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  1. I doubt your hot take would survive any type of scrutiny. Look, the Twins played better than I expected in the first third of the season. After that, even if they played .500 ball the rest of the way, they probably would have won the division. Injuries played a big role in preventing that.
  2. Yeah and I got derided a while ago for floating the idea of putting a clearly hobbled person on the DL. What happens when you play through injuries? Bad performance + original injury won't heal + potentially other injuries.
  3. One word: reinforcements I would argue that roughly a third of the 10-15 best players on the roster are expected to be back for the playoff run. Buxton, Mahle (hopefully?), Polanco, Winder/Ober, Larnach, Jeffers (maybe?)
  4. Yes top pitching prospect is probably a reach. Solid mid to end-rotation starter? Possible. It's also a reach to anoint him minor league pitcher of the year. In the high minors, SWR (3.29ERA/1.15WHIP/10.1K9) and Varland (3.06ERA/1.26WHIP/10.4K9) are probably the best candidates, but David Festa (2.05ERA/1.10WHIP/9.9K9) has put up best overall numbers this year, no?
  5. The only surprise about Sabato is that the Twins FO used a 1st round draft pick on him. They seem to have this horrible urge to use top draft picks on HR-or-nothing no-defense corner IF/OFs.
  6. True, hadn’t checked trouts numbers in awhile. Wow!
  7. IF Correa does return, the FO doesn't have big holes to fill this offseason. The starting rotation is set with Gray, Mahle, Maeda, Ryan, and Ober/Winder (with SWR/LV/JB at AAA providing depth). The BP will be headed by Duran, Jax, Lopez (nice!). With Kiriloff/Larnach/Jeffers hopefully returning healthy, the only real need in the lineup would be to find a catcher to pair with Jeffers. So maybe a couple bullpen pieces and a backup catcher.
  8. Sure after it’s all said and done trout might have a better career than griffey, not a given yet. Just because mariners pay more than angels for griffey performance does not make it not a steal
  9. This is a steal if he is Ken Griffey Jr. In all likelihood that will not happen.
  10. wow I'm lucky that I have not been able to watch the last 5 games due to blackout restrictions (I live in Texas). Can this team put it together for the stretch run? We've been waiting for a while now...
  11. replacing ABs from Cave/Celestino/Beckham with Larnach/Garlick is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade IMHO
  12. is the ceiling higher than Berrios's ceiling? Maybe but probably not. is the ceiling higher than Berrios's performance? Definitely yes is he likely to exceed Berrios's performance? Unlikely, though it would be nice.
  13. and Nicky Gordon making a nice defensive play and a well struck RBI double
  14. When Buxton is in the lineup as a CF, the marginal improvement is Gordon --> Buxton (BIG improvement). When he is in the lineup as a DH, the marginal improvement is Arraez/Miranda --> Buxton (small improvement). When he is on the bench, obviously no improvement because he is not often used as a pinch hitter.
  15. Even if that were 100% true (I'm a bit skeptical), Buxton brings a ton of value as a CF. As a DH, not so much. The DL stint would also open up a roster spot. I'm a huge Buxton fan. But I'd rather see him play CF healthy, than take up a roster spot to occasionally play CF.
  16. Hate that Nick Gordon is getting a start against lefties. But I guess we don't have any viable options at the moment! I know this has probably been hashed out, but shouldn't Buxton spend less time at DH and more at CF? Head to 10-day IL if the knees need rest.
  17. with two off-days last week, why not skip their turn in the rotation???
  18. Excluding May/June (ineffective due to injury?), SWR looks really solid this year. 2ER in 34.1IP, good for a 0.52 ERA
  19. Glad to see kepler back! Though gordon, contreras, and even cave have exceeded expectations (perhaps cuz my expectations were very low)
  20. Great writeup! Curious about the roster situation this offseason. How many will have to be protected?
  21. That is a bit reassuring, thanks. The 916 ops against in July should be concerning though, as should the 1.50 whip (also July).
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