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  1. Great comments by all!! Isn't it fun how we all play general manager and budget payroll dollars from ownership? I will join the group by saying yes we need to keep Berrios. No blank check though. Must be reasonable. If we spend to much on a guy who generally "works" once a week he won't have any good players around him. On the other hand wasting money like we did on Happ, Shoemaker, et al was foolish. Idk 5/75 sounds reasonable.
  2. WPA is not very useful. If kirilloffs WPA wasn't good yesterday what does it say about the many guys that went over yesterday. These "newly invented" stats the past few years are a joke. It among so many other things us what is driving true baseball fans away from the game. MLB is becoming increasingly unwatchable.
  3. I can't believe all this love for Byron Buxton. Look at his career stats. He is hitting 247. He's only had one year with more than 100 hits. He has less than 1500 at bats in 7 seasons. He had a great April this year at .370. the fact remains he is a great defensive player but an average player at best. He is hurt way too often to invest long term with him. Get him back on the field then trade him.
  4. Very well thought out article. I agree with most of it. It is a little tough to trade Big Mike because we need pitching so badly
  5. The article, to me, just comes across as another Twins apologist. No I'm not blaming Rocco entirely for the Twins poor season. He is just a part of the whole problem as many people and parts are to blame. I don't like when writers, execs, etc blast the fans for having opinions. Also why do the apologists always seem to blame covid 19 and it's disruptions? That type of complaining is for teams trying to explain their inept play. Last time I checked, covid affected all teams and many are in first place or in contention. It's time to hold FO accountable for signing all these reclamation pr
  6. I find it amusing how people dig up, invent, or otherwise use sometimes obscure analytics and stats to explain away poor play and try to convince us they aren't playing that poorly. They have a lot of injuries yes but they weren't playing well with a "full" team. The Twins problems to me seem simple:. No offense, no defense, no pitching. The fact that the FO keeps signing reclamation pitching with the hopes they may rebound compounds the problem.
  7. This is ridiculous! Digging deep through totally obscure statcast b.s. most people realize wins and losses are what matters. Most of the analytic "statistics" are mainly used by agents to try and get more money for their agents. I am almost amused when I try and look up a new analytic stat and how they are supposedly so importantant. Doesnt batting average, on base percentage, home runs, RBIs, risp mean anything anymore? That's what used to be important. Apparantly not anymore
  8. I don't understand these Sano lovers. His stats speak for themselves. He's terrible. Twins problems as a whole are simple:. No offense, no defense, and no pitching. Add in no enthusiasm, and lack of effort makes for boring baseball.
  9. One of the most ridiculous articles I've ever read in sports. Sano has been babied by the Twins for way too long as it is. Simply put he has been one of the least productive twins in a long time. I don't think the writer watches him at all like the fans do. Most of us cringe when he comes up. It's strikeout time and rally killing time when he steps up to the plate. It's long time to move on Sano.
  10. I'm sick and tired of the Twins apologists on here. How can anyone be so naive about baseball results to make Sano look good to average in his strikeouts. He needs to go. It's time to move the veterans. Bring in some younger players that actually appear to care. This group of "veterans" doesn't appear to.
  11. it's time to let the kids play!! We are in last place, deserve to be there, and going nowhere. It's time to see what they can do. At this point wins and losses don't matter. Just ask the underperforming veterans in the lineup. Wins and losses doesn't seem to matter to them. Let's dump some of them and try something new. Maybe some younger players will bring some enthusiasm to the park. There isn't any there now anyway!!
  12. What happened to the guy they brought up to play outfield? Was his name rundfeldt? I don't even know. But he went 4 for 4 and I haven't seen him since. Is he hurt? Not saying he's the answer but what happened to him? Yesterday Baldelli had both Donaldson and Simmons out as "scheduled days off". Why do you take the whole left side of your infield out on a day you have a chance to take the series against first place club? Baldelli should remember this is a home game with fewer and fewer fans attending. If you have to do such stupid things do it on the road. This team is pathetic.
  13. Just another twins pitching reclamation project. How boring and old is this? Younger what you invest in. Twins pitching is terrible. Shoemaker is just another example. He's probably doing the best he can. Are we surprised? Should we be?
  14. Twins don't have much trade value. Twins put Cave on 60 day dl today. Sorry about his injury but he wouldn't even be on most MLB rosters.now all we will be hearing from Twins people is conveniently whining about the injuries as a way to explain their lot play. But check it out. The Twins were rotten when Kiriloff Buxton and cave in there anyway. They should plan every year for Buxton to be out 1 to 2 months.
  15. I am not a Rocco apologist he has done a very poor job this season. But the guy who I believe won manager of the year in 2019 and won 2 division titles in his first 2 years isn't the only one that should be thrown under the bus. Put the blame squarely on the players and front office. Both of them are doing nothing. Rocco should put his computer and analytic approach on at temporary haitus and try MANAGING. It's too easy to fire the manager. It's time to move some of these " veteran" players. I surely don't know how the rookies and prospects could do any worse.
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