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  1. The Twins bullpen is full of a lot of guys who I don't really trust but who keep coming out every day and doing a great job. In particular, I don't quite get how Coulombe, Duffey, and Stashak are doing it with seemingly below-average stuff, but they keep putting up zeroes. Thielbar also is looking good with his array of slow bendy stuff. Pagan is getting unbelievably lucky, but he can put his fastball by anyone if he can locate it. Duran, Jax, and Smith are about the only guys I really trust. Maybe Moran too if he comes up and deals again.
  2. Twins seem to have gone heavily into guys with low release points. Hopefully Paddack can give another good outing today and the Twins can head into the Astros series with a very rested bullpen.
  3. Sabato and Cavaco are looking like missed first round picks, although obviously the latter still has time to become a good player. But maybe he was selected too early. That Wallner put-out did not look out at all. I can see why the Drillers complained!
  4. Winder was fantastic, although he got lucky with some hard contact being hit directly at Larnach. Larnach is becoming a real defender in left. That’s a fun surprise. Teams are going to start realizing that and not run on him. Celestino is settling in, which is nice to see. Miranda looks to be getting the jitters out. His defense is still suspect but he’s regaining his approach at the plate and starting to be more selective. Lewis had a fine debut. A couple of nice plays in the field and some good swings. Sanchez was the unsung hero of the day. He and Winder had a good thing going, and then in the 9th he made a number of good blocks and stops with Pagán’s wildness. I was sad to see Jovani Moran sent down, but he was so good in Baltimore that I’m sure he’ll be back up in no time.
  5. Defense seems to have gotten away from the solid fundamentals we saw the previous week. Bundy is extremely hittable, so he needs major help from the folks behind him. He's a good candidate to drop into a long relief role when Gray and Ober return, I wonder if he'd be willing to accept that. On the positive side, Jovani Moran was brilliant. He was still a little wild, but he kept it mostly under control and some close calls went against him. Can't argue with 4 K and 0 BB. He was getting swings and misses on his 90-92 mph fastball, which makes me wonder if he's got some deception to the pitch as well, or if people are just so scared of his change that the fastball surprises them.
  6. Ober (26), Paddack (26), Ryan (25), and Winder (25) is a pretty solid building block for the rotation in future years. For 2023, the Twins also should have a healthy Maeda and could exercise a club option on Gray. In just a month, the thinking about the Twins starting pitching has completely reversed. What once looked shallow now looks quite deep. The Twins may lack a true #1 guy, but they have several young pitchers who could develop into that guy. The scouts weren't wrong. Larnach is surprisingly slow. It's been noticeable on the bases. His arm has been a great discovery though.
  7. The pitching has confidence in the defense and the defense has confidence in the pitching. It's a beautiful thing to see.
  8. I can see Smeltzer replacing Thielbar if the performances of both (and Jovani Moran's control issues) continue.
  9. After the roster slimdown, we'll carry eight relievers, right? If I had to pick, I'd go with Duran, Duffey, Jax, Pagan, Romero (when off IL), Smith and then... idk. Neither Coulombe or Thielbar are totally trustworthy, Smeltzer hasn't gotten a shot despite his good start in ST and AAA, and Moran hasn't gotten his control under control. So either one or two of that group, depending on whether you are carrying five or six starters.
  10. Exciting stuff from SWR. He's gotta show consistency, but he could be up to St. Paul in the summer if he does.
  11. Canterino has always seemed like a clear bullpen candidate, and outings like this one, where his control deserts him after the first inning, certainly reinforce that notion. That Raya outing is seriously impressive. A few more of those and they'll have to send him to Cedar Rapids to see what he can do in a more hitter friendly league.
  12. Duffey hasn't been good for years. Somehow he's muddled through, but he's never had the high K/9 he showed in his 2019 breakout. Should never be anywhere near a close game, the Twins would be 6-5 this year if he had been better. Even the outs he recorded last night were loud. As for the hitting, it felt going into the season like the Twins couldn't help but score with two MVP-caliber hitters in Buxton and Correa. But with Buxton out and Correa struggling, that strength is gone. We're relying on Polando, Arraez, and ??? to get hits in the same inning. Kepler and Sano can't be counted on. Sanchez and Urshela have been merely decent. Kirilloff is hurt and Larnach still isn't great. Just struggles all around. Except the starting pitching! Who would've guessed?
