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  1. Finally letting Gordon show what he can do. Baldelli seems hell-bent on ruining his career. All the times they called him up just to let him sit on bench or get low level at bats. Great job Nick.
  2. I agree Ryan has been great. But I also agree let's hold judgement for the time being. It's only been 4 starts albeit 4 very good ones. I want to see him pitch next year, under a full season of pitching. I want to see him pitch against good teams and also see how he does when scouting reports from teams catch up to him and how he makes adjustments. I'm guessing he will succeed in those adjustments. He looks to be the real deal. As for the broadcasters:. Dick Bremer has got to be one of the worst and most obnoxious announcers ever.
  3. Whitey333

    Saddest sports city

    To blame fans for their teams poor performances is absurd. How do you expect Minnesota fans to react to the product and lines of B.S. the teams give us. I am very amazed at the great support our fans have given our 6, not 4 major league sports. Yes it's Twins, Vikings, Wild, Wolves, Loons and Lynx. I actually don't know how our area supports so many professional sports team..
  4. May the baseball gods have mercy on Twins fans if the above mentioned pitchers are supposed to be part of our starting staff.
  5. Add Kepler to the elongating list of Twins players who seem to get very little professional help from our major league coaches. I don't see a lot of player development going on here. I think Twins have done a lot of disservice to many current Twins
  6. Excellent article. I always laugh at how so many of our past players were seen as failures here but are good enough to play on contending teams. Go figure.
  7. Great comeback candidates. My take on Colome' is they may keep him next year but I don't think they should. Even though he has improved the 2nd half he literally cost this team 10 wins with his blown saves and losses. Plus I for one am running out of anti- ulcer medication when he enters the game.
  8. Love to see a couple of players get their major league debut. Avoid 90 losses? Who cares? The handling of the Twins roster this year has been nothing short of bizarre!
  9. A homerun is a homerun whether it lands in the first row or leaves the park. Yes Sano can hit them at times. But his strikeouts have been legendary. Basically a strikeout is a nothing at bat. A wasted opportunity to advance or score any potential runners. Sano leaves them out there a lot. My question is why would any pitcher throw him a fastball For a strike? Anything low and on the outside proves he has no chance.
  10. I agree I would prefer we work with our own young pitchers. However we are going to need a quality veteran or two to help out. With a rotation of 5 guys with little or no MLB experience we would be assured of losing 100-110 games next year. It would be nice for fans to know what kind of "plan" they have for the team. They don't seem to take any responsibility for how this team was put together or have a plan for the future. If they do I think fans should be told.
  11. I would think that a last place ball club with no enthusiasm, poor fundamentals, sporadic offense, poor fielding, and almost no pitching, should mean everything and everybody is on the line. To simply pencil in names next year due to name recognition, implying they are good would be very foolish indeed.
  12. Very good article. I am confident JD will be here to finish off his contract. He's given the Twins pretty much what they expected. You brought up good points. I agree with all of them.
  13. Twins lose big. No offense, no defense, no pitching. It's like a bad rerun!! No surprises though
  14. Great arguments here guys on both sides. I don't think we should dump any of them after this year. However, we are in last place in the division. It seems we have had a rotten season that everyone wants to ignore or shun any responsibility for. Does anyone in the organization care that their team is rotten? Without some talent infusion this off season, next year is already a washout.
  15. First the long winded response to the strike zone is filled with innacuracies and flaws. Also to the Yankees apologist, even several Yankee players said it was a strike. We all new it was. It passed the eye test. Umps miss calls. Jeff Nelson is just an average umpire. Umps should be held accountable for blown calls. Ball and strike calls have a huge impact on the game. The zone floats most of the game. It's just amazing how it seems to float in Yankees favor. I'm sure the umpires and MLB is very happy to make sure the Yankees win. Truth of matter is Colome' blew it and umpire Nelson had no guts to call a strike out in Yankee stadium. Pathetic
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