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  1. Ummm. What? That looks like a list of oft injured, under performing, or minor leaguers who shouldn't be fully trusted. Between poor performance and injuries, I doubt we'll be talking about having too many starting pitchers next season.
  2. After watching a year of Andrelton Simmons, Correa seems like he's well worth 35 Mil.
  3. Sano is done. We need someone to strike out repeatedly and play terrible defense.
  4. It would probably be only until those two are back.
  5. I'm thinking a B to B+. They didn't give up too much for the MUCH needed pitching help. I wish they could have pulled in one more capable starting pitcher. It would have been an A++ from me then.
  6. I am not so sure. I think Correa fell into their laps. I feel like Boras came to them, not the other way around. After it was presented, then they had to have the mass sell off to fit Correa and still be under budget. Like the article stated, we are under budget, we should add a couple higher salary relievers non contenders may just want off their books. It's starting to look like that will be our only option. Here's hoping it's not.
  7. That's what I was thinking. After reading about the trade pieces it didn't sound like it would've been hard coming up with a better trade than that. It's too bad we couldn't get that done.
  8. I think your post is correct. I can't see the front office getting rid of the talent they have been accumulating. They want long term success. I thought at the beginning of the year, we needed another solid year of development, and we'd have another round of talent ready for MLB. I think this winter will be the time they add the couple pieces they need after deciding which minors leaguers are going to step up. Even if they don't add, hopefully we can pitch better, hit a bit better, and make a playoff push.
  9. If all the stories about Connor are true, he may be #3 as our best pitching prospect in the minors.
  10. I'd send Garlick down. I think having Celestino up makes to much sense with Buxton needing rest and off days.
  11. I guess whoever this WPA is they've not seen how many times the Twins have had 2 or 3 runners on with no outs.... And have not scored a run.
  12. I've wondered since my playing days as well. I got on base because of speed and errors and always felt short changed it didn't at least count towards obp. You're getting on base!
  13. It's hard to have disgust for the players. They are all exceeding expectations. It's been an amazing season that not many saw coming. I think the disgust falls on some of Rocco's moves or lack of moves during games and the F.O. not making moves to make this team even better. It's easy to look back after the game and rail on Rocco. I'd guess there aren't many teams selling right now. Hopefully the Twins make some moves in the next 2 weeks.
  14. The offense hasn't been the issue this year. Many to most losses are falling squarely on the bullpen. It doesn't take an experienced baseball mind to see what the number 1 issue the Twins have.
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