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  1. Even with all of the injuries, if the front office had seriously addressed the bullpen in the off season, they still might have made the post season.
  2. They did worse than I expected. I predicted a .500 team and that's pretty much what we got. They only looked good the first two months because the rest of the Division was so terrible.
  3. Will the Twins pick up Gio Urshela's 3rd Arbitration year? He's currently making $6.5M or so. As Correa will opt out and Lewis isn't around for awhile (hopefully will be back healthy and soon), Gio could fill in at Shortstop in a pinch. Do the Twins plan to more Miranda back to 3rd or what? Lot of questions and who knows how healthy Arraez and Polanco will be?
  4. No one reasonably expected him to be a Twin in 2023 unless he got hurt or really sucked in 2022. Good luck to him.
  5. Unless someone really wants to trade for him, the Twins will play him in 2023. And, unless he really puts together a fantastic season, that's it for the Twins. And even if Max does do fantastic, that's probably it for the Twins, too. They won't risk signing him again to a big contract. If he does well at the plate, they'll certainly play him every day, otherwise, his play time will probably start diminishing next year, and he will start being the defensive replacement and 4th outfielder on the team. After that, well, if he signs for cheap, he can make several teams in 2024, possibly even the Twins.
  6. Such a sad ending to what had been a pretty average season.
  7. I forget, didn't Boras have to share some of his agent money with another agency? And I think he wouldn't have to share that part of his cut if Correa signed a new contract. Boras then would want him to sign a new contract, even if it were one year at the same price. If I were the Twins, though, I'd probably stand pat. "Take the $35M and we'll be happy; otherwise, best of luck to you, Carlos."
  8. If only… you know… both sides would be willing to renegotiate his contract so that it would be a fair compromise to both parties for the benefit of the team. Archer in the pen is a solution.
  9. I'd DFA at least two of Pagán, Duffy, and Cotton. I'd rather put an untested-at-the-major-league-level rookie in there. At least if they screw up, I'd have some hope for later improvement from the experience.
  10. Originally, I thought it was the Twins' FO plan all along to trade Correa for prospects in July---and hired him primarily to allow Lewis and Martin a chance to prove themselves in the minors and use whichever of them was ready to play in the Bigs, Or, if the Twins completed bombed in the first half, Correa could be traded even if the rookies weren't ready. Carlos would have done his part: helped to sell season tickets at the start of the season and that was fine. (Yes, I am a fan and a cynic). Now with Lewis injured and the Twins doing okay, they need to hang onto him. They might even push to lock up/ensure a longer deal with Correa since Lewis isn't likely to return until mid season 2023.
  11. Play him at 1B and DH. Likewise, use Luis Arraez at 1B, DH, and 2B. End the madness of having Jeffers DH when Sanchez is catching.
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