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  1. Super odd that Sabato struggled in Fort Meyers and then has excelled after being dubiously promoted. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery I guess.
  2. The usage of Moran, both with the Twins and the Saints, has been extremely odd to me. He always gets sent out for two, sometimes three innings, like a long reliever. Given the pitches he has, shouldn’t he be used for an inning, maybe two on rare occasions?
  3. Really nice to see some good pitching from Strotman. After a terrible start to life with the Saints, his last couple outings have been solid. Basically the same thing for SWR. He's so young for AA, it will be big for him if he's able to finish off the year with a couple more good outings. I expect next year he'll start in AA again, but a year older and wiser, and with the potential to move up quickly if he puts it together. Love these nights when Balazovic and Varland are paired. Hopefully another night of good pitching. I think Balazovic will start at AAA next year, but he needs to earn it. Varland will start at AA (maybe he could even be promoted for Wichita's playoffs? I don't know the rules there) next season and could move quickly. I hope he returns to striking more guys out however. His K/9 dropped off at A+ and that's something to watch. The Saints hitters are really putting up some incredible routs recently. Celestino's incredible hitting suggests that #13 is too low for him on the prospect rankings. He's hitting just a little bit behind Miranda, but is younger and in a more important position. His rise is making Max Kepler look like a very tradeable asset, or makes it easier to trade Buxton if a deal can't be reached.
  4. Twins have to feel good about Celestino. He's hitting almost as well as Miranda. A lot of focus on how he pushes Byron Buxton, but I think ideally he pushes Trevor Larnach and Max Kepler instead. Rough game from Woods Richardson, but he's so young and was advanced so far for his age that it's really not a problem. He'll take his lumps and be better for it. He and Vallimont can work on their control in Wichita. Varland could make the majors next year, but I'm concerned about his strikeout numbers. I know he is working on things, but he won't progress much further if he can't return to getting punchouts like he did in Low A.
  5. He's been pitching well, but his inability to keep inherited runners from scoring has been a major issue for the Twins this season. Ideally we'd have someone better as the bullpen fireman, and that would allow Thielbar to start innings fresh.
  6. Winder has been out for a lot more than 2-3 weeks. I'm concerned that he's been shut down for the season. He is good though, but if he makes the rotation next year, expect him to be innings limited like Ober this year.
  7. I'm not sure that throwing 10 pitches per out can be considered a highlight, but I was glad to see Simeon Woods-Richardson debut. I thought the Twins were going to shut him down, because clearly he was fatigued when he went to the Olympics. But now it looks like he'll have a couple short starts to close out the year, which is better than nothing. If nothing else, it'll get him comfortable in Wichita, which figures to be his home next year. I had hoped we may see Josh Winder make a return after a similar period of rest, but with every week that goes by, it seems as though he may be done for the season. Perhaps I missed an announcement.
  8. Gotta move Canterino to the bullpen? Figuring out how to get Vallimont to throw strikes has got to be one of the highest priorities for the Twins this offseason. He could be good if he could even be in the vicinity of the plate.
  9. Looking at the box scores, I was a bit concerned by Varland's lack of K's recently. But the quotes seem to suggest that he's working on things, especially the kind of things that would give him a chance of sticking as a starter. More power to him then. Hope he'll get a look in Wichita.
  10. Think Canterino and Duran could be our Karinchak and Clase, both in terms of dominance but also in terms of style.
  11. Anyone have an idea when Woods-Richardson will make his Wichita debut? Related question: Drew Strotman has sort of struggled in his first few appearances for the Saints. I'm curious if there's a sense that certain AAA divisions are tougher than others. Maybe the AAA East - Midwest division is tougher than the Southeast? Just curious if anyone has tried to do a ranking.
  12. I get it in the case of guys like Burrows and Garza, who are young enough and have enough of a pedigree (as a prospect for Burrows, with good performances for Garza) that it’s worth taking a shot. But picking up Nick Vincent I do not understand. Wasn’t that the right spot for Moran?
  13. I think when you get into the top seven or eight Twins pitching prospects, there's a huge amount of uncertainty. You could put them in just about any order and I'd buy it. How to evaluate Canterino, Duran, Ryan, and Varland's obvious reliever risk? What about the injury risk, especially for Canterino and Duran? Is Winder for real? Is Varland for real? How do we evaluate Balazovic and Woods-Richardson's inconsistency at AA? What will Chase Petty look like when he finally takes the mound as a pro? I know that there are very few times when a pitching prospect doesn't have some kind of cloud over them. But with the Twins prospects right now, there are just so many different types of guys that it seems very difficult to rank them with any authority. As for Miranda, he has the best OPS in the minors for someone who is under the age of 25. I agree that ranking systems have been slow to catch up to him. He should be a top 100 prospect. I'd swap Winder with Cavaco as others have suggested. I'm all about performance.
  14. I'm totally sold on Ober as a solid back-end guy, maybe with more upside even. I'm not convinced by Jax, but I didn't expect him to do as decently as he has, so I'll reserve further judgement. I'm pretty convinced that Barnes is not really going to have a future with this team, or maybe any MLB team.
  15. When three of the organization's top hitting prospects all hit home runs, it's a good day. Especially because Miranda had been in a mini-slump, Martin had been struggling to hit with any power, and Sabato... well let's just leave it at that. Tomorrow is V Day (Vallimont and Varland) in the minors. Hopefully we get some great pitching!
  16. I buy the "Winder is tired" argument, because his initial showing with the Saints was strong. Then he pitched went to the Futures Game and struggled after that before being shut down. I think that fatigue played a role, after throwing so regularly with Wichita. I hope he can rest a bit and come back healthy, whether that's at the end of this season or the next, where I think there's a spot that he can win with the Twins if he has a good Spring Training.
  17. I was very impressed by Ober's pitching in that Andrew Vaughn at-bat. He missed with his first fastball, almost hitting Vaughn in the head. But he didn't get gun shy. He trusted his control, and threw three more fastballs high and inside, and Vaughn couldn't stop swinging and missing at them. Great confidence and control from Ober to execute that game plan in a big spot.
  18. Sabato has to be one of the biggest misses in recent Twins history. There's no outside explanation for his struggles, he didn't have a big injury or anything. He was billed as one of the most pro-ready hitters in his class and he's struggled to make contact in Low A. In contrast, the development of Varland has been very encouraging. He could make the majors next year if the Twins would put him on the bullpen track. Vallimont is somewhere in between. Tons of potential, but can't find the plate. There seem to be a lot of guys like that in A+ and AA. He's nothing special until he can get a modicum of control.
  19. Not challenging this, it makes absolute sense to give Burrows a spin, just curious what makes you say he has a higher upside? He's had little success so far, is half a year older, and doesn't have the standout pitch that Moran does. At any rate, I've got to think that Moran will be the next guy up from St. Paul. His numbers are undeniable and the stats under the hood doesn't raise any red flags.
  20. Jovani Moran being the player of the game is a telltale sign that the Saints lost. For older guys with great primary stuff like Varland and Canterino, I keep thinking that the fast track option to the majors is to put those guys in the bullpen. Obviously you don't want to give up on a potential starter, but I thought I had read that both of those guys lacked the pitches that they'd likely need, after their first two.
  21. All of this stuff is easy to look up. He's 22 going on 23 in September. He's had two/three poor starts in a row, but before that, he had a scoreless innings streak of over 25 innings. He's got plenty of time and will get plenty more opportunities to improve.
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