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  1. Could be, I thought I read the reason he was traded was he wasn't willing to sign with the Twins and wanted to test free agency. Don't think he would've signed a 7 year deal if he didn't at least find it tolerable there
  2. There were a couple articles when he signed with Toronto saying how happy he was there and how much he liked the team and the city.
  3. Interesting that they aren't showing the swings on Gameday replays of home runs, something to do with tipping pitches or what?
  4. Good stuff Larnach, what is going on, back to juiced balls.
  5. Fangraphs article today about the Yankees pitchers said this guy was due some regression, glad we can help him out with that.
  6. Archer must have read the article on here about him and decided to turn it up a notch!
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