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  1. As an LSU follower, I am aware that LSU’s weakness in the SEC West is starting pitching. They had a winning record in the SEC this year, several notches above even Ole Miss, who won the College World Series Sunday. Johnson will impact LSU recruiting and pitcher development. This starts now , not after the Twins’ season. Go Tigers
  2. The Twins are winning close games more often than losing close games. This could be a result of temporary good fortune, bad opponents, or good managing. Putting the franchise’s #1 prospect out in centerfield was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen anywhere. The constant shuffling of the batting order, even when there are no injuries, is not conducive to players getting into a routine- which all players crave. An ex-player should know this. Baldelli should seek training to become a better manager, but shouldn’t be fired at this point.
  3. Wow! Is this an article from The Onion? I’m hopeful they offer another option: avoid and ignore all four sports’ telecasts from Rally or Bally and Sally. And who is Tim Laudner?
  4. The commercial ads stink, but if it has to be done it should at least be entertaining: Buxton could be sponsored by BluCross/BlueShield Sano ‘s sponsor would be Lucky Strikes.
  5. Yes, I agree that this is an incredibly under-achieving group. It's always bothered me how almost the ENTIRE staff can fail, instead of just a couple pitchers. This has to do with desire and focus. Also, baseball players constantly report that they enjoy "having a routine", and "knowing my position" in the staff or lineup. With the Twins this year, the manager constantly changes the lineup order and bullpen order. Why was Rogers removed from closing at first? dunno. That has not helped him. The constant shuffling of everything cannot be blamed on injuries. The players don't know their set position or have a routine, and it's June.
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