!!!!! If you have any thoughts of contending for anything, division title, playoffs, a world series, you better not be pitching Astudillo....EVER. Trevor Bauer had it right. If you don't like it, play better.
  4. I'm happy for Akil. I had posted similar before. The kid needed a chance and was behind many on the depth chart. If you look at the list of MLBers who have homered in their first at bat...it's a pretty forgettable list. Great for Akil, hope he does well, but I doubt he has a career as good as Kirilloff/Larnach/Celestino.
  5. In realty, when would Badoo have a chance to even see the field for the Twins. I would think he's been passed by Celestino and we still have Buxton. This is why the rule 5 draft is available. Give the kid a shot at playing in the majors. I hope he makes it and does well. Better than being a Twins minor leaguer for life. It isn't the fact that we don't like them...the system is set up for them to get a better chance at playing major league ball. At the end of the day, isn't that the dream of every player.
  6. I'm not worried about his hitting! From the little I saw from the game yesterday, he needs to figure out how to make a throw from 2nd. It doesn't help that Sano has issues catching and scooping a throw.
  7. I don't think it's a matter of being willing. If he couldn't walk with the protection the Twins lineup gave him he certainly won't having no protection in Cleveland's lineup. I hope Eddie does well, but why would a pitcher throw him a strike. Besides Eddie swinging at everything outside the zone, even if he walks, pitchers won't feel threatened with anyone coming up behind him. Unless he's hitting in front of Ramirez, but I feel like Eddie will be hitting behind Jose.
  8. Didn't Romero trying bringing Marijuana into the US? Or something dumb like that?
  9. I hope Gordan has a good spring and can stick with the team. That young man needs to catch a break!
  10. That is a good question? It would be interesting. I like Brian but he was a career .240 hitter with just over 1,000 career hits. The Twins have some very good ballplayers in their Hall of Fame. I don't want to say he'd be watering down the Hall of Fame...But Christian Guzman almost had that many hits in a Twins uniform and he isn't getting anywhere near the Twins Hall of Fame!
  11. Meh. He was a fun story a couple years ago. If we are seriously trying for a title we better not be playing astudillo regularly. If we have an injury to Donaldson and our best replacement is la turtuga, we're going to be in trouble. That same logic applies all over the diamond. If it's 1st, we have Kirilloff or Rooker. Outfield help better be Larnach or Rooker. We should be in position to have better prospects fill in in case of injury. I think Astudillo should want a trade to a non-contending team that could use him. Get some at bats with the Orioles and get a payday out of it.
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