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  1. This guy doesn't care about ERA, to him, WAR is god.
  2. I've made peace with Sano being a streaky hitter. I enjoy watching him play when he's on a hot streak and have learned to sweat it out when he's cold. That's been a part of the Twins experience since I've been following, I'd be disappointed to see him traded away, even if that may be the best thing for the team.
  3. I'd be pretty interested in seeing a poll by age about this unwritten rules scenario. My guess is that older fans tend to value these norms more than younger fans do. To me, the idea that Mercedes was in the wrong for swinging is so weird that it might as well have come from another planet.
  4. This "unwritten rule" stuff feels like a weird holdover from another time. Seeing Duffey throw at(?) Mercedes, I feel like I'm watching an old movie where a character walks into a bar and gets kicked out because the regulars don't like the look of him. It feels anachronistic. It feels like it comes out of some sort of macho code that hasn't existed since before I was born. Speaking as a guy who's only been following baseball for a couple of years, I'm not a fan of this. This is much more of a turnoff to me than long late innings or frequent pitcher changes, or whatever else MLB has been t
  5. You're absolutely right, I can't believe I haven't thought about the deadened ball once since that first week.
  6. I guess I see it as unlucky that almost every player seems to have regressed at the same time, and almost every gamble we made on pitching has gone sour. So really, I guess the way I was using the word "luck" there was just another way of saying that everyone is bad.
  7. The Twins are both bad and unlucky. I think they're bad, but I think you need bad luck to explain them being worst-team-in-baseball bad.
  8. Sano is a very frustrating player, but I really like him, and it's incredibly cathartic to see him do something good. I think the Twins posted photo/video of hom celebrating as he rounded the bases from four different angles, and I felt it every time.
  9. I was at the game last night and Minneapolis would have been utterly quiet if not for people cramming themselves into bars to celebrate the relaxed masking regulations.
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