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  1. Didn't he play 3B in the minors? I don't think we lose anything by having him play 3B this year. Hopefully AK is healthy in the lineup against RHP with Miranda at 3B. Against LHP, have Farmer and Miranda take the corners.
  2. Miranda will definitely be in the lineup against LHO either at (with farmer at 3b) 1b or dh
  3. Agreed. I think Winder would also look really great out of the bullpen.
  4. I like 1-5 quite a bit. Adding a righty outfielder who plays premium defense? Nice. Adding a kepler replica when there is already a glut of lefty outfielders? and paying 11M to do so? not so much. But I understand the move has upside.
  5. I think most folks aren't hating on Gallo per se. It's more so criticizing the FO for signing Gallo, despite his tools (mainly his left-handedness) not being a good fit for the roster as is currently constructed.
  6. I don't think they would give up an ace-caliber pitcher unless you include multiple top 30-ish prospects. Rodriguez is a nice talent but not in that range.
  7. Agreed. But why did they even sign Gallo? Seemed like it would have made more sense to sign a RH version of him.
  8. Strange article indeed. I think at catching/DH/1B positions, I'd take the under. corner outfield too? Pitching has the potential to be better.
  9. No contending team would use Gordon as a starting OF. As a versatile backup for many positions? now there is where Gordon can potentially fit. But since we have Farmer in the infield and Celestino in the OF, there is redundancy. we could trade both Gordon and Kepler. Depends on the return obviously...
  10. More broadly, the Twins need to treat 2023-28 as their contention window. Trade upper-level prospects and/or current players to get more pitching. I'm including Lewis, Martin, Lee, Julien, and Wallner in the prospect pool and Kepler, Polanco, Arraez, Kiriloff, and Larnarch. Not that I want to see any of them leave, but need to think about adding to areas of need from areas of surplus. I agree, though, that trading Martin now would be selling low.
  11. I doubt your hot take would survive any type of scrutiny. Look, the Twins played better than I expected in the first third of the season. After that, even if they played .500 ball the rest of the way, they probably would have won the division. Injuries played a big role in preventing that.
  12. Yeah and I got derided a while ago for floating the idea of putting a clearly hobbled person on the DL. What happens when you play through injuries? Bad performance + original injury won't heal + potentially other injuries.
  13. One word: reinforcements I would argue that roughly a third of the 10-15 best players on the roster are expected to be back for the playoff run. Buxton, Mahle (hopefully?), Polanco, Winder/Ober, Larnach, Jeffers (maybe?)
  14. Yes top pitching prospect is probably a reach. Solid mid to end-rotation starter? Possible. It's also a reach to anoint him minor league pitcher of the year. In the high minors, SWR (3.29ERA/1.15WHIP/10.1K9) and Varland (3.06ERA/1.26WHIP/10.4K9) are probably the best candidates, but David Festa (2.05ERA/1.10WHIP/9.9K9) has put up best overall numbers this year, no?
  15. The only surprise about Sabato is that the Twins FO used a 1st round draft pick on him. They seem to have this horrible urge to use top draft picks on HR-or-nothing no-defense corner IF/OFs.
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