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  1. Glad to see kepler back! Though gordon, contreras, and even cave have exceeded expectations (perhaps cuz my expectations were very low)
  2. Great writeup! Curious about the roster situation this offseason. How many will have to be protected?
  3. That is a bit reassuring, thanks. The 916 ops against in July should be concerning though, as should the 1.50 whip (also July).
  4. I agree that this is the type of move that the Twins should be making. But Lopez has three good months (April-June) in his resume --- He has not been good in July. This makes me nervous.
  5. Sean.h

    Sano related moves.

    Trading Urshela also would allow Arraez to share 3B with Miranda. Though, is Sano better than Urshela for the stretch run this year? possibly, but not likely
  6. For now I’m fine a 50-50 split at catching with Sanchez. But please stop DHing them! I can see Sanchez occasionally DH against lefties based on matchups
  7. We need bullpen help. On another note though, what do you think about Cruz's HOF chances? A good 2022 would have bolstered his case no doubt. The shortened 2020 season didn't help either.
  8. I agree that the team is likely to double down on Martin, but as much as I like Raya and Steer, they are movable for the right return. As to Wallner, yes he needs to be moved, but won't net much. I don't get why they keep drafting these types of bat-first strike-out prone hitters in the first round (when they already have enough "depth" in that department).
  9. Miranda should be playing everyday, in AAA. (Maybe we can give him more playing time at 2B/3B until Polanco returns from DL)
  10. I think, however, that the Twins can count on someone from their SP depth to function as a BP piece. For example, Winder might be really strong coming out of the bullpen in shorter stints. I think Winder has the stuff to be a solid starting pitcher, but ideally I would not have him start a playoff game this year.
  11. AK should take Miranda's spot. Miranda needs more time in AAA to work on his defense and take the occasional walk (29/4 K/BB in the MLB)
  12. maybe my memory is flawed but I remember he used to hit line drives to left that were homeruns at the meteodome but were outs on the warning track at target field
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