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  1. I think we should keep Donaldson. 'Freeing up" payroll I don't think is the issue. Perhaps distributing it to the right area is the issue. Obviously they are on a budget. But keep in mind MLB does not have a salary cap. It is up to ownership to decide how much to spend. It is up to the FO people to distribute it. Seems like the FO has messed up in that regard.
  2. Awesome comments by all. Great to see so many intelligent and caring fans. With all the hype of possible upcoming trades, what happens if the Twins do little or nothing at the deadline? How will we all feel then? I will be upset. How about the rest of you?
  3. Great comments. I feel sorry for some of these young players. They sure don't seem to be getting much coaching help. I'd much rather see him in the outfield than Celestino and Cave. Celestino needs to be in Triple AAA and Cave needs to be traded or DFA. He's been a hang on guy for a few years with very little production and questionable defense.
  4. Oh and why are we so fundamentally inept? Why did Sano go from 2 nd to third on a ground ball to short? That's at least 3 times he's done that this year. No discipline on this team at all. Come on Rocco put your computer down and manage.
  5. Great comments all! I don't even get surprised anymore when they lose. I've come to expect it. What a miserable excuse for a bullpen. Combine that with a manager who totally mismanages the pitching staff. Why was Robles in there so long? Let's hope Robles is ok so we can ship him to the Yankees for their batboy. Hurry up and trade before anyone else gets hurt.
  6. I agree that Buxton is good. However he is not great. He is a career, yes did you see that, career ..247 hitter. Don't even think of putting in with Carew and Puckett. Buxton was flailing away at the plate not too unlike Sano just very recently. I like him and hope he stays but he hasn't proven much of anything yet except how to miss 63% of his teams games the past 4 years. Don't compare to Donaldson big contract. Yes he's older and has had some injuries but he has a very good and productive background. Buxton does not. Find a way to sign him but let's be reasonable and realistic.
  7. Love all the comments here. It is a difficult issue. Buxton is good but hasn't proven any superstar status by his failure to be able to play. He's played only 37% of games in last four years. I just don't see the reasoning behind all these outlandish suggestions he should get somewhere around $150 mil deal. He is a lifetime .247 hitter in 7 major league seasons. I hope they keep him. I think they will eventually sign him. Don't forget he's under contract through next season so there is plenty of time for both sides to come together.
  8. Sorry but people who suggest Buxton is as good as Trout if he stays on the field are way over estimating his value. These facts matter to me:. He has only played in 37% of all the Twins games the past 4 seasons. Also he has a lifetime .247 batting average including this year. Yes he's had a great April. Yes he is a great center fielder, but overall he's been a slightly above producing player. He needs to prove he can stay on the field. You don't pay " superstar" money for a part time player. It makes no sense. One of the few times I'm with Twins management on this
  9. Baldelli has got to be the absolute worst manager of his bullpen that there is in major league baseball. Plus we have about the worst bullpen in baseball. What a disastorus combination.
  10. Hate to see Nellie go but it was inevitable. Hopefully the pitchers we got will work out and Twins don't wreck their development like they have with others. Cruz was fun to watch. Not much left to watch now.
  11. Great comments on Rocco. I believe he has made his share of mistakes "managing" the team. Some are definitely very questionable. I also think to blame their 9-15 start on bad luck is wrong as well. It was more indicative of future poor play. Come on bad luck? Get real! Baldelli, although part of the problem is also part of the solution.
  12. Great comments all. This is the 2021 Twins. They are a train wreck with little guidance from the FO. I wasn't surprised they lost. I expect them find a way to lose.
  13. I just love reading all of these well thought out replies. I hope the are able to sign Berrios. Starting pitching is very important and we need a lot of it. Isn't it strange how starting pitching has become so overpriced. Pitchers generally last 5-7 innings. If they approach 100 pitches managers yank them because idk maybe their arm will fall off lol. Point is starting pitchers are commanding ever high salaries and pitching much less than they used to just a few seasons ago.
  14. I'm not a Rocco fan but at this point I don't think he should be fired. I blame most of this on FO decisions to sign pitchers on the bargain basement. I do blame Rocco for poor fundamentals play, poor pitching management, in game decision making, and lack of pride and enthusiasm amongst the players. Also would like to see him manage instead of his analytic computers doing it for them. Those computers don't appear to be too smart.
  15. Another "new" analytic to smooth over a bad team. Last time I checked the Twins were very near the bottom in errors committed this year. Any talk of any gold gloves is ridiculous.
  16. True Twins fans should not be surprised by Berrios blown game. He tends to have a bad inning most games. Too bad it was the last inning. How can Baldelli say he was unlucky? He was terrible that inning not unlucky. Why wasn't anyone ready from the bullpen. He tends to pull starters quickly but this time he should have pulled him after the leadoff guy got on base. Baldelli was wrong to leave him in there. Btw where is the accountability for him? I am not advocating for his firing. I don't like him as a manager but I don't believe he should be fired, at least not yet. Come on Rocco prove me wrong!
  17. The comment that Berrios is wanting a big pay day so future players in his position can make more is laughable. Let's get real. He like all pro athletes are concerned about themselves only. Most are selfish, arrogant, and totally out of touch with reality. In regards to the CBA:. If there is a work stoppage, I for one hope they never come back. They will come back of course but with everything the general public has gone through the past couple of years, and with attendance and tv ratings so poor, don't they realize that most Americans don't care if they play or not?
  18. The feel sorry for Sano insinuation is laughable. They have been very patient with him for years. If he is relegated to a bench role so be it. Payroll should not be the end all. Just because the Twins over paid him doesn't guarantee him everyday status.
  19. Much to do about nothing. Except the comment that the manager shouldn't be involved because he needs to concentrate on managing the game. We certainly don't have a manager that manages a game. Seems like his computer manages for him.
  20. I totally agree with the gentleman saying how bad the game is now. I too have said if they go to electronic ball and strike umps I'm done. Been watching MLB games over 50 years and have never seen it at it's lowest point. It's boring and unwatchable. And you know what you can do with the analytics and gutless leaders who call themselves managers.
  21. Excellent article. Thanks for all the information about "prospect" I had forgotten about. Twins have sure fallen hard and fast.
  22. I agree with running it out by the Tigers. The Twins have many times this year dogged it on the baserunning. Twins don't seem to have any pride at all. It should be a privilege to put on a Twins uniform. It's going to be a very long second half of the season.
  23. The reported offer to Buxton is much more than fair. Due to him spending more time on the injury list than the ball field he is not dependable. He is a great defensive center fielder with a lifetime .247 average. In 7 seasons he has only played more than 100 games once. I like Buxton but he has not proven himself as a "star". He had a great April this year but a great month here and there in a 7 year career does not make him a superstar.
  24. Nice article Nick. All areas appear to need work. However I think they need to concentrate on the pitching. Twins should use the second half to see how the prospects fare. The current staff with a few exceptions has produced horrendous results. Signing bargain basement washed up pitchers is not the answer.
  25. It's a perfect year to find out the progression, or lack thereof, from some of our top pitching prospects. The season was lost long ago. This may be the only reason to follow Twins rest of the season.
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