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  1. Gotta love Ryan. Nice job. Can't wait to see next year if he can pitch effectively against the good teams. Big discrepancy this year in his stats against the top teams and the also rans. But you just gotta love him. Hopefully will be our foundation on the pitching staff for several years.
  2. Yes by all means sign him. He's a good third baseman and hits decent. Why create a problem at 3 rd base that we already have solved? We have way too many other areas of real concern on the team.
  3. When Correa was signed I was just as excited as anyone. I thought this signalled the Twins were all in. But when they didn't add much around him it instead signalled only another wish and hope season. Carlos since day one has been concerned only about himself. It's obvious he was always going to opt out after year one. After watching this debacle of a team and organization it becomes understandable. His September salary drive is almost comical. Where was he the previous 3 months? Under different, more promising circumstances I would have been elated for him to stay here long term. He is not a long term fit for the twins. The twins are not a long term fit for him. I say let him go! We can't be much worse without him. I mean come on he was only here one year. The Twins as an organization will be better off without him.
  4. Yes there are plenty of positives in an otherwise nightmarish season of very poor baseball. I only hope the team doesn't blame everything on injuries and makes no improvements.
  5. Excellent well written and thought out article. I like the order you put them in. Yes injuries were a big part and the FO is already declaring that is why we fell out of contention. A losers philosophy blaming the whole season on injuries. I think Baldelli should shoulder much of the blame. He sets the day to day tone. This team was ill prepared day in and day out to play. They play with no fire or passion. The FO created the pitching mess then tried to patch it up with guys with injury history.
  6. Yes the eye test baby. Watching the team playing without heart for several weeks now. September is even worse. Too many players not hustling out grounders and fly balls. Too many players running with their heads down on the bases and not paying attention. Too many times players not knowing how many outs there are. To me it comes from the FO on down blaming the whole season on injuries. IMO people that defend the manager in saying the team is playing with heart should have their own pulse checked lol. Doesn't it also show that our minor league system isn't producing the great talent they keep telling us they got. Many of them haven't done well coming to the show to play for injured players. With no FO or coaching shakeups this off seasons expect more of the same next year.
  7. I don't really anticipate many changes this off season even though I think there should be. When all is said and done the FO will blame the whole season on injuries. Not the acquisitions of pitchers with dubious injuries, not a manager and GM sticking to a "plan" even if it costs us games, starting pitchers only going 5 innings and then relying on an inadequate bullpen to save the game. Not the poorest baserunning in baseball, not a porous infield, not a manager who has very little in game managing skills, et al. This team plays very boring, lifeless baseball and is weak on fundamentals. Some organizational changes would be prudent.
  8. I'd bring Kepler back next year. It's the last year of his contract and I think he's earned the right to at least be considered. If they can buy him out for 1 mil after next season then do it. I don't see us getting much in return for a Kepler trade. I'd rather have Kepler than Celestino. He continually makes base running errors, doesn't know how many outs there are, throws to the wrong base etc. Correa? I don't really care if he goes. But there is no guarantee the team will reinvest his 35 mil elsewhere. I'm not a Pohlad apologist but they indeed must be livid. The Twins had a record payroll including the highest paid SS on an AAV. I would be very upset watching the product on the field. I have no idea what's going to happen this off season. But with Falve and Baldelli back next year I expect more of the same: boring baseball, poor fundamentals, and very strange managerial " decisions". Oh that's right it's that spread sheet again.
  9. Another typical, listless, and bad performance by our beloved Twins. I know this team has had way too many injuries but it also has no leadership and no direction. If this team doesn't improve the pitching next year then they are done before it starts. Normally I would be almost excited to see what moves the team makes on the off season. This year not so much. Twins will more than likely sign bargain basement pitching and then try and pan them off as great aquisitions. Bundy, Megill, and Pagan have no business being on this roster. But our great leaders like their metrics, spin rates, missed bat rates while all the time ignoring the eye test. They are terrible. Next year will be much the same I'm afraid.
  10. Nothing ever changes with Buxton. Year in and year out we talk about him and his injuries ad nauseum. I've always wanted to see him during a full season. We only see glimpses of him and at points during those glimpses he looks awesome. At other points he looks like an average major league player. The rather dubious Fangraphs listing his value at 32 million this year is both ridiculous and stunning. It is unlikely Buxton will ever play a full season whether due to injuries or managements ever cautious use of his playing time. His fleecing of a 100 million contract for playing about 55% of the games over 8 years now, is shear genius on his part.
  11. The organizational philosophy is a joke. The analytic approach without even considering any form of a conventional approach mixture is a joke. Scheduled days off with no flexibility is a joke. Way too many coaches is a joke. With all those coaches you would think we would play better fundamental baseball all around. Since both Rocco and Baldelli are staying next year, the whole coaching staff should be replaced. They need to quit being so surprised and frustrated when Buxton's season abruptly ends again. All they need to do is sign a FA that may be willing to play center field half time for 100 mil over 7 years. This organization needs to do some real soul searching to get team back into contention. And quit blaming the WHOLE season on bad luck and injuries. The injuries mounted in September but that's no excuse for their poor play from June 1 to September 1. If 2023 turns out to be another disaster instead of what many said would be a contending year the Rocco and FO need to go.
  12. Surprised at Buxton being injured? Of course not. In 8 years he is almost always injured. " Team friendly contract?". Get serious. It's Buxton friendly contract. To get 100 mil to play part time was a coup on his part. With his injury situation for 7 of the 8 years I can't imagine a sane major league team paying 100 million to not play most of the time. Of course this is the Twins we are talking about. It's hard to make much sense of what they are doing.
