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  1. It's good to see Winder finish strong. That's been the only issue he's had this year, as he hits the third time through the order he has gotten hit a bit too much. With Winder, Moran, and Cano, I'm not sure how much more the Twins are waiting to see at AA. All three have clearly earned a spot up in St. Paul. Let's see what they can do with the Saints.
  2. Part of what has been so frustrating this year has been that things have repeatedly gone wrong at exactly the wrong moment, and conversely have gone right at exactly the right moment. A guy will get up to the plate with the bases loaded and strike out, only to step up to the plate and homer later in the game. A pitcher will be excellent when it doesn't matter and collapse when it does. Maybe some of that is players not having that added gear for big moments, and some of that is just injuries to key players, but there's an element of it which can only be described as an incredible amount o
  3. The silver lining to this miserable season has been the encouraging pitching performances in the minors. Let's start seeing some promotions!
  4. I think some grace is warranted regarding the bullpen. As this article points out, none of the guys who left the Twins have subsequently made them look foolish. Finding consistent relief pitching is just about the hardest task in baseball, and the Twins signed a guy who was one of the few with such a track record, only for him to completely implode.
  5. The elbow injuries to Canterino and Enlow have been the most discouraging parts of what's overall seemed like a strong year so far for Twins pitching prospects. Josh Winder has come back to earth a bit recently, but still looks strong, and I've got to imagine that it's only a matter of time before he gets bumped up to St. Paul. Balazovic seemed to pitch well in his AA debut, and obviously Duran is on track for a late summer promotion to the Twins. Ober also looks like someone who might grow into a back-end role, and that might come sooner rather than later if Shoemaker continues to bomb.
  6. What's the part of Canterino's delivery that's actually the injury risk?
  7. The days of the Twins needing to sign a couple older guys as patches for the back end of the rotation may soon be over. If he stays healthy, Duran looks close to challenging for a 1-3 spot in the rotation, and Dobnak and Ober may be ready to challenge for the 4-5 spots.
  8. The stellar performance of just about every Twins pitching prospect so far is really one of the most hopeful trends so far. Ober, Vallimont, Canterino, and Enlow (unfortunately now hurt) all have ERAs below 2. Winder and Funderburk have ERAs below 1. Think we may see some promotions sooner rather than later, especially for the latter two.
  9. Hope to see Ober get a shot with the Twins again soon. He was better than the statline showed in his debut, and he keeps putting up video game numbers in the minors.
  10. Hard not to be excited about the Twins pitching pipeline. Duran was impressive for the Saints. Sands, Winder, and Vallimont are all pitching well in Wichita. Canterino and Enlow are looking great in Cedar Rapids and might be moved up soon. Balazovic will be back in action soon. I think Ober will be back with the Twins shortly, after Maeda's injruy. That's eight guys who are all excelling in the minors, several of whom have front-of-the-rotation potential. I hope the Twins can get Maeda healthy and resign Pineda, but I'm less confident that we'll be able to sign Berrios. At least two to fo
  11. Was dumb to throw at the guy. Who cares? Baseball's unwritten rules are extremely stupid. Ober looked nervous. Even then, looked like he's got stuff that might play, and was throwing quite a bit faster than advertised. Certainly hoping to see him get another start, maybe at the expense of Happ, who could use a bit of a break, or Pineda if his medical issue continues. Impressive outing from the bullpen. For one night at least, they put it all together. Let's get more hitters healthy and then we'll see what can happen.
  12. How soon until Bailey Ober gets a shot? I know his stuff looks like it shouldn't play, but you can't ignore the numbers.
  13. Duffey is the most confusing one. All of those hitters have been inconsistent throughout their careers. But Duffey seemed like a much surer bet. The simultaneous implosion of every reliever the Twins have is one of the most inexplicable things that has happened this season.
  14. It's this kind of stuff that is so inexplicable to me about the Twins season so far. It's one thing if one or two guys were struggling in their own separate ways. But to see huge swaths of the team slumping, often in the same way, for no discernable reason, is really baffling. How is it possible for like, Kenta Maeda [i]and[/i] Taylor Rogers [i]and[/i] Caleb Thielbar [i]and[/i] Alex Colome to all completely lose their ability to pitch to lefties all at once?
  15. Would like to see Ryan Mason moved up swiftly if he continues to have dominant late inning outings like what seems to have happened last night.
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