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Bally Sports North Ponders Tiered Subscription Service

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'For $35/month, we envision a mix of live sports and all-new episodes of Tim Laudner’s Street Justice.'

With news that Bally Sports North is close to finally offering a subscription service for local sports fans, rumors are swirling that a premium version will soon be available.

“The outcry for a non-cable, non-satellite option for local sports fans is undeniable,” said a BSN executive who requested anonymity. “We also know that there’s an appetite for a premium experience. Our goal is to provide a bespoke product for every level of consumer.”

Although details on the available tiers are unconfirmed, multiple sources say there are four options being discussed:

  • BSN Basic: $20/month, Twins/Wolves/Wild/Lynx/United games available on tape delay no sooner than 72 hours after the live event; however, you must submit a written request to the Bally Sports North offices in Minneapolis to watch it. “Politeness will be a plus,” noted one source.
  • BSN Basic Plus: $25/month, one live event per week. The event will not be telecast but rather described by a feral Kevin Lynch off his cell phone's Twitter feed.
  • BSN Platinum: $35/month, all live events streamed as they happen unless there are blackout rules, conflicts with new episodes of Tim Laudner’s Street Justice, or BSN just calls it a weekend early and heads to the lake.
  • BSN The Laudner Level: $40/month, all episodes of Tim Laudner's Street Justice available on demand, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes footage exclusive to BSN The Laudner Level subscribers. No live sports, but they will share all Athletic promo subscription offers they see online.

“There’s a lot of noise out there about people wanting to watch the Twins or the Wild live, but our market research indicates the consumer really values choice,” said the BSN executive. “If they have the option to watch a World Series champ take the law into his own hands on an all-new episode of Tim Laudner’s Street Justice, then we think they’ll choose our Platinum or Laudner Level services. This week Tim busts some kids who are rearranging letters on the Lakeville Dairy Queen marquee to say 'PENIS.' Tough stuff, powerful.”

When asked if they envision a streaming tier that would contain only live, local sports, the executive laughed for 17 minutes straight.

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Community Leader

You know, when BSN+ was first announced I was adamantly opposed to such a concept and price point.  The concept was ridiculous, I thought.  But this is a game changer!  I "can" still listen to every game on the radio or follow via Gamecast but get Laudner Street Justice and Laudner level services too?  🤯

I can't contain my excitement!  Where do I sign up?!?

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