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Management Caught Looking....elsewhere...the Continued Over Look of Miguel Sano

Sherry Cerny



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Sano has had a love-hate relationship with the Minnesota fans since coming on the scene in 2015, but I don’t believe that it’s because he is a bad player. Home runs are what are keeping the 6’4, 276 pound slugger in the line up, but nothing more than that. He has never been a consistent player whether on the line up or on the field. 2019 was one of Sano’s best years and he swung on a full 34 home runs as a beloved member of the “Bomba Squad”. Sano, for whatever reason, has continually been looked over by either the management or the ownership and it shows everytime he comes up to the plate. 


With hot streaks at the plate and streaks of looking lost, last year in 2020, Sano had a season high strike out of 90. Now that can be attributed to the shortened season and no spring training, but last year we really saw Sano struggling. His OPS reached .757 over all in 2020 and .923 the year before. It seems like the management either wasn’t willing to put in the time with him, or they were just good for the minimal hits they were getting, the RBI’s that seemed to really pull the team together. 


So why is the management overlooking Sano and his abilities? This season out of our 52 games, we have gone 16-21 with Sano in the line up and only 5-10 with him out. Which means we are losing more without him than we are with him. He is not the problem, as much as the fans probably see him as one, or the management is portraying him to look like one. So what will it take for the management to give Sano a legit chance? 


Sano doesn’t get as many games to play as others. In a post game interview Badelli stated that Sano would love to get all the at bat(s) but Willians is giving the team a little more of what they want and that Sano just wants what is best for the team. He also said that Sano is indeed getting help before the games and on the side. That tells me that they are just doing enough to honor his contract and not truly give him the help he needs to be successful. Sano does suffer from occasional injuries, but so do other players that seem to make the line up consistently. 


To say that Sano is overlooked is an understatement. We don’t know why the Twins organization seems to hold a grudge for Sano, but it’s evident that if they were to put in the effort to help him or baby him like they do other players such as Donaldson, Kepler or Willians, maybe we would see him be successful. He has the capability to be more than what we see at the plate, and he is great at first base, and worth the money that we are paying him, if the management would just give him the chance to be more than a part time player. 





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So why is the management overlooking Sano and his abilities?

His ability to do what? Strikeout? He's hitting .163 and striking out about 50% of the time. If the guy could actually hit around .225 or so, things would be much different. Right now, he's nearly an automatic out with an occasional homerun. 

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This may sound cruel and could even be inaccurate, but Sano doesn't seem to have the level of baseball intelligence needed to permanently correct his flaws. I suggested back in an early 2019 Facebook post that we should trade him and Buxton for maximum return and still feel the same way about unloading at least Sano ASAP.

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I am sorry, but if management is overlooking him, the fans are not and we do not like what we see.  The win-loss records with and without him is a silly comparison - there are 10 players minimum in every game.  If one player made a real difference Mike Trout might get into a playoff game.  No - Sano is not delivering.  If he has a game winning home  run in three or four games it does not make up for his other deficiencies. 

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This story made me laugh, and I am still in bed. 

It is time to get him out of the lineup. He is a hole in the lineup. I was glad to see his descent in the batting order yesterday. Push him down even more.

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Most absurd article I have read in a long time!!

The guy has been given every chance in the world.  Every time he strikes out 5 times in a row people say: "Oh that's OK we can't trade him because he might be the next Big Papi"! How many years do we have to hear that? Time to move on!

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129 AB .. 58 SO .. .163 BA .. Average fielder and below average speed on the base paths..

I swear to god, if Sano shortened his swing and tried to hit line drives he would end up hitting 40 balls over the fence by accident and strike out significant less .. 

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One of the most ridiculous articles I've ever read in sports.  Sano has been babied by  the Twins for way too long as it is.  Simply put he has been one of the least productive twins in a long time.  I don't think the writer watches him at all like the fans do.  Most of us cringe when he comes up.  It's strikeout time and rally killing time when he steps up to the plate.  It's long time to move on Sano.  

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Sano doesn’t get as many games to play as others.

Sano missed 13 games while on the injured list. Otherwise, he's started 35 of 40 games (and 3 of those games off came in his first 10 days off the IL).

By comparison, Donaldson has started 39 of 43 games when he hasn't been on the IL, Kepler 35 of 42, and Simmons 40 of 43. For guys that were hurt but didn't go on the IL, Polanco has started 46 of 49 games and Cruz 42 of 44 (but never in the field). So, pretty close to Sano's usage.

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Children in the favelas of Rio, monks in the monasteries of Tibet, cameldrivers in the Sahara, and pitchers in the American League all know how to get Miguel Sano out -- fastballs up and in, breaking pitches low and away. Maybe he should make some adjustments. It's his job, after all, to earn his salary. If he were doing so, perhaps the Twins would be 21-16 when he's in the lineup instead of 16-21. The writer's argument seems to be, "The Twins are lousy and Miguel is doing his part!"

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Ludicrous article! Makes me wonder if the writer ever watches the team. When Sano first came up to the big leagues he looked like a real ML hitter, line drives to the opposite field, solid batter average, still lots of strikeouts but a .269 average. Now he tries to pull every pitch and seems to not recognize pitches, flails away. Never seems to make adjustments. The coaches are working with him daily but he doesn’t ever improve. 

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Management is paying him more, by far, than any of the young "core" that they have signed. That is the ultimate sign of not ignoring him. Right now it is totally wasted money.

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Sano was a local celebrity with a large entourage before the Twins even signed him.  How do you change a guy like that?  How do you encourage him to work hard?  Giving him a large up-front signing bonus probably isn't the way.

This is the first year Sano is making north of $10M.  And it's the year the bottom fell out.  Is this surprising to anyone?

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