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  1. I think he'll could be a great pickup. There has been some rumblings that he may find his way to the bullpen.
  2. I was really hoping the Twins would have spent money on 2 free agent pitchers this off season. If we could have penciled in 2 quality starters with Ryan/Ober, we would have been set. Then, if our young starters became stars and Ryan and Ober drop in the rotation, we would really have a great problem.
  3. If you think Lewis or Martin could be ready by mid-season then do it and move Polanco back to 2nd when they are ready. I don't think the F.O. is ready for Polanco and Arraez at S.S. and 2nd. I just don't see why you want to take a good to very good 2nd baseman and make him an average S.S.? There is nothing wrong with having Polanco at 2nd and him being an All-Star there. It would be great if someone like Palacios could come into camp, take over short, and hit just enough to stay in the bigs.
  4. I think Seth is right. That seems too much for a high average low power hitter with 4 years of team control. If Luis puts up 2 good injury free seasons I might think about giving out that contract.
  5. Might as well! We are going to need a lot of relievers with the starting rotation the way it currently sits.
  6. Yet it's tough to imagine Greinke not being an excellent mentor for young pitchers like Ober and Ryan. I can already see the conversation. Slow down your fastball, stop throwing your slider, save your arm! Strikeouts are overrated, induce weak contact, you'll breeze through 9 innings then! WAIT.....A.....MINUTE. This all seems vaguely familiar. What's Rick Anderson up to? Couldn't we just bring him in much cheaper to teach our youngsters this philosophy?
  7. I'd do it. I like Arraez, but until our pitching is situated, we aren't going anywhere.
  8. I forgot about Odo! We traded a low level S.S. & isn't the S.S. back in our organization again? That should definitely rate on the list.
  9. If that's our timeline, the front office failed. I doubt they'll have until 2025 if the next 2/3 years plays out as you suggest.
  10. If that is the case, we won't have to worry about the Twins winning championships!
  11. We don't need a rebuild! I think that is why most of the slightly more than above average fans are a little salty that the Twins F.O. did nothing before the lockout. There was so MUCH pitching to be had and not many of them went for above what was considered market rate. If we could have only added two starters, not many people would even be uttering rebuild. With the talent we have in the minors, the talent we have on our roster, a couple starters to supplement where we are now could have went a long way. The Twins may not have been the division favorites, but i think that would have pushed us back into contention for it.
  12. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/07/byron-buxton-trade-rumors-twins-phillies.html Falvine's my Uncle, I just called him (them?), he said "yep, damn near traded"!
  13. Rogers is through arbitration, we were actively trying to trade him because we don't want to pay him. We struck out with pitching and the front office needed to spend money... Donaldson! How is Buxton even remotely market rate? A non-injured Buxton would be getting 300mil. If I remember right, Buxton was damn near traded as well. Simmons and Sano, that's just proof our front office office knows how to spend our money wisely.
  14. What if they both want market rate deals? I think it has been proven we don't do market rate deals. I'd rather take my chances with the prospects than a 1 and 2 year pitching rental. I would still love to sign a shortstop and let Lewis and Martin battle it out for whatever positions they best fit. If we added a solid shortstop, develop Lewis and Martin, Kiriloff and Larnach start hitting, the lineup could be scary. We don't have the arms to compete next year. Develop our talent and lets get back to winning the division in 2023 with a hopefully stacked and cheap rotation.
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