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  1. maybe my memory is flawed but I remember he used to hit line drives to left that were homeruns at the meteodome but were outs on the warning track at target field
  2. It’s a shame Mauer didn’t play in 2019. All of those hard hit outs to the warning track would have been homeruns, no?
  3. they should flip, for example, Martin and SWR for 1.5 years of someone like Berrios or better. We have internal options at LF and 1B. We need to upgrade at the top of the rotation. If only we had held onto Taylor Rogers we would have had a pretty dominant BP with Rogers and Duran at the back end.
  4. Both Buxton and Correa are nursing injuries, so have Lewis alternate between CF and SS for the next couple of weeks. Once Buxton and Correa are fully healed, send Lewis back to AAA for everyday reps at SS.
  5. Twins are 18-9 excluding dodgers and astros. That’s a pretty good record. But they’re 0-5 against dodgers and astros
  6. Generally agree with the sentiment but Miranda/Arraez can't handle short, so to the extent that Gordon can handle short that does provide some value...
  7. Kind of like a Nick Punto type player. If used well (and hopefully not every day), he can be valuable.
  8. By the way, Archer could be a real asset in the bullpen in shorter stints. He seems to have trouble getting through the order a second time.
  9. Ryan, Gray, Ober, Winder, Paddack are the top 5 in my view. Occasional spot starts from Archer, Bundy, or one of the young studs in the minors
  10. Interesting that none of the Twins greats show up here. What was Johan's best April?
  11. probably would have went with SWR. 0 earned runs with a 0.65 whip in 21+ innings. Hard to beat that.
  12. haha yes my point exactly! I checked on mlb.tv and the only teams that should be on the blackout list from Dallas are the Rangers and Astros.... actually just turned off Wifi and it works! weird...
  13. I'm pretty sure most of us that wanted to bolster the rotation, we were thinking about adding high-end talent (think Montas, Manaea, etc), not mid-rotation types. Especially not by subtracting from areas of weakness. This trade makes very little sense, once you take into account other big moves the Twins made this year (but is consistent with Bundy/Archer/Smith pickups)
  14. I think we have different standards here. I thought the win-now moves that the FO pursued this year (signing Correa and trading for Gray) would be consistent with trying to build a championship contending team. Subtracting from an average (at best) bullpen doesn't cut it for me, especially when the move doesn't necessarily make the rotation better.
  15. Horrible move. 1. Who gets bumped from the rotation? I think Ryan and Ober have earned the opportunity to at least start in the rotation. 2. Losing the best reliever in an already weak bullpen, how does this help us this year (potentially the only year with Correa)?
  16. Urshela also went deep. I really liked Winder. Composed, with nice mix of pitches.
  17. These are exactly the high variance signings the FO needs though. If you get the upside version, great! If not, move on to Winder or any of the great AAA pitching prospects who happen to be on fire at the time.
  18. I think the only IFs that the Twins are relying too heavily are on Bundy and Archer. In other areas, things happen but they tend to average out, and any team has that level of uncertainty.
  19. So who's in the top 5? Mauer, Buxton, and Sano, for sure. I think Royce Lewis and AK were ranked pretty high at some point, and AK did have that monster season a few years ago.
  20. That is a hypothetical. No one knows what they would have accomplished had they not cheated. In any case, a student that is caught cheating on an exam typically gets an F (or worse expelled). They don't get commended on the hypothetical case where they might have gotten an A had they not cheaten. We should not treat statistics gained from cheaters as being comparable to non-cheaters.
  21. There is no question that Bonds and Clemens are two of the best players in baseball history? Can’t believe someone hasn’t already questioned this. A cheater that gets an A+ is not better than non cheaters that get a C+. Cheaters usually get an F, or worse, expelled.
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