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  1. Can anybody explain why Sano and Garver are trying to steal second?
  2. I give up. Can't watch any more Twins games. I need to see some quality baseball.
  3. Yay! We did not lose in depressing fashion today!!
  4. Can't draw that conclusion. They just got the shot a few days ago. It takes 2 weeks for full immunity. Plus no vaccine is 100%
  5. I am so frustrated. I think I'll go watch the Vikings........... DOH!, nevermind.
  6. Yee haw! Nice! I recently hacked MLB's website and came across the following email: "To: TheCommish@mlb.com Dear Rob, We would like to remind you that the Twins set a new record for home runs last year, which was very exciting. As you can see from our roster, we are looking to do more this year. Our goal is a very doable 350 this year. Think of the fan excitement! All ask that you do your part and KEEP THE BASEBALLS JUICED!! Signed, Falvine"
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