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Twins Pursuit of Paddock

Doc Munson



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The Twins go all offseason barely touching on the rotation, then they make a move for Sonny Gray. Ok a decent move, but again trading away Chase Petty is only a good move if they make other good moves. Then with abotu a week or so to go before real games they sign Chris Archer.  OK, doesnt really move the needle, but isnt a move that will hurt you. Now on the Eve of what would have been the Twins Opener there are strong indications the Twins are trying to get Chris Paddock from the Padres.


I don't care if you get him for a bag of used batting practice balls. He brings ZERO added value above what we already have available to us!!!

It is crazy to say we are already flush with pitchers, BUT... we are already flush with THAT KIND of pitchers!!!

We have 3 quality starters a 4th with potential and a 5th starter we can easily replace with Winder after his first few horrible starts.


Top 3:

Sonny Gray, Joe Ryan and Bailey Ober.  Quality pitchers, 2 of the 3 unproven over the long haul, but still quality.

4th = Archer. yes a reclamation project a bit, but if you are selling hope, he can be a decent #4 with "flash games" where he dominates.

5th = Bundy is a joke. he will be out of the rotation and off the team by the end of May, but that will allow Winder to step right in. and we have a couple other potential starters who could use the first month to get in pitching shape as well.

SO what does adding Paddock do?  He doesnt replace the top 3, or even top 4. so that means Bundy goes. and even with all of the afore mentioned Bundy Bashing, he has been good in Spring. so you gonna replace him now??


It makes ZERO sense to bring in another pitcher unless it is a marked improvement over another pitcher. And Paddock simply isnt. 

By every single metric he is a pitcher who had a good rookie year and has gotten progressive worse each year after. PLUS has injury concerns with his pitching arm!!!

What is even MORE alarming are the reports that we would consider moving Taylor Rodgers!!!!!  Seriously???  I understand Jhoan "Splinker" Duran could be a bullpen stud, but to move Rodgers in a package for Paddock???  This could be rampant speculation, but if this happens the Twins better get some SERIOUS other compensation for Rodgers.



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Cant agree with you here.  Paddack was a to 50 MLB prospect a few yrs ago (2019) has put up decent number at the MLB level. TO say he has no upside is fare off.  He would absolutely fit in our rotation and be a better option the any of the current AAA starters.  


Now I do not want to give up Taylor Rogers for him.  But so say he has no value to this team is crazy talk!

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8 hours ago, High heat said:

He would absolutely fit in our rotation and be a better option the any of the current AAA starters.  

Perhaps you are correct, but the Twins wouldn't sign any free agents because it was time to allow their prospects to get some innings. This rationale has been touted, nearly across the TD board, all winter long and now there is a movement away from Winder, Balazovic, etc. Which is it? Also, where does he fit? I guess #6.

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I don't remember the Twins beating the pitching prospect drum.  They did not get a starter in free-agency and that failure is why we have Correa and they felt the need to get another MLB starter.  If we got a first-wave free-agent starter we would  not have Correa now.  There will be plenty of need for minor-league starters.  They used 16 different starters last year.  At least one of Bundy/Archer will be gone soon.  Has anyone money had a successful comeback from Thoracic Outlet?  If either one is kept, it will only be good news because it means they are successful.

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Paddack’s first 3 seasons look like a lot of high end prospects numbers while they are learning.  The raw material here is very good, is 26 years old, and comes with 3 years of control.  It would not be surprising to see him at or near the front of our rotation in a year or two.  Pagan also has a very good arm and good control with 2 years of team control left.  My opinion is that these are both pitchers who need a new environment and more thoughtful coaching.  There is a lot to like here.

Rogers is the oldest player here and the one at the most risk of injury and is in the decline phase of his career..  He had one year of control left.  If he has the good year that so many fans seem to expect he will be $9mm+ Next year.  If he doesn’t he could be looking for a job late next winter.  Brent Rooker was most likely someone we would have been releasing within 30 days for his roster spot.

I rate this a solid win for the Twins



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7 hours ago, jimmyc said:

I don't remember the Twins beating the pitching prospect drum.  They did not get a starter in free-agency and that failure is why we have Correa and they felt the need to get another MLB starter. 

I too don't remember anything from the FO about this being the prospect try-out year. All words from them were that they were looking to complete, but it seems that every article that reported that follow it with skepticism, or downright disagreeing. Along with the consensus in baseball being that the Twins wouldn't compete, and they we're just saving face with their comments.


As far as the trade, I give it a solid B today, but has A potential if Paddack makes a few key adjustments, and can bounce back, along with Pagan. Both have been nasty in the not-so-recent past and show real bounce back potential.

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Although I agree that I don't understand the Pallack trade but I disagree w/ the assessment of the core rotation. Although I've had caution about Bundy, I've also had hope, he has proved that right now he's our strongest SP with hope he can maintain it throughout the season. Ryan & Ober are promising but haven't been proven yet,  Gray had a decent debut but from the beginning I have doubts about his durability. Again with hope that Gray can gain strength to be able to pitch up to his expectations. I don't see Archer as a project, he's a proven SP with a lot of upside. With PIT and injuries behind him and when he gets properly stretched out, I see him as the Twins ace,

Face value I don't get the Pallack trade. A proven closer for a broken SP. Paddack doesn't seem to be a MN fit. And if they think they could fix him why obtain him after ST? They think they can fix him on the fly? Good luck with that! 

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I was rather shocked when I’m saw Rogers traded, but I think it will be a good trade for the Twins. I consider Paddock a diamond in the ruff. He young (age 26) has and a roller coaster career and that’s ok at age 26. He can now settle in with some consistency and be Twins winner. Pagan will bring value to the bullpen too.  At the end of the 2022 season, I feel Paddock will be more valuable to the Twins than Rogers would have been. Rogers was too fragile to handle the 2022 season. That’s why game is played.

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