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  1. An article on Falvey and the importance of developing our own pitching talent for long term substainability? How absolutely amusing! Why? Two words: Jose Berrios
  2. Speaking of FACTS: It is very RARE that ANY team has ever gone deep in the playoffs without an ACE or a #2. Falvey now says he might go with the 3 Inning concept for each Pitcher. Good Luck with that!! Just admit we can't afford good pitching and that winning the division is not our goal and that just being profitable is!!
  3. No team goes deep in the Playoffs without an Ace. So by not getting an Ace or even a #2 that is all you need to grade them. They appear to be following the Pohlad plan of not worrying about winning but just making sure the Club makes a profit. The Hell with the fans!
  4. Without pitching may as well keep him. Twins are going nowhere without pitching and with the moves the aggressive Tigers and White Sox have made. Will push 100 losses again with weak hitting at too many positions and no Ace.
  5. Who wrote this review- Falvey? Always go with the most recent history. ERA above 6 and a sore shoulder. That makes it EXACTLY a Twins same ol same ol move!!
  6. You are thinking way to creatively for the Twins! First of all , whatever the floor is you can be assured the Twins will figure a way to spend the least amount of money. That is always their starting point. How can we spend the least! That keeps them from cutting loose Sano and getting a productive player at first as you suggest. They also showed an unwillingness to spend at a key position like SS. So relax and get ready for another missed playoff season. Broken down pitching, Simmons back at short, Sano waving at curve balls and incompetence in LF will again be the story for 2022.
  7. Bundy will be on a shuttle. Not to St Paul but to the Mayo Clinic for his arm strain issues! Another oft injured on the cheap selection by the Whiz Kids. Get tickets in the outfield if you want a ball when Bundy pitches!
  8. Author doesn't live in a small market!! Manfred makes sense. If Big Markets can get their hands on Small Market Stars even faster than they do now that is not good for baseball!! Makes perfect sense.
  9. Too much Logic Cody. Twins will go cheapest way. Simmons will probably be back and hope for a better year at the plate.
  10. Doesn't matter. All the good pitching is gone so the Twins have shown they are not serious about winning . We all need to move to Detroit. Their GM has been aggressive and added quality to a good young roster while the Twins sit on their hands!!
  11. These reports are always so Phoney. They probably come straight from the Twins. We always hear they "Just missed" out on this pitcher or that pitcher. Reality is they were never serious for the top names.
  12. No. Good player but definitely not one that when you hear his name you immediately think HOF! Needs to refine his broadcasting skills. In a 3 game series don't tell the same story every night. The same fans are watching most nights.
  13. Has your article been in the "Draft" folder for awhile? It should have been written 3 months ago! In case you hadn't noticed almost all the good arms have been signed. And most by new teams!! Now the Twins are in the same boat again. The "Happ" boat. Take the left overs, the Tommy John patients!! No team goes deep in the playoffs without an Ace. So give up on that idea. Tigers, White Sox are now solidly ahead of the Twins! But Alas, we saved a few dollars!!
  14. One problem. Buxton can't catch balls hit over the fence!! With no money for an Ace we won't go to the playoffs! How embarrassing for the Local Media guys/gals to AGAIN miss out on a big signing. Do ANY of them know how to work the phones or build relationships with Front Offices? That's their job! Rosen - 45 years never broke a story and now the current group never have.
  15. Wow! 100 million for a Part-time Center Fielder and ZERO for an Ace! Buxton can't catch balls going over the fence! That simple!
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