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Celestino signs with Pittsburgh

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1 hour ago, Cory Engelhardt said:

Hopefully he can get a shot with them. I do think there is a major league player in there.

I agree the walk and K rate were really good at AAA.  The average and OPS needed a fair bit of work.  I still think he can hold down a center field job and if not then a really nice 4th outfielder.  A good pickup for the Pirates IMO. 

Made sense for Celestino to move on as he and Martin share similar skillsets and Kiersey seems to have passed him and Rodriguez looks like Celestino with Power and a higher K rate.  He wasn't going to get his shot with the Twins so best to try somewhere else.  I wish him the best and agree with @Cory Engelhardt that he can still be a good MLB player.

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He ran out of options and time. It happens to international signings who have to start their options clock so young.

He hit similarly to Martin but Martin has options remaining,

I am not sure he fell behind Keirsey. His offensive numbers in AAA were much better and Keirsey was not protected in the rule 5. 

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