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Sick of seeing Molitor Criticism




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Whats with all the Molitor Criticism? He should be blamed for Sano beng a child? Buxton Injuries? Morrison ineptness?


Have you noticed Molitor cant bat? Wow...this guy the only coach in HISTORY to take a team from worst to the playoff, is the problem?


Did Molitor make Polanco PED? Did Molitor make Dozier look like Father Time?


Cmon...get a grip!



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Come on worst to first? Who was the manager when the team was the worst? Not Molitor? First??? Are you sure? Barely made the one game playoff and lost? That's what you meant FIRST? Please make sense.

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Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought Twins Daily gives all of us a forum to discuss the pros and cons of the Twins. You have been critical of many players this season with a “ get rid of this guy” attitude. Which is your right. I think it’s also ok to criticize managers and coaches who may or may not have contributed to this horrid season. For what it’s worth, I think Paul Molitor might be a great guy and was a terrific player, but IMHO, he leaves a lot to be desired as a manager.

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There just doesn't seem to be soething right with the team. You can blame the front office, the manager, the players. But the field staff is supposed to at least try and get the best they can from the players. The front office is supposed to try and repair any problems from the players. The players need to stop thinking about future contracts.


I look at Molitor and think...line-up construction. I have no answer, but something isn't working here.


I see the age old problem that we even had with Gardy, leaving a starter in fo begin an inning too far. Having no rhyme or reason to bullpen usage. 


But I also wonder about clubhouse leadership. If players aren't going to do it, who does it?





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Agree 100% Rosterman! Especially with your point on line-up construction.

The batting order is almost exactly the same every day, with no regard to players that are going good or slumping (looking at you, Dozier)

Same thing with relievers: Presley, then Duke, then Hildy, then hopefully Rodney

Doesn’t pitch guys like Magill for 10days, then expects him to be lights out.

A team adopts the attitude of their manager, and he takes losses to easily......


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Last to first? IIRC this team wasn't anything to brag about the first half of last year also. Then an incredible stretch of lousy competition in the second half of 2017 helped fuel your narrative. That and a group of players all having career half years at the same time offensively. But the fact is that in the last 2 1/2 years the twins have played well in one half of one year. This equates to 20% of the time frame. There is something wrong here. And it's not just injuries and bad luck. The Sano RF experiment? Buxton opening the season in the 3 spot? Bunting like a fool for 2 years, and then abruptly not bunting? Bring the IF in early in games with a runner on third? Burning bullpen pitchers. One can nitpick each item, but the total of them is alarming.

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If the Twins play poorly the next two weeks before the All-Star break, I hope the powers-that-be start manning the phones. Coming off the break, the Twins have three games on the road in KC, then face the Jays and Red Sox, which should be a treat, before the Indians. Ten games or more behind come mid-month, are the Twins considered sunk?

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When you have a team that has 3 batters hitting above league average and maybe 2 position players playing better than replacement level, complaints about lineup construction seem petty It is not like there is much down in Rochester to help. Wade is looking like on paper he is figuring out AAA. When Cave falter I would guess he will get his shot.


Molitor and bullpen usage. Molitor uses his bullpen like he has no concern for yesterday or tomorrow. He is trying to win that day. The problem is which pitchers he trusts. Rodney, Reed,. Others fall out of favor when they falter. Hildenberger, Rogers Presslyand Duke fit the profile. Is it the coaching or the pitcher's ability? Questionable bullpen, questionable usage goes hand in hand. It is the easy shot to take.

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Hey guys. We're are below 500.  We can't hit. The relievers are shi*  The fielding stats aren't bad, but most of our errors were ruled hits.


Still, we are only half way thru the season. Polanco is back.  No telling what we'll do in the 2nd half.


and Molly still sucks as a manager.  :D

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When your offense is struggling and a player gets hot, hits a Grand Slam, why does he get benched the next 2 games? 

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