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  1. I am still a ride or die twins fan but if I'm being honest I completely checked out of the last six games primarily cuz I'm sick of being upset and disappointed and I knew Atlanta was going to sweep them... the fact that they can't even figurte out a way to compete right now has me wanting to sell off my season tickets at least until something changes... maybe when they decide to dump the class A minor league hitting coach and get a real one
  2. What a relief...best decision they have made as of lately...it's one thing to be in a hitting slump, but Miranda does not know how to play 3rd base....really makes a fan miss Urshela. Farmer is a much better all around player and gets key hits. Miranda lost me last year with his record number of hitting into double plays; buzz kill
  3. For a guy who suddenly can't pitch, he sure chirps at the ump and gets into it with the opposing team a lot. That kind of mouth running is better left to players who can back it up with good pitching...ironically, the best pitchers don't feel the need to act like that. By the way, did anyone laugh out loud like I did when Celestino stole 2nd base today??? I mean the guy or any of our players, havn't tried to steal a base all year when it mattered, but now that we are out of contention, he steals?? wtf? I know a lot about the game, but the back office stuff I'm not as clear on...is there any possible way they will fire Rocco? Or will he survive because of all the injuries we had? Is that an excuse for him? How much accountability is there on the coaching staff and managers for the constant hamstring and groin (and other avoidable) inujuries that helped knock us out of contention? #RoccoMustGo
  4. Would have been nice to see him pitch again...not sure what the thought is behind waiving him, he's got a lot more going for him than most of them.
  5. I suggest the AAA version of the Twins just get on the plane and go home; this is embarassing. Rocco just keeps throwing random players on the field, but doesn't actually adjust to anything. No bunts, no steals, and he still manages to ef up the bullpen choices. Can't stand that guy or his fake serenity. The Twins may want to revisit their approach in the off season; scrap the "analytics or die" approach, especially when you are not playing with your stars; play small ball like most small market teams do to get to the playoffs...a couple of guys name Kelly and Gardenhire could tell you about it. On the injury front, the majority of these injuries we have been saddled with are not bad luck, just poor conditioning and training. Time to clean house and that includes Rocco, all strength and conditioning staff including the trainers, Pete Maki and Popkins...goodbye. I hope Wes is happy down in the Bayou.. btw, what a shitey thing to do. Players? bye Pagan, maybe quit praying on the mound for 10 minutes before your starts or find a different higher power that actually helps you pitch better. Lopez has lost all trust, next topic. Might as well have kept Duffey. Miranda is overrated, but he's just a rookie,not his fault..he hits into inning ending double plays on a regular basis...and he's too short to play 1st base. Nick Gordon is a defensive liability no matter where he plays in the field, cocky and entitled...also, he is not good enough to be arrogant. A little humility might serve him well. Kepler wasn't hitting long before his "injury". Just beating the ball into the ground game after game; zero adjustments made on a consistent basis, Might be time for Buxton to retire, talent beyond comparison, but his body was not built for this game...I like Urshela, hope we keep him. Correa will not want to come back after this disaster and I don't blame him...my season ticket package includes the last games with the Sox, I'm fairly sure those wont be meaningful games..
  6. Not sure what players would outwardly admit they don't like how Rocco manages.....but those that make negative comments about Rocco and his analytics on steroids have a point regarding pitching switches and especially batting order chaos. A lot of teams are yanking the starting pitcher after 5 or 6 innings becasue the data does show that teams will hit after facing a pitcher a couple of times. Unfortunately for the Twins in past months, the long relief and other bullpen guys were not good. So now the starting pitching and relief is good enough (accept for Pagan, he is a lost cause) that leaves us with hitting and the batting order/s. I have not missed a game this year; I have season tickets and when I don't go to the game, I watch them. I'm not an MLB player, but I have heard from every single guy that does commentary (Hawkins, Perkins, Smalley, Morneau, etc) that players typically excel and relax when they know where they are in the batting order and in the field on a consistent basis. Analytics only go so far when you art talking about hitting and batting orders...there is such a thing as overthinking it and taking the human element out of the equation. Whatever your opinion may be, analytics are not cutting it for this Twins team and I don't think Rocco is the right guy for the job if he can't be less rigid about analytics. The talent is above average on this team, and the season is blowing up before our eyes... and at some point, the responsibility is with the hitting coach and particularly, the manager. By the way, are we ready to admit that the Pagan and Paddack trade for Rogers was so bad? WTF
  7. Emjay


    All Star game and its subsequent "all stars" is a bunch of krap anyway; it is a popularity contest; especially for large market teams/players. Why was Buxton there? I have no idea; ironic that he did hit the winning homerun, but of course, small market, so no MVP. It's all a joke
  8. It's the Tampa Bay way...nothing remotely like the Twins way of the past...anyone missing Terry Ryan yet?
  9. Be that as it may, you can't just assume that he is going to be injured again in 2022 and make decisions based in that...in fact, I would argue that I saw a difference in the way he played when he came back at the end of last season. He was still brilliant, but he smarter about diving and crashing into the wall. He is a once in decade caliber player, you just don't give up or throw the towel in on that kind of talent.
  10. Next to trading Buck, this is the worst idea I have ever heard....at some point, you need to just stop trading away homegrown talent and build around somebody for cripes sake.
  11. I was thinking the same think...they talk a lot and say nothing; just like their manager Rocco. Blah blah blahhhhh
  12. I'm not sure what they are trying to accomplish aside from giving the fans the middle finger and insulting Buck and our entire homegrown cluster of talent. I like JD and I understand why they made some of the moves they did at the time they did, but now it has blown up into the most pathetic hot mess and outright failure of any front office in the league...who does this crap? You gamble away Berrios....outch, you toss away Cruz like he is yesterday's trash...but okay, we will recover...but Buxton??? Neither this team or the fans will recover from that move anytime soon. They dynamic duo has failed and so has their manager and most of his coaches. Hey guys, take your season tickets and shove 'em.
  13. The Twins organization has gambled enough with their penny pinching...sign Buck, give him what he wants. or we are going to have another Big Papi outcome to haunt us forever. How many players can play at his level??? 15 Million just for showing up at the field. Bonus incentives if he doesn't end up injured for more than 30 games
  14. I would say TL is a bit overrated. he is below average speed in the field and on the bases below average fielder and not exactly showing a high Baseball IQ... he may start hitting again but those other things aren't necessarily going to change drastically, so that makes him a backup or AAA...
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