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  1. Great article. Well thought out. The best solution for me would be to sign a FA shortstop in the moderate price range. So at this point we Dont have a shortstop, not sure at second base at least defensively. Oh yeah we also don't have a major league pitching staff. Add that into a very good center fielder that plays less than half the games over a 7 year career, and it potentially points to a disastorus 2022 season, if there is one. Not much at this point to get too excited about.
  2. It seems to me that the owners and manless Manfred, are playing a very dangerous game of "Russian roulette " with the future of MLB. The game is already being ruined by new rules and analytics that make the on field product look like an amateur video game. The fact that it took them so long to make a proposal shows they have no interest in reaching a meaningful settlement. I am so sick and tired of MLB and the players union taking fans for granted. If any games are lost due to this ridiculous stoppage it can only alienate an already shrinking fan base.
  3. This work stoppage sucks! It's a joke! It's a slap in the face to the people that support MLB. Manfred is a joke and the worst commissioner I have seen in over 50 years of me following MLB. It's a sad case of greed by both sides. A time of peril the past couple of years in our country dealing with a pandemic. And these people have the gall to think they are more important than the rest of us? Please! Owners:. If your franchises are so poor, sell them. They have the highest value ever, many stadiums supported by tax payer dollars. Players:. If your working conditions are so tough, find a real job. There's plenty of openings out there. You live in a fantasy world. You already had the best player counteract of all sports. Too bad nobody speaks up for the fans. Maybe there won't be too many left if this stoppage cancels part or all of the season.
  4. I love arraez but you totally blew credibility by comparing him to Rod Carew. There is very little depth at this point. That could change IF the young talent in minors progresses well. To rely on several players with little or no major league experience with a non existent major league starting pitching staff could be a disaster. I wonder how long it will take for people to complain about the team when they are out of contention by the end of the first month. While a team littered with prospects could surprise and contend it is much more likely looking at a 90 loss season unless they add some veterans to a pitching staff that is currently minor league.
  5. TD sure overplays Buxton and these great prospects we got from Rays for Cruz. How can anyone at this point call Buxton a generational player when he's only played about 45% of games in 7 years. I will give you he's a great center fielder and over the last couple of years shows flashes of his potential but a part time player is NOT a generational player. As for all these great prospects you tout as being steals for the Twins, the jury is still out. I hope they pan out but I would contend maybe 1 or 2 will and that's a maybe.
  6. I totally agree with Kipp35 regarding Buxton. I am so sick of these articles claing he is a superstar. Oh please!! I really hope he becomes one but so far he isn't. Not until he can play full seasons with those results. And yes Buxton was already here under contract for this coming season. So we added nothing to the 2022 team that wasn't already there in Buxton. The Twins blew it by not signing one or two decent FA pitchers before the lockout. We as Twins fans should be used to it. Rebuild? I would hope not. But if Twins start the season with the current pitching staff it will look worse than a rebuild.
  7. I guess nothing gets me more upset than this lockout. The owners are taking in record revenues despite declining attendance, interest and tv ratings. It appears the last CBA worked out well for them. The players have had the best deal in all of major league sports. No salary caps, true free agency, mostly real guaranteed contracts. Not like those in the NFL. MLB has a great pension and medical plans. Now they do have legit issues like service time and quality of play. One of the reasons the NFL is prosperous is that all tv/media revenues are pooled and then evenly distributed. Plus they have a working salary cap. It just bothers me that these ultra wealthy people, players and owners, are living in a fantasy world. They are all arrogant. We have had a raging pandemic for two years with real people suffering. That it ever got this far is ridiculous. If the owners can't make it then perhaps at least some should sell their teams. If the players can't live on the salary and benefits they receive, find a new career. In 2020 I missed not having baseball most of the season. But as a longtime baseball fan I found there was a lot of other things to do than watch MLB. Here's to hope that common sense prevails and both sides reach a compromise while there are still people that care!
