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  1. If it's ok to say this trade was bad, then I will. This trade was bad. VERY BAD.
  2. The Twins should at least announce to the fans well ahead of time when Buxton has a scheduled day off for a home game, the same way they announce the starting pitchers. Then the fans can decide if they want to pay to see the non-Buxton lineup.
  3. Regarding Buxton, the prevailing wisdom seems to be "he can't get hurt if we don't play him". Either that or "we won't have to worry about the incentives in his contract if he's on the bench". He could've been the difference maker in this game, and needs to be out there everyday until he tells Rocco he can't go or needs a break.
  4. The Mets just DFA'd and released Robinson Cano, who was hitting a full 100 points higher than Sano this year and is still owed $45M on his contract. Just sayin...might be time for Sano.
  5. Since Sinclair is an evil corporation that has treated the fans with zero respect over the last couple of years, they've burned their bridges with me. I've found alternatives that do the job, and at the price point they're charging I'll stick with my present setup. Also, you know it won't be long before they start jacking the rates.
  6. I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that Kirby averaged around 155 games a year. Imagine TK telling him to take a day off every week when he's healthy and ready to go. It's a whole new world these days, both in players' attitudes and management approaches.
  7. Assuming he corrects himself and has a good year, I'm pessimistic about him sticking around. Why wouldn't he opt out and go free agent? He'd be stupid not to test the waters again for a long-term deal that I just don't see the Twins offering. And that might not even be a bad thing for the Twins. Lewis may be ready to go next year, at an astronomical savings over Correa. The only way I see Correa sticking around is if he has a crap year or if we could structure something long-term more along the lines of the incentive-laden Buxton contract. Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
  8. I love the guy. How can you not appreciate his misplaced enthusiasm on such calls as "DRIVEN TO THE GAP- and he makes the catch." or "A LOOONG FLY BALL, WAYYY BACK and the catch is made on the warning track". What he COULD use is better partners. Smalley is unlistenable. I used to love Morneau, and he has great insights, but he's just an apologist when it comes to poor play. I swear if his wife told him she was leaving he'd respond with something like "Well, that's not an optimal development, but I'm sure next time things will work out better".
  9. I get it that it's early and we should withhold judgement, but these at-bats so far are non-competitive major league at-bats. Even if he does get his 20+ home runs this year, is it worth it if he's hopelessly outmatched in his other 500+ appearances? Nobody is going to give us jack for him in a trade, so to me the best option is bring up Miranda or put Arraez temporarily at first and give Sano some time on the bench to ponder his future in major league baseball. One thing I feel confident saying is that he's not going to turn into another Ortiz if we let him go. I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see if the problem is in his head, his heart, or with the coaching. Maybe it's a combination of everything. Rowson sure seemed to get a lot more out of these borderline guys (like Sano & Kepler) than the current regime.
  10. I don't get it. Paddack is yet another mediocre reclamation project at best. Why should having "team control" over someone like this be so attractive to them? I would think if we'd waited until the trade deadline Rogers would have more value to someone in the chase.
  11. I'll never understand why Nic Turley was ever allowed to don a major league uniform.
  12. I'd be shopping Sano. I don't see a higher ceiling for him, and you can't devote a full-time DH slot to someone with those numbers. We may still be able to get another team to bite on him, but it'll be tough. I'm in the "take what you get for him and move on" camp here.
  13. I've got a bunch here from the mid 70s: https://photos.smugmug.com/1970s/1974/i-68wqHK8/1/ff71cc0d/O/1974%20Twins%20Autographs.jpg Check out Jerry Terrell for neatness. Backstory: Was with my family in Baltimore 1974 (I was 12) and the Twins were staying in our hotel. Got all of these there. Of everybody I approached, Larry Hisle was the only dick who refused to sign.
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