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  1. That's a trick you try in little league just to see if they fall for it. An MLB player falling for that is inexcusable.
  2. Add the fact that there's a decent chance there won't be a 2022 season, and the urgency to trade Berrios (and others) this year increases.
  3. I don't want you to be right, but I'm afraid you probably are.
  4. Instead of using BABIP to determine luck, I was curious what looking at BA vs xBA would show. According to Baseball Savant the Twins have a BA of .245 and an xBA of .255, for a difference of negative 10 points. So at first glance there appears to be a little bad luck, but not a ton. But I noticed it also says that for MLB as a whole BA is .236 and xBA is .243, for a difference of negative 7 points. So really the Twins have only been 3 points of BA more unlucky than MLB as a whole. So, that means we're only losing 3 hits per 1,000 at bats to bad luck, when compared to the rest of the league. S
  5. Also, can we get the bullpen usage back as an embedded image in the article? Some of us can't open google docs...
  6. I've always thought inherited runners that score should be split between the SP and RP based on which base they were on when the RP came into the game. Runner on third when the RP comes in and he later scores, SP gets .75 earned runs and RP gets .25. Runner on second scores, .5/.5. Runner on first scores, .25/.75.
  7. They already tried to de-incentivize homeruns by deadening the ball. Problem is all that did was change the three true outcomes from K/BB/HR to K/BB/Warning Track Flyball.
  8. Batting right-handed against a right-hander is difficult for those who have been doing it their whole life. I highly doubt Polanco will be able to just switch to facing righties as a righty, which I assume he has not done for a very long time, and have any more success than facing them as a lefty, even though that is currently a struggle for him as well.
  9. And then when he give some BS answer, another writer needs to follow up with, "No, seriously WTF was that?"
  10. Toby Gardenhire is probably a more likely candidate than Ron.
  11. I assumed the daytime starts were just weather precautions. Starting at 1:00pm gives you a roughly 12-hour window to get a game in before having to call it a night, whereas starting at 7:00pm only gives you a 6-hour window.
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