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  1. I'd DFA at least two of Pagán, Duffy, and Cotton. I'd rather put an untested-at-the-major-league-level rookie in there. At least if they screw up, I'd have some hope for later improvement from the experience.
  2. Originally, I thought it was the Twins' FO plan all along to trade Correa for prospects in July---and hired him primarily to allow Lewis and Martin a chance to prove themselves in the minors and use whichever of them was ready to play in the Bigs, Or, if the Twins completed bombed in the first half, Correa could be traded even if the rookies weren't ready. Carlos would have done his part: helped to sell season tickets at the start of the season and that was fine. (Yes, I am a fan and a cynic). Now with Lewis injured and the Twins doing okay, they need to hang onto him. They might even push to lock up/ensure a longer deal with Correa since Lewis isn't likely to return until mid season 2023.
  3. Play him at 1B and DH. Likewise, use Luis Arraez at 1B, DH, and 2B. End the madness of having Jeffers DH when Sanchez is catching.
  4. Probably about 6 once they face the better teams more. Right now I hope they can keep beating on the AL Central and win the title. After that, any team can win it all if they get hot at the right time and have some luck.
  5. Yeah, I can't really afford it. Can't afford to watch on TV. I listen on the radio, though.
  6. I'm afraid for Kirilloff. I think they need to get him to some new doctors/specialists for new opinions. If they think he's okay to play, then I think some more time at AAA for him wouldn't hurt. Try some Lewis in the other positions, but SS at AAA full time also makes sense.
  7. The storm passed through my area in less than an hour. It was booking, winds near 80 mph. It's calmed down quite a bit now. If it's similar to the north where the Twins are, I wouldn't be too surprised if the game resumed. I hope we get a mulligan instead.
  8. You've met our ownership and front office, haven't you? Rogers was making $7.3M this year. That was already too high for their tastes.
  9. We're going to be stuck with Correa for three years if his batting continues like this.
  10. Hmmm… kind of think that the point was to increase ticket sales short term, make it appear that the Twins would compete (as was said before the season began), give some time for either Lewis or Martin to prove themselves, and then trade off Correa when it became apparent the Twins wouldn't be in contention this year. Correa, though, by not hitting is doing his best to make sure that the Twins have him for the full three year contract.
  11. At last, the elephant in the room we've all been ignoring has finally been addressed.
  12. Convert him to a pitcher. No hits after 19 at bats would look fantastic.
  13. Yeah, I figured that Winder was held in reserve all weekend to go long relief for whichever starter, if any, faltered. But, so far, starting pitching has been okay. All four of those games were winnable.
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