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Planning for a Post Correa Reality in Minnesota

I am strangely OK with either scenario.

If he stays under the current short-term structure.... great! I'm sure he'll perform well for the team next year.

If he opts out... I'm totally fine with that too. We have other promising cheap options in the pipeline and reasonable stop gaps (and yes nothing is for sure) and the 35 million can go a long way toward shoring up our pitching.... and let's be honest... no improved pitching, not playoffs

The only thing I don't want is a bloated long-term extension. I'm not at all convinced that he is going to be a superstar going forward (no evidence of that this year) and we have to be as sure as possible to shell out that kind of money long term.  

Also, we should not be Bamboozled by Boras about any contract restructure... I don't see the market for Correa as any better than last year and nothing he did this year is going to improve his position to get the type of money he is asking for. 

The Twins need to sit back and just let him make is decision.... we can adjust either way. (I'm kinda hoping he opts out and we stop gap until one or both of Lee/Lewis is ready for cheap at SS and we can use money to fill other holes)  

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4 hours ago, RpR said:

IF, if, if, if, if... if wishes came true, the Twins would have been in the World Series again after 1991.

Perfect answer.  We have been playing the if game forever.  Sure we have a few ALC titles but no playoff wins.  This team will most likely be ifffing for the next 10 years.  Their window of opportunity is long gone with nothing to show.  

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Pitching,Pitching,and more Pitching!! That money can be used there. Sign Correa long term and team has the Mauer situation,weak team around him. Look around baseball the teams that are going to the playoffs pitch first. After that they play fundamental baseball,the two things that are lacking with this team.

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