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If you have a particular baseball/Twins topic you would like to see debated, please post your suggestions here. You may also send a PM to @Squirrel or @Otto von Ballpark. Definitely send us a PM if you want to take one of the sides of your suggested topic to keep it anonymous. As we get suggestions and/or get debates lined up, we will post the threads and hopefully assign a start date.

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As the Twins get linked with players/positions we could have debates about which player is the better fit as a free agent.  Same with trade candidates.  

Garver or Jeffers or Both (who to keep long term)

Kiriloff - more valuable as a 1B or a COF

Austin Martin - Future position 2B vs. LF vs. SS

Jorge Alcala - Buying or Selling on him being the Closer

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I’d like to see some analysis on fielding. I know that the Twins trend is towards fielding flexibility, but what about getting players locked into a position and letting them master it?  Will we ever see another gold glove candidate with all the shifting of positions?

Think Gagne, Tori (until the end of his career), Hrbek, Gaetti, etc. the analysis could be on team or individual fielding percentage comparisons by position of “flexible” vs “inflexible” fielders/teams over time.

My position is to have a few utility players, but the majority being locked into their positions.  I feel it would help the pitching staff and team overall, but it would be helpful to see if the analysis proves or disproves that theory. 

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