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  1. I think this writer hasn't looked too closely at our farm system and assumes it's as bereft of pitching as our MLB club. A quick glance at this same blog shows that the Mariners aren't even sure Dunn is starter material. Some more pitching prospects aren't going to sweeten the deal too much for me if we're not getting someone who's definitely going to work in the rotation.
  2. Hey, I've seen three different people in this thread say that one benefit of expansion would be eliminating interleague play. Is there something bad about interleague play that I don't know about? Why don't people like it? I've seen this come up before, and I'm very curious and want to understand it.
  3. I happened to have a baby around the time of the lockout, couldn't have planned it better.
  4. I kind of admire the Rays for how they use the money that they do spend, even though I also think it's bad that they don't spend more. Would love to see a team with Rays level shrewdness without the Rays arbitrarily low budget. One thing I wonder about when people talk about emulating the Rays is how possible it is to replicate what they do. It seems like the Rays occupy a particular niche in the baseball ecosystem, and their methods would yield diminishing returns if more teams did them. The Rays gain an advantage by ruthlessly cutting bait and trading star players for prospects when they start to get expensive. What would happen if ten more teams in baseball all decided to try this Rays strategy all at once? The market would be flooded with star players up for trade, the Rays would have to settle for worse prospects due to greater competition, and big-spending teams would be able to vacuum up more star players cheaper and earlier. The competitive advantage of operating like the Rays would dry up, and star players would have to settle for lower salaries as there would be more cheapskate teams refusing to pay star salaries. Would baseball be significantly thrown off balance if one more team duplicated the Rays strategy? What about two more teams? What about five more teams? What about the 15 smallest market teams all becoming 10% more like the Rays? I'm not sure where the line is before it stops working, but I don't think the overall outcome of being like the Rays is good for baseball.
  5. New best poster just dropped.
  6. Yeah, I don't think the current system is going to be a conga-line of aces, but I think it has a good chance of producing enough viable pitchers to take a lot of pressure off of free agent signings.
  7. A lot of people seem apprehensive about Miranda because he's had just the one breakout year. This wasn't just a good year, though, this was a phenomenal year. Just look at the stats above! He could regress a lot and still be very good! Plus, if you want a good idea of how he might adjust to a higher level of competition, take a look at his jump from Wichita to St Paul. Yes, it's just one good year, but it's hard to imagine one better year. I have a lot more faith in this guy than I do in Martin or Lewis.
  8. I do kind of think that with the pitching FA market mostly dried up, and little chance of signing a high-end shortstop, the Twins are likely to go for an out-of-nowhere Josh Donaldson style signing that upgrades the offense without filling any particular hole in the team. I would not be surprised at all if this happens.
  9. I think there probably was a plan initially, but I'm not confident that there was much of a fallback plan after getting caught flat-footed.
  10. There'll be slumps next year, but I have a hard time believing that all the offense is going to regress all at once for half a season again like this year. I want to believe that some combination of Healthy Kiriloff, Healthy Buck, Not-Slumping Garver, Not-Slumping Sano, Not-Slumping Polanco, and maybe Resurgent Arraez and Shockingly Ready for the Majors Miranda can make up for the absence of Cruz.
  11. 70-79. Pitching won't be exciting but won't be a trainwreck (though a couple of ugly losing streaks will convince a lot of people that it's a trainwreck). Offense will be about as good as it was after the all-star break this year. In general the team will play a bit better than last (Edit: This) year but the division will be tougher, and these two factors will cancel each other out.
  12. Miguel Sano. I only really started taking interest in baseball in 2019, and when he was hitting the juiced ball under the mentorship of Nelson Cruz I thought he was on the cusp of superstardom. Plus he's huge and looks interesting. He hasn't lived up to my expectations, but I'd be lying if I said I started following the Twins for someone more worthy like Buxton, Berrios, or Cruz himself.
  13. I don't know if this year can realistically not be a rebuild year, but I am excited about a lot of those names coming up, particularly Winder, who I think is ready to contribute. I do hope I get to personally have a look at Balazovic in St Paul before he makes an appearance with the Twins.
  14. This sure is a take. If our top prospects can't handle having their development rushed, let's discard them?
  15. In all seriousness, this is the sort of signing I expect for this year. The Twins see pitching the same way they see the shortstop position - Their prospects are the long-term solution, and they only want to sign stopgaps in free agency now that the pipeline looks close. And reclamation projects are always eager to sign short contracts.
  16. Pretty aggressive move going to the bargain bin this early.
  17. This is an incredible bargain for the Twins, and it's amazing that they were able to lock him down for so many years. Wow!
  18. If I was completely confident that the front office was going to allocate $20 million to signing a pitcher comparable to Berrios using the savings gained by not signing Berrios, while also having gained SWR and Martin, this would indeed be a shrewd move. As it stands now, that's difficult to believe, but if it happens I'll be retroactively very happy with the move.
  19. If I had season tickets I might consider switching to Saints season tickets in that case. Cheaper beer.
  20. I work in a call center, I couldn't even pay him minimum wage.
  21. I'm not sure how I feel about this but I believe in Rortvedt, and will jump at any excuse to keep Tortuga on the roster.
  22. Happ was a lot better than Shoemaker, but still seemed to get a similar amount of fan hate and blame. I put him in the same category as Simmons: Disappointing but doesn't deserve the amount of backlash he got.
  23. Good to see the Twins back to business as usual with reasonable but not-particularly-exciting waiver claims.
  24. I wish Colome well, but he is the most visible, most obvious scapegoat for the Twins' lousy season aside from maybe Shoemaker and Happ. He could not have remained on the roster without a significant portion of the fanbase interpreting it as proof that the Twins don't intend to contend next year.
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