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  1. No one has brought up the fact that runners will have less distance to steal. Also the pitcher is limited on throwing over to 1st base. That means catchers and pitchers will need to work together. If that is the case then Jeffers arm will come into question. Some of you say that a offensive minded catcher is not needed. If thats true then maybe they should resign Sanchez,his arm is better.
  2. I was only stating what a Hall of Fame pitcher saw from a young pitcher in the organization that should be working with him to make a change now not later. If his release will not work he will be stuck in the miners like so many others. Pitching is a repeat the same thing again and again. If you have deficulty with using the same motion and release you are lost.
  3. The organization is not developing the youth it has to pitch in the big leagues. They spend too much time working on throwing sliders. That is the best way to end up needing TJ or other issues. I listened to John Smoltz announce a Twins game that Cole Sands pitched in and he said he will not make it. He can't repeat his release again and again. I think he would know that better than anyone on this staff. We are in for another long season in 23 no pitching no playoffs.
  4. Stuff but no control!! We all see it,but this FO seems to think they can fix pitchers like him. Move on already let him go somewhere else. We moved on from Duffey,why not Pagan. This team needs pitching,pitching and more pitching. After that catching and more catching.
  5. Can't stay healthy,time to go. If he was in the lineup 3 days in a row he got hurt. This team doesn't have room for a one dimensional player. Still looking for a Left fielder after letting Eddie go. At last count I think over 10 or is it more. Wish full thinking that Judge is coming. People want Correa to stay,so all the money will go there. We still need pitching,pitching and more pitching. There are way to many questions in that area.
  6. He didn't get the help he needed around him. This team as built only wants to hit homeruns. He should ask to be traded to a team that plays baseball not homerun. He is a great hitter who is willing to do whatever it takes to help his team. That is why he played 1st base and did a admirable job. Even the Clowns in the booth only talk about homeruns. I wish him well and hope he wins many more batting titles.
  7. Target Field lockers are empty and homes and apartments are packed. This team checked out weeks ago. The owner and management are the only ones that didn't see it. They have tee times set at their off season homes this coming weekend. This team is a mess and not much to look forward to next year.
  8. He was out the door back in August after the team started to free fall. He is good with the glove,but where is the bat. When you give someone 35m a year you should get both sides of the ball. Miranda has almost the same numbers with less at bats and way less money. If they sign him to 5-7 years this team will be stuck with a weak team around him just like the Mauer years.
  9. He is one of the few players on this team that has earned a place in 23. Just look what happened when the FO told good bye to Rosario. The team is still looking for a Left fielder. I have lost count after 10.
  10. With Ober going 7+ innings was Rocco in the dugout? I guess the idea of Ober to the pen next year has changed.
  11. Megill is and has been a batting practice pitcher,could help this team be better hitters!!
  12. With this terrible news we were just told zero chance of signing a top line pitcher. Who would sign here with zero opportunity to get wins or a chance to win a Cy Young. Just like last night Ryan pulled ahead 4-3. Baseball is going to be a different game in 23 this FO and manager aren't up for the job.
  13. Rocco gave the game away to start!! Giving Correa the night off was just another dumb move. Correa has faced Ohtani how many times playing in the same division,but let's give him the night off. Then to top it off we get to watch Varland look like a pitching machine not a pitcher. He couldn't throw his pitches fast enough. A real manager would have sent Maki out to slow him down. Maybe he had a 9:00 dinner date!!
  14. No one wants to have surgery,but at least he is getting it done now. To often players wait until January. Then they will be unable to be ready to start the season. Hopefully it goes well and he comes back 100%.
  15. Pitching,Pitching,and more Pitching!! That money can be used there. Sign Correa long term and team has the Mauer situation,weak team around him. Look around baseball the teams that are going to the playoffs pitch first. After that they play fundamental baseball,the two things that are lacking with this team.
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