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  1. Joe Smith continues to pitch like Chase De Jong when the stakes are low, and like Joe Nathan when they're high. If we're not going to be able to use Duffey or Thornburg, even with the rest of the bullpen hanging on by a thread in terms of wear and tear, then maybe we should replace them with relievers we can use. Honestly, Thornburg would've been a good option for the 9th last night. He was fresh and he's had lots of MLB experience. Not an ideal closer by any stretch, but not a giveaway.
  2. I'd like to see Winder be a starter with the Twins, and Smeltzer moved to the piggy-back role. Earlier this year, Winder was better as a starter, and in the past Smeltzer has been just fine coming in as a reliever.
  3. Who knows, but it feels like Balazovic might benefit from some R&R, because this strategy of having him pitch through whatever discomfort he is feeling is not working out.
  4. The Twins are the best team in the worst or second worst division in baseball. I'm not sure that this is a time when you start selling off your future and going into win-now mode.
  5. Jovani Moran could be that high leverage relief arm for the Twins. I'm a bit disappointed that they sent him down for that reason, but in St. Paul he'll be the undisputed closer and so will at least get chances in high leverage spots. If he can cut down on the walks, he'll be unhittable. Matt Canterino is the other name who could step into that high leverage role. I don't know what the Twins are doing by sending him out with a bunch of three inning starts. He could be up in the majors by August if they prioritize moving him to the bullpen.
  6. Shouldn't Winder be making a second rehab start with the Saints this week? Should be about time to start seeing more promotions. Glad to see Sisk start things off by moving to AAA. He's had a great year and may add to the Twins options in lefty relief along with Moran and Coulombe. Surely we will see Canterino move up soon? He's proved all that he can at AA and should be in line for a late summer debut in relief for the Twins if he continues to pitch well. Varland should also be moving up, David Festa should be advancing to take his place, and Travis Adams should be moving up to take his.
  7. When Joe Smith comes on to start an inning, he inevitably gives up a run. But when Joe Smith comes on with bases loaded, nobody out, and Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, and Ted Williams up to bat, he's lights out with the minimum number of pitches.
  8. Thielbar and Pagan, who have been much maligned (often with good reason) came up huge last night to stop the bullpen bleeding. The bullpen is getting stretched. I expect we'll see Cano optioned (does Megill have options?) and Moran recalled today. Six innings from Gray would be a big boost.
  9. Twins hit so many times to the opposite field I started to wonder if it was something they have been working on.
  10. Lewis will come back soon enough with more experience at other positions. Folks should calm down a bit.
  11. Winder should be starting outright, he's clearly more comfortable in that role than as a piggyback starter.
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