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  1. Twins are currently 24 out of 30 teams in attendance. Not being able to regularly see the team on tv has hurt a lot. It's kind of foolish to put a product that people have limited access to. I've been a very long time Twins fan but must say the team isn't very exciting at all. They play boring baseball. I won't go to a night game anymore due to lack of security and safety in Minneapolis. Also the team in it's player personnel and on field moves sure isn't fan friendly. Cost is pretty high. I still go to a few games but go alone. I'm really disappointed in how the fans are treated like adversaries if we voice any concerns. To me the game is becoming almost unwatchable with rule changes and all the metrics.
  2. Of course it's always possible that all the games Buxton misses or sits because he may get hurt may cost the teams needed wins. Wins that could have vaulted them into the playoffs. Then if team is out of contention those games in September won't mean much. There is no guarantee they will make the playoffs without Buxton in the lineup regularly. When he plays the Twins have a much better chance of winning. However, this manager and FO only seems concerned about their "plan" not winning. At the major league level the only real important bottom line is winning as many games as possible.
  3. I love Buxton, when he plays. I'm glad he's on the team and hope he does well. However, I'm of the opinion that paying a part time player $15 mill per season after this year's measly 9 mill, for 7 years is ridiculously high. He has been and continues to be a part time player. He has proven to be great when he plays. But he is unreliable. They can't play him because of his nagging injuries and fear that if he plays he might get hurt. There's not too many players that I recall that are more brittle and fragile than Buxton. He hurts the team when he cannot play which is way too often. He should be happy because he was able to coax $100 million guaranteed over 7 years whether he plays or not. He's good but not worth $100 million if you can't count on him to play and contribute.
  4. And for those of you who always defend Wacko, I mean Rocco, these games do count in the standings. Rocco has too many throw away games where he doesn't care at all if they win or lose. And it shows. As for saving his pen, he is the one who put them in that spot. Twins have the second highest amount of bullpen use. And it shows too. No this isn't game 7. But you owe it to the fans and the rest of the players in the field to try. At least make it look like you care. These games count as well. The next several games are against winnable teams. You can't afford to give these games away when we will obviously struggle against a much tougher schedule in June. Fans must be showing their displeasure. They rank 24 out of 30 teams in home attendance. And it shows.
  5. Baldelli has done this so often this year. The game was winnable last night yet Baldelli, like normal, mishandled his pitching. Winder wasn't even pitching well going into the 7th. Walks the first guy hits the second guy and no one even warming up. No one was warming up until they had already fallen behind 5-2. Baldelli is a joke. He and the front office obviously don't care about winning and it shows. It's sad they do this then tell the few fans they have that they don't know baseball. It's amazing they are still in first place. But division is a joke. This season apparently about " the plan ". Winning is a far afterthought.
  6. Not surprised at all. The Twins are sticking to their plan, they obviously don't care about winning games. Even last night. Baldelli didn't even start warming anyone in the bullpen until after Oakland scored to go ahead. It was obvious they needed him to pitch more to stretch him out. Game be damned. The game was winnable last night 2-2 late. Winder was pitching so-so and obviously the Twins should have had the bullpen going when he walked the first guy in the 7th not to mention hitting the next batter. Two on nobody out tied 2-2 with a struggling Winder still out there, still no one warming up. The game, just like the decision regarding Lewis is indicative of this front office and Baldelli. Stuck to the plan no matter if we win or not. Maybe by the end of the year their plan will get them fired. Remember, the wins don't matter, right? It's obvious with a lot of these decisions this year that winning is unimportant. They don't care! Why is Miranda still up here? He certainly isn't ready for the majors. The plan, like Baldelli and the Front Office is a joke. But Correa tells us that people who question the Twins management don't know baseball. Oh that's right. He's been here three whole months and knows all about it. What a mess this front office has made. The players they have, at least the ones who feel like playing have done a nice job to get them in first. Our stiff manager and front office don't deserve it. The first place is a fluke and I'm sure they don't even care as long as it doesn't interfere with their plan.
