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  1. I have always loved watching Grienke pitch. But he is not a fit with the Twins either for him or the Twins. Please invest in others with a more positive uptick.
  2. You are right as always. You come across so often as knowing everything about everything. Perhaps you should become the Twins GM. All kidding aside,bi do agree with your assessment on Eddie. Perhaps when the Twins knew they weren't going to bring him back they could maybe have gotten a prospect or something instead of letting him go for nothing at all. To me Eddie should have been gone but not this way. It kind of adds to the elongating list of strange moves made by this FO.
  3. Great comments by all. There is lot to think about. My concern is that we may or may not have a system in place by 2023. In the meantime most of us have been unable to watch the games for the past several months. And.the future in that area doesn't look good. Teams are obviously losing tv viewers. Will anyone care anymore by 2023? Let's get teams back on cable and streaming systems now!
  4. Wow. Great article and awesome responses. Should they trade Polo? Of course not. But who knows what happens. .when you finish in last place I guess anyone is tradeable. We need pitching. Well we traded our best pitcher this year for "prospects". Those prospects better be good but let's wait and see if they can produce at a major league level. Keep Polanco!
  5. The Twins sure put themselves in a tough spot. They really messed up the pitching staff and yet I'm worried they will return to dollar store replacements. But if they use very inexperienced starting pitchers you can bank on a 90-100 loss season in 2022 and beyond a couple of years. We have a hole slew of "can't miss" pitching prospects. Or is it suspects? Anyway we better hope at least a couple pan out. Or we may think 2021 was a good season.
  6. I totally agree that we need to keep Rogers for all of the above mentioned reasons. But who knows what the current "brain trust" will do. As to worrying about the payroll budget, who knows what that is? Because these signings fit into our fantasy baseball budget doesn't mean it will with Twins. People on here talk about a 150 million payroll. That would be nice. But how do we know that? What if the payroll is reduced to 90-100 mil? Then what? I have no clue which way twins will go.
  7. To me Gordon deserves a spot on the club. They way they have jerked him around all year he did whatever they needed and did it well. Unfortunately the Twins have a reputation for not treating their young players fair. They leave them dangle in the minors for years then USE that person for their own benefits. You don't USE players you develop them and promote them
  8. The Twins are great at bargain hunting. They have been doing it for years with very mixed results. That is probably where they are headed. As I've stated before it is their MO to wait until all the best FA are signed by others then go after what's left over. That's how they do business. Dreams of signing top FA to $150 mil contracts are just that ; dreams. This summer Pohlads said there was plenty of money to sign Berrios and Buxton. A couple of weeks later Berrios is gone and Buxton may be next. It's hard to have a lot of faith in the organization at times. Now they are concerned about big financial losses this year and the pending CBA to not being able to sign good players.
  9. I totally agree with the game against Chapman and the Yankees!! It was a classic.
  10. Great list. Great article. If the FO does little or nothing to improve this team during the off season that will become THE biggest Twins embarrassment!
  11. If we have a roster full of "prospects" expect 90-100 losses a year for awhile. I do think some of these will pan out and become solid major league players. However we will need to be patient. I don't think I can be that patient to be a bottom feeder for a few years. Trading regulars for " prospect". Is a full out rebuild. As for Joe Ryan, he looks very good. However if his fastball averages out to 92 mph he will struggle unless he develops good secondary pitches. It won't take long for major league hitters to adjust
  12. I would expect that when you finish last and serious about being competitive that everyone is tradable for the right deal, whatever that is. I love buxton but it's always amusing how people brush away his injuries and massive amount of games missed. Then say if he wasn't injured he may be the best player in the league. How will we ever know? I hope they sign him and think they will. However let's not make him out more than he is. He's a great defensive center fielder with a career 7 year batting average of .248. He showed glimpses of greatness this year when he wasn't missing 100 games again.
