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  1. Watkins may be above average than most 3rd Base coaches. If you watch more than just the Twins you will see other teams make the same mistakes but I believe Watkins was great at being aggressive and getting us a few extra runs. There should be a statistic for 3rd base coaching or maybe there is one I don't know about. It would be interesting to evaluate Watkins. The negative disposition of some on this site is just they suck, are awful, fire etc. At least offer some objective evidence instead or reasoning instead of overly generalized negativity.
  2. Great choice for sure. His numbers came so close to being much better. Just from memory I recall 2 grand slams and a 3 run Homer missed by inches on the right field foul pole. He was one of our best clutch/high leverage hitters. I look for even a better season next year with around 20 hrs as he continues to add more strength after losing so much weight do to illness.
  3. "We can win this....we can win this....."" Praying we fight, scrap and win. I just want to participate in a pennant race for the last few weeks. I am not ready to focus on the Vikings. I am scared at the improvement McKenzie has shown and the unknown of Ober coming back after so long.
  4. And what factual information do you have that makes you believe he was only good because he used " sticky stuff"? Why spread derogatory rumors with no evidence to back up your statement. Just another negative take for the sake of being negative.
  5. Judge should be MVP not bc it would be a coin flip with Ohtani but because I want to see him demand 50 million a year from the Yankees and they will have to pay it to keep him.
  6. It is only more frustrating because I have invested more hope, time, money and energy into this team. Last year you knew the team just stunk. After Colome blew the season for us right away all I cared about was keeping Byron who was the most exciting player we have had in year. This year has been a tease but I still hold out a little hope because we can still control out own destiny. I would love to see a much healthier Buck surprisingly come back in CF and help lead us to a sweep or 4 wins against Cleveland. In the end I do like that Gordon and Miranda stepped up. Injuries have been very frustrating but I am a believer we will succeed in 2023 when we get back Mahle and Maida to go with Gray, Ryan, Ober, Varland, Winder, SWR. I guess I feel much better about where this team is and believe they have redundant pieces they can afford to trade like Polanco to improve the team,
  7. I find it funny that so many people criticize this piece and spew so much negativity against the front office and Rocco. I have confidence in both. The fact is that injuries hurt us more than any year I can recall in my 45 years of watching the Twins. The fact that Buxton was essentially playing at 50 percent cost this team multiple victories. I will fault the FO with bad bullpen construction but I am not sure they had many good options. BP pitchers are just to unreliable in most cases. The fact that many are saying we lost the San Diego trade just shows that those people are just FO "haters" with no objective perspective. We traded junk for junk. Rodgers is as bad as Pagan so we lost nothing and gained the chance Paddock would contribute which he may next year. I believe there is enough talent coming back next year and that our depth will be improved so we can contend for the pennant. This year exceeded expectations and was an improvement from last year.
  8. I remember as a boy in 1977 seeing him hit at the Met and turning to the crowd and holding up 3 fingers and the crowd goes nuts. He ended up hitting a triple down the right field line. I have never seen a better hitter to this day. The most coveted thing in the world to me at 7 yr old was was to get him to sign my glove. Alas I had to settle on Disco Danny Ford's and Captain Dynamite's signatures I believe.
  9. The economic fact is that MLB is a monopoly that used that power to depress wages. The milb players are not represented adequately by the union. If they had their own union they could gain some power by having a monopoly on the selling of their labor. I think that the minor league player should organize their own union and I know of nothing stopping them except all the vacancies in the NLRB.
  10. Where is Nick Gordon? I thought he would be playing. Is he hurt ?
  11. Well Rocco did tweet "inspiration....."b4 opening day last tear from Terrapin Station. Isnt Dyson another piece of dead money from San fran of course.
  12. The Turtle was playing great baseball down the stretch. Would rather see him play over Castro. Castro was essentially their worst hitter since July.
  13. Have radke and Santana come and help him. What woyld it be a 88 to 95 change and a wipe out slider equala cy young with that heat.
  14. Bury the tribe and then rest everyone for the playoffs. Win tommorrow and call it a wrap. This team has as much heart as i have seen since '91 and that is why i have hope. Also please extend Sano asap bc he has turned the corner.
  15. Like i said b4 lets mimic last years brew crew with a bullpen game plan to take pineda's spit in the rotation. We can use the parts to take advantage of advantage of any teams splits. We have a good balance a left and right handed pitchers keeping Smeltzer and perez and i would argue Thorpe on post season roster. Sweep this team away and demand they change their name to the cleveland wasps.
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