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  1. I believe this was actually someone just piecing together what they saw in the various leaks.
  2. Overall these uniforms kind of feel to me like when a website I use every day gets overhauled and suddenly everything's flatter and there's more whitespace and I don't have a good feel for where everything is. Generally though, when this happens, I get used to it and the old version begins to look silly to me.
  3. I actually like the M hat quite a bit and want one.
  4. You may need to come to the Twins Daily comment section for that in the future, Brent.
  5. I hope the number font is a bit different, that's the one thing I'm sure that I don't like.
  6. That Miranda "jersey" is definitely a tee shirt and I have no idea how representative it is of the actual jerseys.
  7. The first time I looked at this the W and I mashed together for me like a lot of people are mentioning, but now that I'm a little more used to it it doesn't seem so confusing. Good cleaned-up evolution/merging of the past two script logos. I prefer the really big underline over the smaller "win" underline, but I can understand why they went with the small one. I read on another website that one of the problems with the old "TC" was that the red and blue were too similar in shade, and blended together for colorblind viewers (or in black and white photography), and for this reason I kind of wish that the all-white TC that we see on that Twin Cities pennant was the main version of the TC. I see some "Minnesota" merch on here, but if they could actually change their name to the Twin Cities Twins that would actually be pretty cool. But also, referencing the W from the Washington Senators logo is also unbelievably cool. Hard to decide which possibility I like more.
  8. Saw this on Reddit and they put the new hat on the left and the old hat on the right, and a good handfull of Redditors are angrily bashing the old logo because they think it's the new logo.
  9. I was expecting something almost exactly like this - A tweak that 95% of fans wouldn't even notice without seeing the two side-by-side. Nobody's going to be blown away by it, and I can understand not liking it. It's clear that the goal here was to not lose any of the identifiability, but to make the spacing on everything a little more even, and the lines are a little bolder and more uniform. The main reason to do this is that it'll look just a tiny bit clearer and read just a tiny bit better when printed at small sizes, or when viewed at a distance, like on a player's cap. THAT SAID, is that T Kasota Gold or is that just lighting?????? (Even if it is, they play around with the colors a lot on novelty caps like this, so it's hard to be totally sure that the standard T isn't still white) EDIT: I looked at the "southwestern" themed hats for the other MLB teams and all of them had the white in their logos replaced with beige for this particular series of hats, so it's very safe to assume that the Twins TC emblem will continue to use a white T.
  10. Correa specifically called out the Dodgers last year as a team he didn't want to play for due to the Trevor Bauer scandal thing (or at least that's how everyone interpreted his comments about wanting to play for a team that "respects women"). Maybe money or ambition will change that equation, but as of now, the Dodgers are the only team I've ever heard Correa rule out.
  11. I don't know if I've seen everyone's version of this yet, but I'm sort of surprised that everyone's been pretty conservative about next year's roster considering all the calls for change around here.
  12. I don't know, I remember Jax being used as a multi-inning reliever early on, and then getting limited to one-inning stints after a while despite being decently effective in multiple innings. There may have been some really good reason behind the scenes for this, but it feels like Rocco prioritized getting the best possible stuff out of Jax (and possibly some others?) over covering innings adequately.
  13. Same. I feel like I can't actually critique Rocco without inviting another pile-on, so I avoid saying anything at all about him. I do think that some people defend Rocco a bit too aggressively and personally, and I think what's going on under the hood is that they believe in the analytical style of baseball that Rocco and the front office represent, and they feel like the Twins are going to lose even more if they're replaced by a more go-with-your-gut regime. I definitely feel a lot more inclined to leap to Rocco's defense when someone suggests that his problem is that he won't turn back the clock and ignore the last 20 years of baseball knowledge.
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