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  1. That is a hypothetical. No one knows what they would have accomplished had they not cheated. In any case, a student that is caught cheating on an exam typically gets an F (or worse expelled). They don't get commended on the hypothetical case where they might have gotten an A had they not cheaten. We should not treat statistics gained from cheaters as being comparable to non-cheaters.
  2. There is no question that Bonds and Clemens are two of the best players in baseball history? Can’t believe someone hasn’t already questioned this. A cheater that gets an A+ is not better than non cheaters that get a C+. Cheaters usually get an F, or worse, expelled.
  3. Seems about right. I'd probably have Buxton in the top 5, Polanco in the top 10 for sure, Donaldson maybe an honorable mention, and maybe Garver in the top 10? Who else would be in the discussion for top 10?
  4. "Proven" cheaters. I proctored many exams in college. If someone got caught cheating, they got an F on the exam at the least. Worse consequences, such as expulsion, were always on the table.
  5. Should the hall should accept good but not great players? questionable. Should the hall accept cheaters? Definitely not.
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