  13. The Twins split two series, one home, one away, against decent teams in Seattle and Boston. They got crushed at home by the Dodgers. They're 4-6 with a -6 differential. Not going to tell you that things are going exactly according to plan, but it hasn't been a terrible start. These upcoming nine games against KC, CWS, and DET will tell us a lot about what kind of expectations we should have.
  14. I think we may be able to finally close the book on Lewis Thorpe. His career progression has been so disappointing. The same might be said about Chris Vallimont, although he hasn't gotten as far. But he just doesn't seem capable of throwing strikes. Anyway, great to see Miranda back on track and Lewis picking it up again. Maybe the best result the Twins have gotten so far this season from the minors.
  15. Have been impressed by the JH triplets, --arel Cotton, --on Romero, and --oan Duran this camp. My tiers of trust at the moment would be: Tier 1 (Elite Reliever): Rogers Tier 2 (Dependable Twins Stalwart): Duffey, Thielbar Tier 3 (Prove It, Knew To The Club Edition): Cotton, Romero, Smith Tier 4 (Prove It, Young Player Edition): Alcala, Jax, Moran
  16. Catchers: Ryan Jeffers, Jose Godoy, Gary Sanchez Infielders: Miguel Sano, Jorge Polanco, Carlos Correa, Gio Urshela, Luis Arraez, Nick Gordon, Daniel Roberton (NRI) Outfielders: Brent Rooker, Alex Kirilloff, Byron Buxton, Max Kepler, Jake Cave (NRI), Kyle Garlick (NRI) Pitchers: Sonny Gray, Bailey Ober, Joe Ryan, Dylan Bundy, Chris Archer, Taylor Rogers, Tyler Duffey, Caleb Thielbar, Jorge Alcala, Jharel Cotton, Jhoan Duran, Griffin Jax, Joe Smith, Cody Stashak, Jovani Moran, Jhon Romero, Josh Winder, Danny Coulombe (NRI), Jake Faria (NRI), Devin Smeltzer (NRI)
  17. Here's my guess: Catchers (3): Godoy, Jeffers, Sanchez Infield (6): Arraez, Correa, Miranda, Polanco, Sano, Urshela Outfield (4): Buxton, Kepler, Kirilloff, Larnach Starters (5): Archer, Bundy, Gray, Ober, Ryan Relievers (10): Alcala, Cotton, Duffey, Duran, Jax, Moran, Rogers, Romero, Smith, Thielbar Then I've got Gordon standing by for infield depth and Rooker standing by for outfield or DH depth. I guess if you don't think that Miranda or Larnach would get enough playing time, you could swamp them with Gordon or Rooker so that they are playing every day in St. Paul. But I'd like to see them helping the big club and I'd like to see Rocco make space for them with regular rotations. On the mound, Winder is standing by as the next starter available, and Cano, Coulombe, Minaya, Smeltzer, and Thorpe as relief call-up options.
  18. Without a trade, the Twins should go with Winder. Regardless of whether he deals or gets rocked, he'll be on a tight pitch count like Ober was last year. He should be able to be slowly introduced to the majors. It's hard to make too much of his stats at AAA last year given that shortly after he started to struggle, he was shut down. It seems reasonable to surmise that some of his issues later on came from fatigue and injury.
  19. The pitch clock may be a good addition, but the real problem with the timing of pitches is that batters are allowed to step out of the box too often. Umpires refuse to enforce rules that are already on the books about stepping out of the box. Enforce those rules and the problem is largely solved. As for banning shifts, I've yet to hear a single good argument for why baseball will benefit from giving left handed pull hitters a couple extra hits a year. Banning the shift is a classic reactionary move, it makes no sense. Why try to prevent smart teams from getting an edge? Why punish players who have the ability to hit to all fields?
  20. I’m a big fan of Winder and hope to see him with the Twins this year. That said, I expect to see him optioned to St. Paul unless the Twins are unable to make any trades for a fifth starter.
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