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  1. If they absolutely continue to refuse to address pitching then Sell!! Correa will not stay on a team that is not serious about winning. Same with any other FA that might come at the deadline or next year. Top players want to win. Does Pohlad?
  2. Better switch position. Twins have their shortstop for the next 7-10 years if they are smart and sign Correa long term!!
  3. Think you may be over rating Miranda. He has no position that a team would trade a top player for and be able to say "we got our 3rd baseman or we got our 1st baseman. Miranda is shaky at both positions. Would have to be DH and continue to work on a full-time position. Twins moved Miranda in to cut down a run at the plate this week. Ball was hit to him. He hesitated, took a couple steps to first then threw home. Runner safe. That was baseball 101. Catch and throw home. Why did he think Rocco moved him in close?
  4. I think the REAL Truth is that the Twins have won DESPITE Baldelli! Frustrating is his handling of pitchers. Other day a reliever was pitching and couldn't throw a strike. Not even close. Guys in the booth commented that the guy was way out of rythum. Camera went to Baldelli. His face was buried in his darn notebook!! He left pitcher in for 5-6 batters and lost the game. If he had taken him out after 3 batters with 3 walks they may have won. Watch the GAME! Not the notebook. Fans saw it on TV. Booth guys saw it. But Rocco did not.
  5. Bring him up. Miranda struggles at first. Twins brought him in close yesterday to cut a run at the plate. Ball was hit to him and he hesitated, took a step toward 1st then threw home. Safe! Why did he think Twins had him in close? Larnach is back to waving at curve balls. Some AB's are available there
  6. Good article. Buxton should be sat until healthy and then play fulltime. Having your best player only playing part time is ridiculous!! And why hold to a plan but then play both ends of a double header?
  7. Don't be so set on Larnach being a lock. He still has no clue on how to play a wall and can't hit a curve all. Why teams throw him a fastball is a mystery!!
  8. Anyone who thinks the Twins would be better if Correa walks is a Fool!! Best SS Twins have ever had In field and in the dugout. Lewis can learn to play LF where Larnach has no clue on how to play the fence or put at first base and let Sano go. As far as Berrios, he will get it together. Always a slow starter. But look at the contenders after the playoffs start. Rarely does any team without an Ace and strong number two go deep in the playoffs. Remember that when you bad mouth Berrios!! An Ace is a must!! Until then be happy with competing for a Wild Card and then sitting down after one series!!
  9. Put Lewis at Firstbase and be done with it. Have you seen the play at 1st? It cost us the game last night with the lousy throw 2 feet behind the Pitcher. Otherwise LF. Stop trying to chase Correa away. We know the Twins would love to dump Correa salary and say "Oh, we have Lewis". But KEEP BOTH!!
  10. Donaldson was ONE of the few players who showed ANY fire for the Twins last year. Others went through the motions and collected paychecks!! He got mad at his own failures and the teams. Twins need more emotion like his!!
  11. Put Lewis in left. Larnach has no clue on how to play the wall and the league now has figured out how to pitch him. He is lost at the plate. Lewis with his athleticism is already as good as any Leftfielder we put out there!!
  12. Some good comments but you missed on Larnach. He has No Clue on how to play an outfield wall and scouting reports have made him suspect at the plate. Put Lewis out there NOW.
  13. First, LF or DH. LF has been filled by less than average fielders so you don't lose anything with him out there and eventually might be a gain. Larnach has no clue on how to play the fence as an example.
  14. There is one BIG mistake the Twins made and that was letting their batting coach from 2 years ago leave instead and paying him more to be an Asst. Mgr. He had ALL the Twins making solid contact for extended periods. It has not been close to the same since he left for just a little more money and a title. A Twins blunder for sure!!
  15. I don't see the knock on Donaldson! To me he was one of the only players that showed any passion about the losing ways. He hated it. Others just went on playing and collecting checks. As for Correa, forget the Clubhouse. Look at the field stuff. He is always in dugout encouraging and congratulating the younger guys. Always smiling. Get him signed long term and stop talking about Royce Lewis!! Lewis either goes to 1B or LF. SS is out!!
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