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  1. Sorry to hear that. That music is a celebrated art form in this household.
  2. Send me your address, I will send you chicken every day through October.
  3. FINALLY getting to TF tomorrow. Only other game I’ve been to this year, opening day, in Denver.
  4. Definition of beard from Urban Dictionary: A boy or girl hired as a celebritys boyfriend/girlfriend by that celebritys management, usually for publicity. Let’s dish on Charlie Blackmon.
  5. I apologize wsnydes, posting from my iPad and it’s janky.
  6. If you post the same thing twice in a row, is that a jinx? Kinda like saying the same thing as another person at the same time?
  7. Wait. There’s no boogeyman.?? Who has been under my bed for the past 58 years?
  8. Nice intro. I'm old enough to remember "Calvin Ball" (no not Calvin and Hobbes, that was a bit later). He would find and develop some talent and then trade away or lose them to free agency because he wouldn't/could't pay them. If I recall correctly, he may have been one of the last owners whose sole income came from the team, and he wasn't going to invest to make a contender. He wasn't a multi-millionaire or billionaire who bought a baseball team for giggles. 32m in 1984 is a pretty dang good investment.
  9. I just woke up from a wonderful dream where the Twins went back to back to back to start a game against the Yankees.
  10. Not sure. It's just that tri-tip is kinda bougie, whereas chicken is the meal of the masses. I figure celebrating early with expensive stuff is sticking it to those East-Coast-Establishment-Noblesse-Oblige Yankees. Will sticking it to them jinx it?
  11. So tomorrow I've got some tri-tip to throw on the smoker/grill. If I make it early will it be a j*nx? I may even go to the game if I make it early enough.
  12. Been busy tonight, but I just found out a long-time friend of mine is going to be a guest of Tony O at Cooperstown this month. This is great end to a day,
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