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  1. Joe Ryan is so fun to watch when he's on fire. Painting the corners so beautifully with his slider and change-up. He's looking dangerous tonight
  2. Jax hitting 96-97 consistently on his fastball is so encouraging to see
  3. Oh wow just realized Royce's double had an EV of 111.7!! He is mashing!
  4. Is it just me, or does it look like Bundy is wearing bell-bottom pants?? They really flare out at the bottom lol
  5. This is a fantastic article. Baldelli has posted an absurd 231-189 record during his tenure as a Twins manager, and has had to navigate several challenges: the growing pains of the Falvey/Levine era (i.e. like Nick says, the signings of Happ and Shoemaker), injuries to star players, and a franchise that is decidedly mid-market. While I think it's valid to critique some of his in-game decisions, it's reductive to limit one's evaluation of a manager to these decisions alone. In addition to some of his solid, in-game strategic calls, Baldelli's intangible qualities are what stand out to me the most. The Twins seem to have a remarkably healthy clubhouse culture, and in a game like baseball, which is premised on alertness, instinctual reaction, and communication, I think team chemistry and a healthy mindset are especially important for player success. The fact that Buxton WANTED to stay in Minnesota (and was willing to reduce the magnitude of his contract to get it done!) cannot be overstated. That's a franchise-altering decision, and I can't imagine it getting done if Buxton didn't enjoy playing for Rocco. And the fact that Carlos Correa - within just a few weeks of being here!! - expressed openness to a longer-term contract is testament to the player-friendly and supportive clubhouse culture that has been nurtured. Rocco is special, and I'm so grateful he's our guy!!
  6. agreed..i definitely think a bounce-back is possible, but I'm also not holding my breath for one..
  7. Also Sanchez's pitch framing is looking sharper and sharper every game
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