  8. Excellent article as always. Well researched and thought out. I would think Ryan is going to have to make an impact this year if he is going to be age 26. That's in that range to prove it. I wish there would have been more of these guys pitching last year when the team was rotten. That way we may have had a little glimpse at what we have. I hope the FO adds a good veteran or two to the pitching staff. Because all there is now is a wing and a prayer. As currently constructed this is NOT a major league pitching staff
  9. Whitey333

    Bring on the kids

    Donaldson was a good signing. He has delivered pretty much what was expected of him. And he has missed much less time due to injury than the great Byron Buxton. I think it interesting that the Minnesota sports fan gets made at Players signed to big contracts around here. Although KAT at 31.5 mil doesn't get it as much. Somehow people get upset and blame the player for signing for so much money. Then blame him for everything that is wrong with the team. Like it's their fault the team gave him so much money that their isn't much left for anyone else. Look at the crap Cousins takes with the Vikings. Is it his fault they had the 30 the ranked defense or the 28 the ranked offensive line? Just be leery if what you wish for. Inexpensive inexperienced players can lead to just a poor team. In the Twins position relying on the massive inexperience in pitching will lead to another bottom finish.
  10. Let's wait to see how Ryan pans out before we say we ripped off the Rays. Last summer we traded our best pitcher, and, at the time, one of our best hitters. All we have to show for it is prospects that teams were willing to give up on. I sure hope a couple of these prospects turn out good. Not just make the team, but very good. So at the moment we have a non major league starting pitching staff and a very suspect bullpen.
  11. Well thought out response. I've followed the Twins and MLB for nearly 60 years. Yes that makes me old. But not too old to remember when the game was the number one sport and a pleasure to watch and follow. The game has become nearly unwatchable the past few years. The fact the players and owners knew this was coming a couple of years ago had plenty of time to work out a new deal. Yes it's cliche but true: Billionaire owners arguing with millionaire ballplayers. It's ridiculous. These people think that they are the only thing that matters in our lives. Most people live in the real world. Working for a living for them and their families not living in a fantasy world of professional high priced sports in this case MLB. I may be the only one. But if there is a delay in the season or loss of games due to a work stoppage I think it will never rebound this time. At least they won't have me anymore. These owners and players care ONLY for themselves. Fans? Who cares? We are just used as pawns.
  12. Sano has been an enigma for quite some time. He can hit 30-35 homers every year and still be the Twins least valuable player. His 36% strikeout rate is outrageous. Strikeouts produce nothing. His all or nothing swing is great when he sends one into the stands. But way too often he strikes out with runners on producing nothing. Defensively he produces almost nothing. Personally it doesn't bother me if they keep him. But I would be shocked if they picked up his $14 mil option. The Twins normally don't spend that much.
  13. Manfred is a joke! And I guess the owners are too since they hired Manfred. They seemed hellbent on destroying what once was a great game. Now it's barely recognizable. The poverty ridden players are driven by greed and ignorance. Same can be said of the owners. The fact that Manfred and the owners locked out the players after players association doesn't realize they already have the best deal in all of sports flies over everyone's head. Baseball has been declining in popularity for the past few years. I'm sure this disagreement won't help as most of the nation deals with the pandemic and real hardships.
  14. I have always liked Rosenthal. Hope to still see and hear a lot from him. In any case Manfred is the worst baseball commissioner I've seen in 60 years. The game has become unwatchable. The MLB game has been going downhill since he came in. He has turned MLB into a joke.
  15. Pitching young prospects to gain major league experience and judge their talent and development makes sense. It doesn't make much sense to do it all at once if that turns out to be the plan. There will be a lot of growing pains and another long summer with terrible results if pitching isn't upgraded. Maybe a couple of those prospects pan out, maybe not. But as currently constructed we do not have a major league pitching staff. Our "starting " staff is minor league at best. Let's hope it gets improved before the season starts.
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