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  1. All you need to know is his last name is Pohlad! He has been trained from a young age that Profit is the key to life. And that's fine for any business. But it collides with the word WINNING in baseball. So don't expect any big changes. Even if they sign Correa and shout "Look what we did" it won't matter if they refuse to spend on pitching!! Look for another .500 season.
  2. The new CEO Joe Pohlad is too busy designing new uniforms to bother with actually improving the team! He is cut out of the Pohlad mold of focusing on Profit and not Winning so don't expect any big moves. Get set for another .500 season!! More pitchers were signed today but not by the Twins. Plus Houston, the World Champs, spend more to get Abreu!! We keep getting further behind!
  3. Abreu would be a nice addition. But without pitching what does it matter? As the pitching options are already dwindling day by day and the Twins sit on their hands it looks like another .500 season is ahead!
  4. Twins are going from having one of the best left sides in baseball to having an average left side. Miranda covers 2 feet to the left and 2 feet to the right with an average arm. Plus the league figured out he struggles with sliders like Sano. Farmer is average at short. And with no signs of an upgrade in pitching the new left side will be even more of a liability allowing more balls through.
  5. Urshela trade will prove to be huge mistake. You had a solid player who just kept his mouth shut and played well both offensively and defensively. Word is the Twins save 3-4 million to throw him out the door. Jim Pohlad held the door with a big smile. On Miranda, did the Front Office watch any games? Miranda can cover 2 feet to the left and 2 feet to the right!! We had one of the best left sides in baseball. Now we are back to "Hoping" again. Save money and Hope is the Twins Motto. And what that does is assure another .500 season!! Yippee!
  6. MGM4706

    Lets go big!!

    What you and most others are forgetting is the rule change banning the Shift. That could add 30-40 pts to Keplers average! And stop counting Larnach as a lock. He is very limited in the outfield and it appears the league has figured him out at the plate. Can't hit any type of breaking ball. Could be the next Sano!!
  7. Trading Urshela to put Miranda at 3rd is a bonehead move. Urshela was solid at 3rd. In the field and hitting!! Miranda has a two foot range to either side with an average arm. But alas, we saved 3 million which is always the Pohlad goal! Not winning!!
  8. Horrible move!! Urshela was a Pro's Pro!! Gave Twins one of best left sides in baseball! And we let him go to save 3 million? And to put Miranda at 3rd? Come on. His range is 2 feet to either side with an average arm. The Pohlads have put the pocketbook first again over winning!!
  9. Take a flyer in Bellinger. Not sure Buxton will ever be an every day player again.
  10. Same old thing! All the quality Pitchers are signing and Twins are nowhere in sight!! Another .500 year ahead. But they will be Profitable!!
  11. STOP with the "Projects" and Tommy John Rehabs. Pay for some quality arms!!!
  12. If they refuse to invest in an Ace and good #2 pitcher then nothing else matters!! They will be a .500 team with continued make shift pitching!!
  13. Why Why Why do we always have to go looking for pitchers with prior injury history!! I know they are cheaper but look at the results!! Playoffs showed quality pitching wins games. Unless of course WINNING is not a top priority?
  14. Simply look at the playoffs. Very few if any of the Twins pitchers could even make the staffs of the last 4 teams standing. That's in ANY capacity! That showed how far the Twins are from being just competitive! So if we continue down the path of getting cheap Tommy John retreads just accept the Twins as a .500 team not focused on winning. Just focused on being Profitable. That is the Pohlad mantra!
  15. For the people saying they are comfortable with Twins current staff - What team are you watching? Look at Playoffs. All the better teams had an Ace and strong #2. Twins have maybe 1 #2 and then 3'and 4's. And with Rocco only going 4-5 innings with starters they need all new middle relief. Without pitching changes they will again be .500. Simple as that Profit remains the key. NOT winning
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