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Game Thread: Twins @ Orioles, 6/1/2021, 6:05 PM EDT

15 minutes ago, ashbury said:

FWIW I double checked on my phone and the post in question looked OK. You using a flip phone or something?

No but something i could change my battery on.


So not a standard style of phone.

About time i upgraded, especially as i usually go to speaker phone to be understood.

Luckily i am unpopular sp few want to to talk to me.



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1 minute ago, Aerodeliria said:

The Twins have too much talent, will overtake the Indians and will battle for the wildcard...that's what ESPN writers are still saying. I guess they don't have time to watch any of the games.

Nobody ever considers the pitching. When they say too much talent they are speaking solely about the offense. Why is it so hard to realize that if your pitching is weak you won’t be able to compete, no matter how good your offense is

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