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  1. Can anybody explain why Sano and Garver are trying to steal second?
  2. I give up. Can't watch any more Twins games. I need to see some quality baseball.
  3. Yay! We did not lose in depressing fashion today!!
  4. Can't draw that conclusion. They just got the shot a few days ago. It takes 2 weeks for full immunity. Plus no vaccine is 100%
  5. I am so frustrated. I think I'll go watch the Vikings........... DOH!, nevermind.
  6. Yee haw! Nice! I recently hacked MLB's website and came across the following email: "To: TheCommish@mlb.com Dear Rob, We would like to remind you that the Twins set a new record for home runs last year, which was very exciting. As you can see from our roster, we are looking to do more this year. Our goal is a very doable 350 this year. Think of the fan excitement! All ask that you do your part and KEEP THE BASEBALLS JUICED!! Signed, Falvine"
  7. ...and the number of their counting was: 2
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