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Game Thread Twins @ Mariners 9:10pm cdt 6/16/2021 ad

Mr. Ober has this. No need to watch.

Mr. Kirilloff will clean up, as he is in the position to do so.

I keep wanting to give a rousing welcome back to Mr. Buxton, but alas, it was not to be.

However i can still do so for Mr.Arraez! Welcome back Mr. Arraez, and may your bat meet the ball with authority, and avoid others' gloves. Contrariwise may the ball find your glove quickly and happily.

Alas, today i am not clever. I think on the whole, the worse my intro writinggoes, the more likely the win.

(April was just cruel to me... Teaching me to respect Tom Stoppard's R&G are dead) 

Well have at it! I shall listen to the game, and check the thread as i may, but not much. Take care of this game for me!


0. Bailey Ober (R) P

1. Jorge Polanco (S) 2B

2. Josh Donaldson (R) 3B

3. Nelson Cruz (R) DH

4. Alex Kirilloff (L) RF

5. Ryan Jeffers (R) C

6. Miguel Sano (R) 1B

7. Luis Arraez (L) LF

8. A. Simmons (R) SS

9. Gilberto Celestino (R) CF




0. J. Sheffield (L) P

1. J.P. Crawford (L) SS

2. Jake Fraley (L) LF

3. Mitch Haniger (R) DH

4. Kyle Seager (L) 3B

5. Ty France (R) 1B

6. Jake Bauers (L) RF

7. Shed Long Jr. (L) 2B

8. T. Trammell (L) CF

9. Jose Godoy (L) C

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So, the other night, Mrs Chief and I were lying on bed, and the neighbors dog was just making it impossible to go to sleep. Just constant barking.

Finally Mrs Chief looked at me and said "that's it. I've had enough of this."

She got out of bed, threw on her note coat, and stormed off out of the bedroom. And down the stairs.

I heard her open the door...but the dog never stopped barking. In fact, if anything, it got louder. 

Finally Mrs Chief came back and got into bed. 

"Honey," I said gently "I can still hear the dog."

"I moved him to our backyard," she said with more than  little satisfaction. "Let's see how THEY like it."

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A little warm in Tucson today.  Hit around 111 degrees where I live.  My house painter started at 5 am, threw  in the towel around 8:30 am.  His crew couldn't continue.  I called them 'Twins" and sent them home to rest and recuperate.

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