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  1. I like these a lot, particularly the home whites. They could have done MUCH worse. Now let's figure out how to field a major league caliber team.
  2. Nishioka has to be right up there. At least he had the decency and honor to realize he was in over his head and leave in such a way that the Twins weren't on the hook for the remainder of his contract.
  3. Forget Correa. We'll get more bang for our buck spending that money on pitchers who we can envision being lights-out in the playoffs. Also, good riddance to Sano, Archer and Bundy. We can and should do better.
  4. Investigate why we're so injury-prone and why it takes our guys so long to recover. Then do something about it. Roll some heads if necessary. Dump Pagan and Kepler. Take whatever you can get for them, consider yourself lucky, and move on. I'm already assuming Sano is history. Stop pursuing pitching reclamation projects like Bundy, Archer, Happ, etc. The list goes on and on, in grand Twins tradition. Land one quality starter and one quality reliever instead of a slew of retreads who you can get cheap. Don't throw any more money at Correa for a long term deal that will hamstring us in its later years. Let him go and use that money on the pitching acquisitions mentioned above. Tell Rocco to watch the ball games in addition to his spreadsheets when he's making decisions.
  5. Put your best players in the lineup every day until they tell you they need a break. Buxton can be an exception here since he's made of glass. Let's see some bunting, stealing, hit & run plays. If your starting pitcher is kicking-ass, leave him in until he tires. Forget the spreadsheets. If he's going longer than you're comfortable with, have someone warmed and ready to go so you CAN make a move quickly AFTER he demonstrates he's gassed. Stop trotting failures like Emilio Pagan onto the field in high leverage situations when they've proven time and time again they will burn you. Let's see more of the passion you displayed a couple of times this year when arguing with the umpires. For God's sake, don't ever put Royce Lewis in center field again.
  6. Everyone seems so hung up on how much the team is spending. The amount isn't the issue, it's HOW it's being spent. Fans recognized early on this year that people like Bundy, Archer, Pagan are not the answer. And throwing money away on lost causes like Sano (and arguably Kepler) doesn't help either.
  7. About as surprising as Buxton being injured. I just hope Lewis can eventually come back and stay healthy.
  8. Not crazy that they mentioned the Padres. They can do much better than that. For my money, you can't beat the cream pinstripes with the cursive Twins script from a few years back.
  9. He reminds me a lot of Sano- some early success and a lot of promise, but ultimately disappointment. We'll probably continue to play him next year until it finally dawns on somebody that he hurts the team when he's in the lineup- just like Sano. This year we showed we have young guys who could easily take Sano's place, and I expect to see the same for Kepler next year. We'll probably hide him a lot on the IL while we play more worthy young guys in his place, and he'll completely fade away by the end of the year- just like Sano. I actually do hope I'm wrong and Kep can figure things out. I do think he has more of a chance to do so than Sano, but it doesn't look promising.
  10. Of all the news to come down the pike this year, this is the least surprising.
  11. I think here's maybe a 10% chance Correa sticks around. I'd want out if I were him. We just need a stopgap measure until Lewis comes back, and then hope our brain trust doesn't do something asinine like put him in center field again.
  12. Obviously injuries were the worst culprit, but unforced errors around pitching decisions were a major contributor as well. Knowingly sticking Pagan in high leverage situations when he'd demonstrated no ability to perform is on the managerial staff. Not getting an extra inning or two from an effective starter also put undue pressure on the bullpen. These decisions probably cost us 8+ wins or more. So yes, injuries were terrible, but managerial decisions were the preventable death blow. I'm also not a fan of scheduled days off (except maybe in Buxton's case). Your best players should be on the field until they decide they need a break. Probably an unpopular opinion.
  13. The key word for the front office this offseason should be DEPTH. There's no reason to believe many of the same people who are injured at the moment won't be missing substantial time next year as well. If you don't expect that, you haven't followed Twins baseball. We need to get into a position so when our top-line guys go down, we at least have major league caliber talent to back them up as opposed to the AAA team we're trotting out there right now.
  14. I've seen enough. This organization needs to take a hard look at why we're leading the league in missed games because of injury. There's got to be more going on than random chance. We've also got front office problems, managerial problems and assuming Correa leaves, leadership problems on the field. IMHO they need more fire and less blind devotion to algorithms. Go Vikes and Wild!
  15. Is this really "banning" the shift? Teams are just going to lineup their shortstops and second basemen an inch on the "good" side of second base, and continue as they have been. Seems like substantially, all this rule really does is disallow the positioning of infielders in the outfield grass.
  16. If there's any good news here, apparently there is no current Twins agreement with Bally? Theoretically the Twins could find another partner next year? There's zero chance I spend $20 a month on this.
  17. Analytics should just be one TOOL in a wider arsenal of information. It shouldn't be the be-all, end-all for every single decision.
  18. Baldelli needs to put down the spreadsheets and open his eyes. Whatever the statistics say, Pagan doesn't pass the sniff test in any shape or form. Bringing him into a game substantially reduces our chances of winning said game. Hopefully some sanity will prevail, because I wouldn't choose Emilio Pagan as the hill to die on.
  19. Low point or not, it's hard to imagine this team breaking their consecutive loss streak in the postseason, and that's assuming they can even qualify.
  20. At first I hoped he was gonna be great. Then I hoped he was gonna be good. Then I hoped he was gonna be adequate. Then I hoped he wasn't gonna be the worst hitter in MLB. Then I lost all hope.
  21. They miss a manager who will allow starters to go 6-7 innings when they're "on".
  22. Not much more to add. We've all been seeing this play out with our own eyes. Nobody is going to convince me that Pagan belongs on this roster even one more day. Regardless of what they do afterwards, an immediate DFA makes this team better. And don't get me started on the decision making process of Rocco and the FO regarding the bullpen. I'm just depressed.
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