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  1. If AK can stay healthy, which is a big IF, I think his defense at first could be better than Arraez. With Luis slowing down a bit in the second half of seasons, it wouldn't be bad having those two split duties at 1st and DH. Maybe it could keep both sorta healthy.
  2. I think I would have rather traded for Hunter Renfroe. If you look at the 3 pitchers Milwaukee got as a return, it was almost as good as a literal bucket of balls. He'd be on a 1 year arb deal that should be much cheaper than what Haniger will receive. I think some metrics have Renfroe as at least a league average defender.
  3. That is all correct. His elbow was in question when he came to the states. That is old news. Until Maeda proves he's not a starter...He's a starter. I know he's not Verlander, but a person can come back from T.J. and be effective. Maeda never relied solely on velo anyway. He'll be fine. He's a smart guy who knows how to pitch and get outs.
  4. I think the move was solid. I think I would have tried keeping Urshela as well. Like you said, between health and defence issues, having players being able to play all infield positions could have been nice. If you had Farmar and Urshela in there lineup they aren't a black hole offensively like Simmons was.
  5. He'd be a left handed Miguel Sano. If Sano's not around to strike out 185 times a year... We might as well add Gallo.
  6. I agree. I'm not sure why Evan wasn't called on to pitch last year. I have a feeling a couple will be plucked and Sisk will be one of them. It'll be disappointing if he has a solid reliever career and we are still wondering who Casey Legumina is.
  7. Free agents aren't looking for creativity. They are looking for years and dollars. There were extenuating circumstances last off-season that led to the MN Twins signing Correa. There's a reason you don't see many contracts like Correa's previously opted out of.
  8. Who really cares who is labeled as #1. Could we just have a top prospect come up, stay healthy, and have a great career!?!?!?
  9. Maybe would could fill our 40-man with waiver claims hoping 1 of them develops a slider and can pitch 40 innings of mid 3 era's for us!
  10. Talk is cheap Jim. Put your money where your mouth is and make us all believers. If you have some cash left over, some relievers and a good starter would be nice. I'd throw in a catcher too.
  11. I'll believe it when I see it. The Twins aren't the Braves or Astros.
  12. That's if you can get 140 innings out of him as a starter. Just because Ranger Suarez was a great reliever turned starter doesn't mean that will be the fate of Duran. Relievers like Duran don't grow on trees. As we have seen with Twins starters, it appears injured starting pitchers do grow on trees. CounterCounterpoint: Isn't 70 Duran innings better than 41 Duran starter innings?
  13. Why wouldn't you be totally on board when your offer will be 5 for 150....
  14. It would be great. But, from all accounts, the Pohlad's don't ever throw caution to the wind. They are business people. It's rare to find the Mark Cuban willing to go all in to win.
  15. I'd only want to do package 2, but I don't think #2 would be enough for the Brewers if Woodruff was available. Woodruff would be great but I think Royce and Lee need to stay in the Twins system.
  16. I agree. Prielipp could be very good. I also think that Marco Raya has the attitude of a #1. Hopefully one of these develop, but they are a ways out from helping the MLB club.
  17. If you are worried about where the infielders are, then you are not getting enough lift on the ball. He'll improve marginally because a few balls will squirt through the infield, but that isn't going to increase his value much.
  18. Oh boy. That is not a list full of....If we sign two we are making the playoffs next year.
  19. If the F.O. believes we have the pitching needed in the minors...then we need to sign Correa. Lewis/Lee....3rd and 2nd base. We could have a awesome fielding/hitting infield with Correa, Arraez, Miranda, Lewis, and Lee.
  20. That was my first thought as well. If we need these two to step into anything more than fringe roles we may be in trouble again next year. I am excited for a healthy Jorge Alcala. Anyone know what his status is? I haven't heard anything. I think, if healthy, he could be a very good addition to the pen.
  21. Beginning half of the season, or second half of the season?
  22. You are correct! Arraez is a fan favorite, but I feel like the thinking is we can't give an mvp to a 1 year rental. Correa was good for 5WAR. Arraez really tanked in the second half, not to mention his not stellar defense. I think Duran would have also been a better choice. I would have voted, Correa, Duran, Miranda, then Arraez.
  23. Major difference number 2.... Atlanta's players don't seem to be injured. Other than Acuna last year, I think most of those players play in baseball games.
  24. I think you'd need to be at 32.5 over 7 and opt out would be after year 2. Why would be want opt outs as a 34/35 year old shortstop?
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