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  1. I like this quite a bit. If a player is on the 40-man roster, they should be making at least minimum major-league salary, and as soon as they're placed on the 40-man, they start accruing major-league service time, even if they're still in A ball.
  2. It's built into your name to expect that: Major-League Ready.
  3. That's the worst part, those young pitchers again missing valuable time. Or the worst part is using THAT as an excuse for not developing pitching. It's one of those.
  4. Let him DH and play some 1st/3rd as needed in 2022. Hope he gets hot, then trade him to a contender since the Twins will need more pitching in 2023 after not having enough in 2022.
  5. Yeah, I think the Twins would benefit to be more like the Rays in player evaluation and development--and better!--since they also could occasionally spend big money for a star player or two for post season pushes. Alas… the Twins as we know them now rarely do either.
  6. Twins should trade Donaldson AND pay ALL of his salary in exchange for the best pitching they can get. While they're at it, they should take on several short-term but overpriced SP contracts from any team who is also willing to throw in an excellent young pitching prospect as part of the deal. Become a salary dumping ground for one or two years. Nothing else to spend their money on. And it's a weird enough strategy that it might just work.
  7. Ultimately, the FO does what the owner wants. Put up a new poll for the ownership staying or going.
  8. I'd rather play him as soon as possible at SS to see if he can play there or not. Twins in 2022—at least so far—have no real starting pitching, so it's not like there's a lot more they can lose by playing a team with a lot of rookies with something to prove on it. Just do something more for the fans with the $50MM or so they didn't spend this year.
  9. Looking forward to seeing your next two team trades suggestions, Jamie.
  10. An important question since we have so very little in the way of starting pitching.
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