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  1. Just a simple matter of shutting the opponent out in every game!
  2. I think the best-case scenario for getting value out of Sano is that he clobbers a few big home runs in St Paul on a rehab stint and someone trades us an OK middle reliever for him.
  3. I'm pretty attached to Miranda and would be bummed out if he were traded. But that's why I'd make a terrible front office executive.
  4. I feel like that would actually completely make the pain of the playoff losses go away for me.
  5. Almost certainly true, I am a web cartoonist with a moderate following on Twitter, and I can't stay away from forums where people discuss my stuff.
  6. I think people's perception of Baldelli is almost entirely determined by how they feel about the highly-analytic, low-gut-instinct strategy of baseball he represents. If you think it's a bad way to play baseball, you're going to think he's bad no matter what results he gets. If you think it's a good way to play baseball, you're going to like him. If you think it's an effective way to win but it's bad for the sport, you probably feel lukewarm on him.
  7. Just realized this was on Youtube and tuned in, Gray looks about as good as he always does in the little windows when he's healthy.
  8. Twins fans are so used to playoff failure that they want to rebuild when they're on top of the division. You hate to see it. You don't wait until your team is completely unbeatable to make a playoff run, you roll the dice every chance you get.
  9. I've always liked Sano and have been able to keep the faith through his slumps in previous years, but it's hard to miss him when the offense is not only succeeding, but pretty deep without him. The Twins aren't exactly awaiting offensive reinforcements. I'm also worried that when he comes back he's going to start the early-season slump clock over from zero after being out of action for so long.
  10. I was at this game! And I was about ten feet from where the first Buxton homer landed! Very fun game to be at. I'm guessing Smith got the nod today to keep as many arms as possible fresh for the Chi Chi Gonzales start tomorrow.
  11. Good news for Palacios and probably Gordon's chances of staying on the 40-man roster this offseason.
  12. I was expecting this series to be tough, and had very low expectations for the Bundy/Cole matchup, so it's pretty easy for me to focus on the silver lining here. I think it's a very good sign for the Twins' future that the offense was able to dismantle Cole, Cortes, and Taillon. With a couple of better bullpen pieces and some of our better starters healthy, these games were all winnable.
  13. He's not the most valuable trade chip, he's just the best balance between value and expendability.
  14. IMO it's not just the trade that has people so down on him, it's also because people perceive him as a "closer" who's not fit for that role.
  15. To be fair, people who boo players are also expressing their opinions.
  16. I think that MOST of the disdain for Donaldson among Twins fans is based on the unproven but satisfying narrative that he was bad for the team's chemistry and can be blamed for the 2021 season, and the "Jackie" comment makes it more OK to boo him than someone like Colome or even Simmons. I hope Donaldson learns to think before opening his mouth, and wish him the best wherever he lands after the Yankees (which could be retirement I guess).
  17. I think it's for the same reason you put your best hitters at the front of the lineup. Play the best starters as early and often as you can, and you get more total games out of them.
  18. Based on chatter I'm seeing from Royals fans it looks like their bullpen is beat up too, predicting another shootout tomorrow.
  19. I think he should be used as much as possible and can be sent down if and when he becomes ineffective. Our rotation is good now, but how many innings have the young guys pitched in a season before? Let Smeltzer ease the workload.
  20. (Bursts in and starts commenting without checking what sport we're talking about here) Losing a winnable game to a lousy team bodes very, very ill for our playoff chances. (Somebody points at the main photo at the top of the article which clearly depicts baseball) Ah, nevermind.
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