  13. Each year the twins off season has been hyped by possible big trades and big free agent signings. Most of the time it is just that:. Hype and a lot of what ifs. This year I plan to listen much less to the hype and bs we hear from management. Hopefully they will do what they promised: a championship caliber team.
  14. Like most people on here the timing is very curious. I don't think the move matters much at this point because they will probably keep most of the stiff fringe players on the 40 man roster, players very few organizations want. Then they probably will sign a couple of aging guys from the pitching cemetery to fill out the team. I want to be hopeful but I'm not yet sold on this front office yet.
  15. Hard to grade this trade. Like most Twins trades this one involved future "prospects ". Most prospects never make it to the bigs. It's too early to say this was a win or a loss because basically the Twins sell hype and hope. Hopefully it will work out. Usually it doesn't. Here's one thought. The twins finished last in the division. Astros are in playoffs with a chance to win world series. The twins have finished last 5 of the past 12 seasons. That's almost half. Hype and hope is all, hype and hope.
  16. Pretty convenient to blame April on covid 19. Not to deny it but all teams dealt with covid and to blame a rotten months performance solely on covid is ludicrous! It's also interesting that while a lot of us fans were bemoaning the teams play in April and May we were told to be patient and wait, it's a long season and it's early. We are still waiting!
  17. I give Baldelli a D. Very poor management of pitching staff. Team was I'll prepared all season. His handling of Maggi and others was inexcusable. The only reason I don't give him an F is injuries and Front Office roster decisions
  18. I believe it would qualify as one of the most disappointing seasons in TWINS history, not MLB history. One stat I saw the other day involved the records since Target Field opened. In the 12 years since since Target Field opened the Twins have missed the playoffs seven times and finished last 5 times. Not a reflection of the beautiful ballpark but perhaps of organization philosophies. Maybe they don't care where the team finished as long as a profit is made.
  19. It's so interesting about Buxton. You always brush off his injuries and the people who bring them up. I hope they sign him as well. But get serious. He's us a great center fielder with a career .247 average. You can't just ignore that nor the fact he's missed more than half the games the past few years. Those missed games are as real as all of the great catches he has made. But to pay him whatever he wants or whatever it takes is irresponsible! And those that keep ignoring his injuries and massive games missed over the years need a dose of reality. Sign Buxton to a reasonable extension for a good player that seldom plays.
  20. Who knows what the FO will do? I'm worried that not only will they not spend much this off season, but that the budget may be significantly cut. I hope I'm wrong. Pineada should be signed for another year or two. My god we need pitching. Let's just stay out of the dumpster for free agent pitchers this year. It doesn't work too often.
  21. I really hope they sign Buxton. I find it interesting how this and similar articles will mention injuries then as if to brush those off talk off his "great" play when he is playing. Or extending part time numbers for full time numbers. The fact is he IS injured a lot. The last several years he hasn't even come close to playing half of his eligible games. While he is a great defensive center fielder, he is a career .247 hitter over 7 years. Let's get him signed and signed for a reasonable amount. If you grossly overpay him where will the money come to improve the team? Not the Pohlads with tight budgets. 20-30 mil per year for a part time player is not reasonable. It's ludicrous!
  22. I am just astonished at how many of you are blaming the milb players for being on " poverty" wages. If the greedy owners and major league players are so hell bent on squeezing out every nickel of monies, then why not dump the minor leagues like other pro sports? I'm not advocating that, just saying. It's sad that people are ripping the very players they are hoping get promoted to a major league team. Whatever happened to empathy and compassion for others? You obviously won't find it hear with many of the commentators.
  23. I would expect that with the poor season the Twins had just about anyone is on the trading block. Unless of course they blame it all on the injuries and they do little or nothing this off season and HOPE things are better next year. Good luck with that! As for getting a haul or teams overpaying the Twins in this summers trades:. So far only Joe Ryan has contributed. Before declaring these deals steals for the Twins let's wait and see if these are prospects or suspects.
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