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  1. I’m not much more than a casual fan, but is it unusual for the Twins to reach base 5 times in a game by fielder’s choice? Even Nellie was able to do it by my scoring.
  2. This is the strangest friggin’ game I’ve been to.
  3. I was at the game. Great day to take the family to the ball yard, except for Naylor. You could hear the people in the concourse groaning/exclaiming over the replay. Thankfully they did not replay it on the big screens. They were giving away reusable tote bags today. With Happ on the mound I was fully prepared to put the bag on my head. Pleasantly surprised by his outing.
  4. Maybe herd immunity at Target Field? Anyone willing to pay money to see this team right now is probably motivated to get the jab.
  5. What's the source? I just tuned in 'CCO and I thought I heard Atteberry say that they didn't know why it was delayed. Now saying don't know why it was postponed.
  6. Radar makes it look like it's raining downtown. I'm getting a few drops here about 3 miles south.
  7. I gotta disagree. Maybe WCCO did a great job of micing the crowd, but I always remember hearing the murmur of the crowd when the announcers weren’t talking. Never thought the game was tuned out.
  8. Oh yes I do. He was the soundtrack of my summers growing up. When I went to visit Cooperstown, I made sure I paid homage at his plaque in the broadcaster section. Herb was great in an understated way. Very Minnesotan even though he was from Virginia. I like Justin, although he could learn from Herb that “dead air” is ok. It was nice to hear Wally the Beer Man loud and clear once in a while.
  9. She's not a huge baseball fan, but maybe the votive candles will sway her.
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