  7. Buxton situation is continues to be strange. Almost as strange as our manager Baldelli. Nothing made sense with this yesterday. I would like someone to explain to me why he needs a day off after only playing in 22 games so far and many of them at DH. Baldellis management style has been baffling to me since he's been here. Unless injured, sit Buxton on the road only. People pay to see him. Simply put if he's not injured he should be playing. People said Pohlads got a great deal by signing Buxton on the cheap for $100 mil for seven years. Not bad for a seven year part time player. As a Twins fan I have no idea what this club is doing. They are only in first place because of playing in the worst division in baseball. They look very poor against good teams. The next 18 games are against the A's Royals and Tigers. Injuries or no, they need to win most of those games. Not too many of those great prospects called up are doing that well. Baldelli sat others and refused to put them in the lineup earlier in the year with Correa in particular. Twins were given the win by the rotten team they were playing so people didn't say much. Scheduled day off? Team be damned cuz Baldelli cannot handle in game management. Baldelli has to go, especially if we don't win a significant amount of the next.18 games.
  8. Baldelli is a stiff for a manager and needs to go. He's turning Buxton into a stiff. Buxton had played 3 days in a row. OMG I hope he's not too worn out. You see nothing, absolutely nothing, will get in Baldellis system. A scheduled day off after all the days off he's had? How utterly ridiculous! Then he won't even use him as a punch hitter. Why is the bat to heavy for him? Maybe he will get a splinter if he swings a bat. He wouldn't use him because you don't mess with Baldellis system. What a joke. Buxton has already missed 12 of 34 games this year. He doesn't need a day of rest after 3 days of "work". And why does the stiff of a manager do it at home? People pay good money to watch the Twins. Many of them come to watch Buxton. If he has to "rest" him for doing nothing at least do it on the road. He has very poor in game management and lineups are strange. Why for example do you take a player who the previous day went 2-4 and then sit him the next day even though its the same right/ lefty matchup. Why was Lewis bunting not once but twice trying to bring the runner in from third. Is Lewis a great bunter? He may be a great player but not bunter. He had only bunted once in his pro career. That was in 2018. Very odd decision by a very odd manager. He manages like he doesn't care if they win or lose, as long as his system is in place. Baldelli will cost this team any chance of a post season. Baldelli has got to go.
  9. Byron Buxton not playing tonight is a joke. Almost as much of a joke of a manager Baldelli is. Byron played 3 whole games in a row. What happened? Did he catch bi lateral leg weakness. Buxton is again proving he can't or won't play. He is turning into a stiff. He's missed 12 of 34 games off. Why does he need another scheduled day off? The lineup we have in there tonight is already thin with legitimate injuries. People pay in part to see Buxton play. If he has to have 3-4 days off per week, do it on the road. I used to back Rocco but I can't anymore. He will be the reason the Twins don't make the playoffs. I'm sorry, but it's time to dump Baldelli.
  10. The one thing that has bothered me about the Twins so far this season is their lackluster, uninspiring, and their " awe shucks it doesn't matter if we lose" manager Rocco Baldelli. Okay I guess that's 3 things. We have lots of injuries yes. Bad luck? Please. The Twins got their butts kicked by a much better team. The starting staff was looking good early. Now it's settling in to what we expected. Too much inexperience. Too much hoping for miracles from recycled washed up veterans. Twins have a 2-3 week window coming up of very winnable games, injuries notwithstanding. The time is now to put on a winning streak and get the injured players back on the field
  11. There is no doubt AK needs to be sent to St. Paul until he heals and gets his stroke back. He isn't doing himself or the Twins any favors playing here at this point. What to do with Buxton? Put him on il if he's not well. We are all growing accustomed to seeing him on the IL instead of the field anyway. Lots of injuries on this team. Not surprised Buxton is one of them. That's been the norm for him for 7 seasons.
  12. Sano, as much as the Twins, need a change of scenery. His performance, and mostly lack thereof, has run its course. A change may do Sano some good. I hope so. The third highest paid twin this year couldn't even hit .100. He is what he has been for years:. An average/ below average hitter with no plate discipline, and mediocre in the field. I'm not a Sano hater. But his "usefulness" with the Twins has run its course. If he is with a different team this year or next I really wish him well.
