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  1. Two playoff games lost for the Wind Surge, they're really looking like future Twins out there.
  2. I wouldn't want MY team to be the teal team or the team that looks like the Diamondbacks or whatever is going on with the Rays' logo, but I do kind of like that those teams' looks reflect the era when they were founded instead of trying to pretend they have a traditional, classic baseball heritage. The NFL definitely has some sort of league-wide coordination on team designs, and it shows in the readily identifiable uniforms. I think MLB just lets every team do whatever they want.
  3. For the record, I looked up the cream pinstripe uniforms some of you guys are talking about, and I think they look really good. I'm sold.
  4. I hated to see Cruz and especially Berrios go, but trading them gave me (as a pretty new fan) a reason to care about other teams for the first time in my life, which was actually kind of cool.
  5. I think the Twins' playoff drought has given a lot of us the idea that once the postseason starts, baseball suddenly becomes a completely different game where the better pitcher always wins. Probably because the Twins' approach has emphasized depth over acquiring top-shelf starters, and it's a pretty convenient thing to blame when we haven't won any playoff games.
  6. I'm a big fan of the powder blues. I'm too young to see them as a throwback, they seem fresh to me. I dislike the red because I think it feels the least Twins-y. The dumbest hill I'm prepared to die on is that I truly believe it would be beneficial if all the MLB teams coordinated with each other to change their colors to stand out from each other. I think the Twins look great in a vacuum, but there are far too many red white and blue teams out there. Take a look at this chart. They all look the same aside from a handful of more adventurous expansion teams like the Mariners, Diamondbacks, Rockies, etc... How did we ever get to thirty teams with only one green team???
  7. 1. A pitcher good enough to be the #1 starter on most teams. Based on usage, I'd say maybe a top-15 pitcher. Someone good enough that you could trade them for any other pitcher and it wouldn't meaningfully improve your playoff chances. 2. It's also completely OK to call the team's #1` starting pitcher the team's "ace" regardless of how they stack up against other teams' pitching. Even if you wouldn't say "Kenta Maeda is an ace," you can still say "Kenta Maeda is Minnesota's ace" and it's completely appropriate.
  8. I like Drew Maggi a lot and really wanted this for him. He's earned it.
  9. Seems very possible. Since he wasn't a highly thought-of prospect until this year, the FO might view it as selling high. I'd personally be pretty devastated, though, watching this guy rake has been my favorite storyline of the season.
  10. I haven't been following baseball for very long, but one thing I've picked up on is that if you talk about a shortstop, somebody always has to assert that they're not really a shortstop.
  11. Unwinder

    Saddest sports city

    I certainly feel the frustration, but I hate the defeatist attitude that people have about Minnesota sports. When the Twins are bad, I like to speculate about the future, look for bright spots, and think about what moves they can make to improve. I hate when people let conversations boil down to "Well, that's just Minnesota sports. We should never expect better." That's the attitude of a boring person with no imagination.
  12. My read on the guy is that he's impulsive but humble enough to know it's a problem. I think he'll grow out of this sort of thing.
  13. I'd be pretty impressed if the Twins management had the ability to develop an adult attitude in the time Ryan's been with the team.
  14. OK, so he's still probably in the opening day lineup unless he slips on ice and tears his ACL or something like that.
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