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  1. You aren't getting much, if anything, by trading him away right now so use him at DH and 1B this year. If he plays well, trade him or keep him and exercise his option. If he's bad/mediocre, decline his option and move on. Pretty straightforward imo.
  2. I would take the over on his OPS but the under on his games played. His WAR is probably correct since the higher offensive production will help offset the missed games played.
  3. I think Cano and Gore (if he doesn't get picked in the Rule 5 draft) will be good mid-season call up options for the Twins. The rest will be interesting to follow in the minors.
  4. I would guess they start him at AAA and (barring an injury) he would get called up after the trade deadline when they trade JD. I'm assuming they won't be competitive this year which is why JD gets traded to make room for him once the FO knows the season is lost. Barring a trade or injury (or change to service time rules in new CBA) I view the trade deadline as the most likely time he gets called up.
  5. Dan Hayes threw cold water on the Twins going after Rodón unless he's available late in ST on a "prove it deal". This offseason is going to be such a disappointment.
  6. I think he will go closer to a 20-25M/year deal if it is only 1-2 years. Maybe you can get it at 18M/year for a 4 year deal. At FG the projection was 3/45 or 4/80. MLB trade rumors had 1/25. I agree though that Rodón is a must sign to be competitive next year. He has no QO attached. He has ace upside when healthy. He should be the top priority for the Twins FO if they are to ever be believed again in their statements about spending and being competitive.
  7. I think if the NL implements the DH JD will have a lot more suitors. I think our best bet is to trade him to either the Phillies or Mariners. I would guess the Phillies would use him at DH a bunch but if Bohm continues to struggle he could take his spot at 3B. For the Mariners it depends on if they bring back Seager or sign another option like Bryant. The Mets may work since Cohen is spending like crazy but hard to say for sure. I would probably hold him until the trade deadline and trade him then if the team is underperforming again for 2022. He can still help the team win this year if they are competitive.
  8. Assuming the Twins keep Kepler I would be fine rolling with Rooker in LF until either Larnach supplants him or he seizes the job for the year. I also wouldn't be opposed to a 1 year stop gap signing to start Rooker at AAA as depth. Could be a trade chip if the player they sign plays well and the team underwhelms again.
  9. Sign Rodón, trade for an undervalued starter like Elieser Hernández and/or Kyle Freeland. Sign a stopgap SS like Simmons , Iglesias, or trade for Ahmed/Dejong. This avoids gutting the farm, lets the team compete in 2022, and maintains flexibility to pivot to compete in 2023 if the team underperformes in '22 by using the 2nd half to promote their prospects after trading/dumping players at the trade deadline.
  10. No way Stroman takes 4/80 after what Gausman and Ray signed for. He will want a MINIMUM of 5/100 and it will likely take much more per year to sign him given his durability and longer track record of above average production than Gausman or Ray. Otherwise it is a pretty solid plan!
  11. I think our best bet is to trade for Luzardo or Hernandez from the Marlins. They have more starters than they have spots for them to pitch and the acquisition cost for either of those two players will be significantly less than it would for a 1 year rental from Oakland or a 2 year contract for a Reds starter. If we sign one of Stroman/Rodon trade for one of Luzardo or Hernandez and either sign a 3rd starter like Pineda/Duffy or trade for Odorizzi as a salary dump from Houston then we should have enough pitching to compete this year without trading any of our promising young pitchers that will start appearing at MLB level in '22 and '23.
  12. Given how expensive the prospect cost is for just 1 year I would say we should pass. Better to look for another Maeda/Odorizzi type of trade than overpay for 1 year of a good pitcher when the team might not be good enough next year.
  13. I want to see Ryan, if Dobnak can bounceback, and maybe Strotman. Done with Barnes, Gant, and Jax. Stop calling up guys like Gibaut and Vincent over Moran. Really starting to wonder what the plan is right now...
  14. Rooker in LF, Miranda at 3rd, DH JD, Sanó at 1B. Arraez rotates to give everyone a day off so he plays regularly.
  15. I would rather get Mauricio instead of Baty but they are close to equivalent. Matt Allan is one guy I would like to target BECAUSE of the injury. Value lower due to the increased risk. Can Rocker be traded once the Mets sign him?
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