  13. Verlander was great! Especially against a team with most of it's star players out. Twins were only able to field a minor league due to all the injuries. Not surprised. He didn't need all of the help he got from the stuff behind home plate calling balls and strikes. But even with a good umpire back there he would have still done well. Byron Buxton? He's missed 11 of the teams first 30 games. Anyone see a pattern here lol? It's been going on for 7 years. The Twins need Byron to play and perform if the Twins are to be competitive. Someone please find Buxton. He's missing in action. AGAIN.
  14. Twins just have too many injuries right now. It's amazing they are in 1st place in the division. But I agree they have gotten there by beating poor teams. But that's what they are supposed to do. But yes it would be nice to beat a good team to show we are competitive. Byron Buxton? Does he still play for the Twins? I haven't seen him on the field lately. He's only played in 19 of 30 games. We should be used to that. Not much changes with Buxton.
  15. Imagine that. Buxton not in the lineup again. Anyone surprised? This will be the 30th game of the season. Buxton has only played in 19. If and when he ever gets in the lineup, I'm sure our great manager will give him a scheduled day off lol. If twins can somehow win tonight against Verlander with a b squad lineup in there, then I think it's really their year. I'm pretty much done defending Buxton. He's hardly ever in the lineup.
  16. Great article as usual Nick. You're the best writer on here in that you not only praise the Twins when doing well, you are not afraid to criticize them when it's warranted.
  17. What would make it more boring is if the twins were losing. I think the games have been good. A little concerned that the offense is going south again. I think we are on a streak of like 0 for 21 with runners in scoring position. Bullpen is overworked and cannot be sustained like this over the long haul. Twins starters have been great but team still ranks near the bottom in terms of innings pitched by starters. But at this point I'm happy they are in first and playing much better than last year!
  18. I like Jeffers and his future. However, it is much too early in the season to make a judgement either way. I think Sanchez, even though he has much more MLB experience is a negative in the catching ranks and needs to be replaced by next year at the latest.
  19. Very nice win. Last year this game would have wound up in the loss column. Nice to see the young players doing well. Lewis should be the starting SS after Correa leaves. I wouldn't put Pagan in again to close out a close game. He walks way too many. Twins were very fortunate they were able to hang on in spite of Pagan. I still think the starting pitchers need to pitch further into games especially when they are pitching well. The bullpen is overused and can't be expected to pitch half the game all season long. At this rate it is bound to break down.
  20. I would only give Bundy one or two more starts. The fact that the Twins are contending is vital. The team can't afford to give away games. Plus when it becomes obvious he is struggling in a game, get him out of there. His start with Twins is very similar to his season with the Angels last year. We can't have a game become an automatic loss based on who the starting pitcher is. Way too much of that last year. There's plenty of depth. Winder has already earned a spot in the rotation. If Bundy proves he can't get guys out with an 88 mph fastball it's time to cut bait and concentrate on the pitchers that will contribute to wins and not losses.
  21. Bally Sports and Sinclair are a joke! Maybe the Twins/Wild/ Wolves et.al/ share in some of the blame idk. Because don't you hurt your own product if you cut off the people from watching your product. The situation is ridiculous and filled with greed. Fans are left out in the cold as normal.
  22. Worried? No. It could just be that maybe he's not as good as all the hype. Most prospects don't make it. I'm a results person as well. Let's wait and see. After all, the Twins never make mistakes in evaluating prospects.
  23. Like most people here I have been pleasantly surprised at the starting pitching. I'm not so convinced it's going to hold up over the long haul. The starters need to pitch longer into games. The bullpen is already overused. I'm worried they will burn out early. Early I predicted 75-78 wins. I think they can do 82-85 wins realistically.. That could possibly give them a division title in a very weak division. They need to pile up wins in May with an easier schedule. They may win it if Baldelli doesn't keep messing it up.
  24. I also expect Bundy to implode. Yesterday's game is second very bad outing in a row for Bundy. He's following a very familiar pattern last year with the Angels. I also would expect Archer to possibly implode as the season drags on. Starting pitching has been much better than I thought it would be.... So far. .I do wish they could go longer in games. My current concern is the bullpen is overused and may break down as the season develops. Using the excuse that spring training was short is over. We are a month into the season so starters need to get 7 innings even 6 more regularly. Hopefully Twins will bounce back today with a big win. .
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