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  1. Hi John, Are you including buyouts for payroll? Sańo is only owed 9.25M for 2022. His 2.75M buyout is only for the 2023 team option. Not sure if Alexander's buyout is included either. Spelling error on Garlick too. 😋
  2. Only trade Garver if you get a great haul back. When healthy he was back to 2019 form and given his multiple years of team control he SHOULD bring back a big haul of great prospects back. If not, keep both here. Personally I think they need to play every day as we saw them struggle this year when paired together. With that in mind you either have Jeffers at AAA in case of injury for a year or two until Garver is gone or you keep both up and mix Garver in at 1B and DH. With AK and Sano on the roster that leaves a bit of a crunch for all 3 to play at those spots. Unless Sano turns it around he
  3. My position with both Berrios and Buxton is the same. Extend them if they will sign a "reasonable" extension (~5/100M tops for Berrios and ~6/150M tops for Buxton for me imo) or trade them at the deadline while their value is at its peak. If you cannot get get good value on a trade you can still just hang on to them and try to extend them in the offseason one last time. The Twins should be able to get at least 1 if not 2 top 100 prospects for each. Ideally you get a future CF replacement like Pache and future rotation piece like Gore, Pearson, SWR, or Baz back to replace the guy you trade
  4. With Pache struggling to hit at the MLB level to start the season a Buxton for Pache trade would be a possible trade idea too since the Braves are starting guys like ENDER INCIARTE and his 588 OPS as well as Guillermo Heredia... Definitely agree on your 4 although the Brewers having Cain and JBJ under contract with Yelich and Garcia makes the fit weird despite their struggles.
  5. Blaming a player not ready for the majors yet for failing at doing everything right when they're pushed to play too early due to injuries is just beating a dead horse. Writing off a prospect pushed into his situation because of a few bad plays in a small sample is unwise. Here's a short highlight reel from 2020 put together by Tom showing how good he can be once he is ready for the majors:
  6. Definitely gave up too early on him. They still had an option left to try to fix him this year.
  7. I agree with everything except POSSIBLY trade Buck and Berrios. If you get offered a haul at the trade deadline you take it because they help a team for 2 playoff runs rather than only 1. Only do it if you get at least a GOOD package AND they REFUSE to sign any extension by the trade deadline.
  8. I have no idea how you can berate the Pressly trade NOW after already seeing Alcala succeeding and with Celestino close to being MLB ready at AA. Alcala is really "nothing" to you but hope? We traded 1.5 years of Pressley on a non contending team in 2018 for 6-7 years of Celestino and Alcala. I'd do that trade again in a heartbeat. I'd agree that it is easy to reload for 2022 by ditching Happ, Shoe, Colome, etc. but if you CANNOT reasonably extend Berrios or Buck by the trade deadline it makes sense to shop them around for difference making level prospects like Pache, Pearson, etc to see
  9. I think all 3 of Moran, Cano, and Mason are deserving of a promotion. Plenty of guys at AAA are struggling enough to either be demoted or released to make room for them in St Paul.
  10. It is worth mentioning that you only need 2 teams competing for one player to get into a theoretical "bidding war" on a trade piece. Obviously the more buyers the better but between Oakland, TB, and even the White Sox with Yermin slumping badly this past month+ I think that is enough teams that would be interested in Cruz to get at least 1 top 100 prospect or multiple high upside guys. From what I'm seeing reading lots of baseball writers on the Twins trade pieces most of them seem to believe Cruz will fetch a good return even as a rental for the same reasons he's been such a great fit for the
  11. Logical fit and honestly the Twins can and SHOULD include cash given TB's payroll constraints. TB has so many legit prospects they have trouble keeping them all on their 40man roster! Getting 1 or 2 guys with some high upside or low level top 100 guy like Shane Baz for Cruz should be doable.
  12. You are reading a report from when he signed as a 16 year old... Hopefully it's just nerves from being called up and/or only having played for a month after not playing last year but you cannot write off a prospect after only 2 games. Mike Trout absolutely SUCKED his first month that he was called up.
  13. Agree 100% with this. He's a multi time All Star, still young, durable, and has upside. He'll get something around what Zach Wheeler got, maybe a little less. If the Twins are out of it they should definitely listen to offers for him because he's not signing an extension, let alone a "team friendly" one. Of the prospects you listed the Blue Jays guys are the only ones in the Top 100 at MLB.com and are generally regarded as top 100 type guys around the industry. Much like they did with Duran I don't mind them searching for projectable high upside young arms in a trade but given Jose's trac
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