  13. Twins are a mess. Yes the injury bug has hit them hard especially in September. But that doesn't account for their overall poor, uninspired play since June 1. Correa scheduled day off? Like everything this team has done it was stupid and ridiculous. There is only 12 games left he has months to rest up for his next team. They should have rested him Thursday in KC instead of Friday in front of home crowd paying huge bucks to watch minor league baseball. Rocco's unwillingness to use Correa in key pinch hitting situations shows the plan is more important than a possible win and more important than the home paying crowd. This exemplifies what is wrong with this organization. Too bad we have to put up with this phony front office and manager again next year
  14. Twins don't develop starting pitching. If your goal is to only pitch the starters 4-5 innings you better darn we'll have a great bullpen not a minor league one like the Twins. It's obvious Rocco is taking all his lessons from Tampa Bay whom he played for all those years. Yes it's working for Tampa but not for everyone. Mainly Tampa obviously has better scouting and minor league coaching than the Twins. Also today the Twins DFA'D pitcher Sanchez. He's no Cy Young but I thought did an admirable job of kind of helping out in long relief. Why didn't they designate Pagan? He's been one of baseballs worst relievers for THREE years now. Looks like we will have to put up with many more blown saves next year.
  15. My biggest concern with the Twins all year has been their lack of any fire. This team quit a long time ago. Losing is one thing but not showing up to play on numerous occasions is inexcusable. I know we have had a ton of injuries and the length of them is crazy. That in itself needs to be addressed this off season. I'm afraid with the current FO and manager we can expect more of the same next year. The "plan" has been a failure because Baldelli cannot manage without it. He is terrible at in game managing. His teams play boring, uninspiring, mistaken laden baseball which is a sure indication he should be fired. However, this is the Twins we are talking about. In the end the team will blame the whole season on injuries. This is a sure indication Rocco will be back and the 2023 season will be like Groundhog Day all over again.
  16. If by signing Correa you have not enough left in the budget to up grade other areas of the team then no, let him go. Also if they do sign him long term do not include opt out clauses. If you have to do it like after year 4. Twins cannot plan if they don't know year to year what's going on with him. I have a gut feeling they already know his plans. If they don't they should. Personally I think he's been good but definitely not worth 35 mil per year.
  17. I don't really care if Correa leaves or stays. He certainly was MIA most of the season until the September free agent salary drive. He's still hitting about .160 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position. He's a good shortstop but definitely not worth $35 mil per year. What good is it to pay one guy so much and not have money to field a major league pitching staff? I was excited too when he was signed. I thought it was a sign of things to come. But as I wrote on here back then it does little good to have a superstar if you cannot field an otherwise major league team. If he does stay over the long haul you will have many fans eventually complaining of so much payroll being tied up in one person thus limiting payroll for others.
  18. Btw. You didn't mention the flareup of sorts between Baldelli and Cellistino. I'm not a Rocco fan but was elated to see him bench Cellistino when his head was clearly NOT in the game AGAIN!! He clearly should not be on this team
  19. Twins were out of contention a long time ago. And of course now we have people tell us we should be happy with a 500 club. I agree the whole coaching staff should be replaced. An organizational look into the vast amount of injuries and their length. Lack of transparency between said injuries from management. Buxton? Twins got just what they planned for. A part time player on a $100 million contract that the only thing you can count on with him is being injured. Correa? Same thing. Just an average to below average season until September when it's important for HIM to improve his stats for another run at free agency. What was frustrating for this fan was the division was there for the taking and they couldn't do it. The lack of fire or urgency especially since the all star game is tragic. Very poor base running and hitting and pitching and a total laid back, I don't care if we lose as long as we stick to the plan philosophy by Baldelli. Handwriting was on the wall this spring when they told us all those blown bullpen games didn't matter because it was only one game.
  20. Interesting article obviously written by a Twins PR man lol. A couple of responders know all the answers. Why aren't they running the team?
  21. I totally agree with you Seth on the MVP race. Unfortunately Ramirez doesn't get the recognition he deserves.
  22. Wow. Great comments by all. Well thought out. Yes injuries piled up at the end making for a convenient excuse. The team played very poorly since June 1st before the biggest rash of injuries. Buxton?? He, as expected is becoming if not irrelevant, certainly predictable and undependable. The FO messed up with the pitching staff big time. They knew they were thin in the starting staff but did very little to fix it until they traded for the injury prone. Also the maddening philosophy of sticking to the plan cost them many wins this year. We have a manager who is incapable of unwilling to deviate from the plan even if it will cost us a game. His in game management is terrible. The analytic approach/ spreadsheet approach is ok but must be used in conjunction with a common sense eye test approach. The FO is too narrow minded to approach the game in any sort of a semi or quasi traditional manner. I'm sure Rocco fits right in with that rigidity.
  23. I've been to a handful of games this year but none since the all star game mainly due to my personal schedule but also due in part to the teams poor play. I'm glad they are running extra promos to try and increase attendance. The biggest attendance booster though is playing good sound baseball with players who appear to at least show some life. For me being out of contention makes some difference but playing solid entertaining baseball is more important. We've seen very little of that the past two seasons.
  24. I noticed you gave henriquez a dressing down for his poor performance in his 4 th inning of relief. That is understandable. However no mention at all of our great closer Lopez who gave up 4 runs and couldn't even complete an inning of work. He's been awful since we got him. Anyway just a typical loss for a team just going through the motions the past few weeks.
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