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  1. I would not mention Rogers in the same sentence as Nathan or Perkins or Aggie. He has never had that "Killer" instinct. You never get the feeling the inning or game is over like you do with a real closer!
  2. Most absurd article I have read in a long time!! The guy has been given every chance in the world. Every time he strikes out 5 times in a row people say: "Oh that's OK we can't trade him because he might be the next Big Papi"! How many years do we have to hear that? Time to move on!
  3. What stands out to me and Simmons is a prime example are all the easy outs the Twins make. Always lunging for balls or doing little wrist flip swings. We need to open the wallet and get the hitting coach back we had during the Boomba days! Never should have let him walk for a few dollars!!
  4. Man Topics must be in short supply to waste space on this article!!
  5. Baldelli needs to throw that dang notebook he has his nose in all the time away! Last week he was asked why he brought Waddell back the 2nd night after he got pounded the night before.? He said because of who was coming up. What? Garcia who went deep off Waddell was in the on-deck circle. And he did it again! Rocco's notebook must have been on the wrong page which is what he seems to be sometimes! Bet the Whiz Kids in front office miss Trevor Mays current 1.26 ERA. BUT, he throws to hard for the Twins liking anyway!
  6. Nope. Twins took a huge hit last year missing fans in the stands. Now they need as many as possible. Buxton and Berrios bring fans in. They ain't going anywhere!
  7. How do you leave a comment after signing in? Should be easier than it is!!

    1. Squirrel


      Where do you want to comment? In a discussion thread? Check out the tutorials, if that doesn't answer your question, PM me.

  8. Donaldson is by far the biggest mistake the Whiz Kids have made. Paying Top Dollar for known damaged goods is just not good business and will hurt the team for years to come by tying up needed dollars for other needs! (Just like Mauers contract did for 10 years)!
  9. Tigers should be better as you say. In fact much better especially since a whole truckload of garbage cans was just seen being delivered to Comerica Park!!
  10. "Has evolved and improved since 2018"! Really? How many more Playoff wins? May want to rethink the "Evolved and improved" line. Playing on the edges will never improve the Playoff record. Must get serious and get an Ace and more than .200 hitters with a few home runs. Plus loss of Rosario who could Run, Hit and Throw is a bigger mistake than most are realizing. Plus he added excitement to the lineup.
  11. Doogie has his pulse on the Twins? Really? All of his reporting is after the fact. If not it never comes true. All of the .com guys get the scoops on Twin City Teams. Never the local guys.
  12. Good article but why does it have to be written every single year!! What players are "Left over" for the Twins? What 5.0 Era guy can we get. What Tommy John guy is available? Just one year can't we go get an Ace? Rarely does a Playoff team win without an Ace!
  13. People who would rather have Marwin must be forgetting his flailing at bats and he never did learn how to play an outfield wall. Way overpaid for his results.
  14. Great article! Very Fair. With Rosario gone we need someone to add some fun to the team and Clubhouse. Plus a great Winter League is a plus. That is a high quality league.
  15. Cave does seem to be headed in wrong direction. Especially in clutch at-bats. Seems like automatic out when we need him the most.
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