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Game Thread: Twins Vs. Tigers, 7/26/21 @ 7:10pm CT


Good Evening Twins fans and welcome back to more Game Thread fun and entertainment! The Minnesota Twins kick off a 3 game series tonight against the lowly Detroit Tigers. We are actually lower than the Tigers but I still think of them as lowly. I'm not sure what to cheer for tonight. Maybe we should turn this game thread into trade discussions before the deadline...what else is there to talk about? 

Speaking of the trade deadline, it sounds like the Yankees may be interested in Max Kepler. With that ultra short right field wall in Yankee Stadium he might be the next Babe Ruth! Before we get into tonights lineups I thought I would opine about the Twins organization as I see it right now. Do we do another complete rebuild or a semi-rebuild? I don't think I can stomach a complete tear down/rebuild. Honestly that seems exhausting to me. Do we need to take advantage of some players current situations? Of course we do! As much as I enjoyed Nelson Cruz, we did get a good haul from Tampa Bay.

Who's next to be traded or signed to an extension? Not really sure but I wouldn't mind seeing Sano, Simmons and Pineda gone. I'd prefer to sign an extension with Buxton and Berrios. If we can't sign Buxton to an extension it might be a complete rebuild anyway. Now I'm starting to get depressed thinking about this. Game Threads are supposed to be fun with snappy conversations and polite banter among other Twins fans. Sorry if I sucked you down the rebuild pit of despair.

Go ahead and voice your opinion tonight on the ONE player you want to see either traded or signed to an extension. I have a suspicion the next few days will be filled with some drama within the Twins organization. Can't wait to see what happens.

Go Twins!! 

Tonights Lineups:


1. Max Kepler, RF

2. Brent Rooker, DH

3. Jorge Polanco, 2B

4. Josh Donaldson, 3B

5. Mitch Garver, C

6. Trevor Larnach, LF

7. Miguel Sano, 1B

8. Jake Cave, CF

9. A. Simmons, SS

P - Michael Pineda, (R)



1. Akil Baddoo, LF

2. J. School, 1B

3. Miguel Cabrera, DH

4. J. Candelario, 3B

5. Eric Haase, C

6. Harold Castro, SS

7. Willi Castro, 2B

8. Victor Reyes, RF

9. Derek Hill, CF

P - Matt Manning (R)

Weather: Hot! 90 degrees. 1% chance of rain

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1 minute ago, LVTwinsfan said:

So Buxton turned down $80M for 7 years? Is that correct ?

who knows for sure exactly what he turned down ... but this is how negotiations go

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Just now, LVTwinsfan said:

I wonder how much a part time player is actually worth

Well, that's the issue ... will he remain a part-time player or not? He certainly has a very high ceiling. But negotiations aren't done.

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3 minutes ago, Winston Smith said:

Is there a good reason for Cave to be playing at this point of a lost season?

To try and prove that getting rid of Lamont Wade wasn't a bad idea, perhaps?

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2 minutes ago, LA VIkes Fan said:

I agree. Why Cave? Seems like he isn't part of the future.  Give those ABs to... well.... Gordon? Refsnyder?  Choices aren't real great.... 

Mark Contreras, maybe? Jimmy Kerrigan? The only reason why not is because they'd need to be DFA'd at the end of the year to make room on the 40 man.

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