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  1. Hmm, maybe it was a good idea to not have Joe Ryan throw 140 pitches in his last outing... hmm...
  2. I dunno, but I'd still probably rather see him hitting tonight instead of whoever it is we throw out there.
  3. I'm grumpy about the abysmal check swing call by the third base umpire last night, taking away a strikeout from Duran against Pasquantino, who then got a bloop hit. That call could've easily cost the Twins the game. If you're not able to focus on the game, especially in that situation (strikeout pitcher, left-handed batter, two strikes, ninth inning) where the potential for a critical appeal was so high, then I dunno, maybe umpiring isn't for you.
  4. Brooks Lee is obviously going to Wichita next spring. I think the Twins were smart to start him lower down, instead of doing the thing the Jays did with Austin Martin, where moving him directly to AA seemed to be a bit too aggressive and possibly even set him back. But for Lee, it's clear where he belongs now. He's gotten his feet wet, now it's time to really dive in.
  5. Not having watched him pitch, SWR's lack of strikeouts feels concerning. Should I actually be worried, or is he just very very good at getting soft contact?
  6. Look at that gorgeous bullpen chart. Sonny Gray has flown a bit under the radar for the Twins this year, but he really has been a brilliant pickup. The Royals are just unbelievably bad. I may think it's embarrassing to have Gio Urshela hitting fourth, when on a healthy team he would be seventh or lower, but if he played for the Royals he would be their second or third best hitter. With Bundy going tomorrow maybe we won't shut them out again, but we certainly should take another comfortable win. Hopefully the White Sox beat Cleveland in eighteen innings this afternoon and Karinchak gets put on the IL after he accidentally glues his hand to a post.
  7. Rocco Baldelli made a move that improved the Twins chances of beating Cleveland next series and people are mad at him, which just tells you that there's nothing rational behind it. People have memed themselves into believing this "spreadsheet" thing as if Rocco made some kind of weird decision that no other manager in the league would've made. In fact, the opposite is true. Even TLR would've pulled Ryan there. I heard the same "spreadsheet" nonsense lobbed at Gabe Kapler when he was managing the Phillies and for a significant section of the fanbase he couldn't do a single thing right. So the Phillies fired him and hired Joe Girardi, a pure old school guy. What happened next? Kapler took a San Francisco Giants team built with balsa wood and bubble gum to a 100+ win season while the Phillies had basically an identical record with Girardi and had to fire him this year. One more point: leaving Moran out there for the ninth was also smart. Who cares about the runs he gave up? The Twins had five runs to give. They are just starting a stretch of eight games in a week, and they need to go all out to win every single one of them. Having rested starters and relievers is critical.
  8. Plenty of people have Baldelli Derangement Syndrome and they're getting out of control. Unless there's something behind the scenes that we don't know about, there is zero chance that he does not return next year. He's a good manager in a sport where the manager does not really impact winning in a major way.
  9. Can Laweryson make it further while still throwing 89-90 on his fastball? The Twins have had success getting the velocity up for other guys in that zone like Bailey Ober, and I hope they work their magic on Laweryson as well. His performance this year has really boosted his stock and should make him worth investing time into during the offseason. Maybe an AFL candidate as well?
  10. He's always looked like a good #3-4 starter. He doesn't have the stuff of a #1/#2 guy. There's nothing wrong with that, He's extremely valuable to the Twins.
  11. Can't fault Jax, the pitch he gave up the HR on was a 96 mph fastball that dotted the top right corner of the box. Wasn't a bad pitch. However, I've got big problem with continuing to treat Megill as more reliable than Moran. If Moran had been used in the 12th, or maybe even Fulmer for a second inning, we would've had a better chance to keep the lead. When are we going to cut bait on these bad relievers and call up Peacock, or give Sisk and Schulfer a chance? Maybe they are all terrible, but the back end of the bullpen is always full of question marks. Let's move on from guys who we know don't have it.
  12. Just forfeit the final game of this series, I can't take it anymore. Rest the bullpen for the Cleveland series.
  13. Excited to see Cody Laweryson, one of the best names in the system (along with Kody Funderburk) excelling. I wonder if the Twins have him in mind as a starter or a reliever. He began the year in relief and now he's starting. Also, he's from Maine! Not too many professional athletes from Maine! Drew Strotman seems to have figured something out. After a terrible beginning of the season, his relief appearances have been much much better in the second half. Don't look now, but the Twins could have a very good rotation next season. Gray, Maeda, Mahle, Ryan, Ober is a really solid set of incumbents. Then there's Balazovic, Varland, Winder, and Woods Richardson on the threshold. Finally Chris Paddack could come into the picture too when healthy, although I'd bet he is used entirely as a reliever next year.
  14. I'm not sure about Sisk's platoon splits, but they cannot be so bad against righties given his overall numbers. Surely worth a call-up, frustrating that the Twins continue to stick with Pagan and Megill, as tantalizing as some of their stuff is.
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