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  1. Also agree the Wallner is unlikey to play here with the logjam in front of him. Expect unless he tears the cover off the ball, he will spend the year in St. Paul. Given the normal pitching staff injuries, I expect one of Varland and Woods-RIchardson to spend the bulk of the year in Minnesota, I lean toward Woods-RIchardson, because he is closer to being ready. Varland could force his way here, but less likely than Woods-RIchardson. So that is my pick.
  2. I can see giving Gray no more than another 2 years, maybe around 2/30 after this year. That is probably not going to work, but I worries about mid 30's pitchers, unless you are sure he can either keep the velocity up or reinvent as more of a control piece.
  3. If you are going to use Miranda, it will be at 3B with Arraez at 1st. This lets you rotate players thru the DH. I feel that this deal was agreed to before Urshala was traded and only made after the spot was cleared. That is why Legumina was added to the 40 man. Farmer was brought in to help against left handers (he is almost useless against rightes), and to cover SS if no other SS is signed. Gordon is not an infielder any more and I think the Twins have figured this out, I expect Gorden or another outfielder to be traded before spring training to clear the logjam. Or maybe late in spring training after the Twins figure out if Kirlloff is ok or Laurnach is ready to step up. Still lots of moving parts here. I expect a lot more action.
  4. It's dangerous, but I agree with this, with option 3 being the best. You can't measure what a player brings with leadership and attitude. Go get him.
  5. I saw an article today, that the Twins were going to make a major offer to Correra. This could be just Boras blowing smoke to drive up offers or maybe the Twins have decided to spend here, add a couple of relievers and maybe a spare OF and call it good. The downside risk is starting pitching will need the youngsters to come through, upside is if they do, we will be competitive in a good way.
  6. Maybe the difference with Sisk is stuff. IF Legumina has high 90's heat that could be the difference. There are probably a lot of relievers like Sisk out there. I could be wrong, but that is my guess. With only 13 players in the majors (non pitchers), it is much harder to stash a player who will not have to be used at some point. I believe this is the gamble the FO is taking.
  7. I see Henriquez making the club, Someone has to pitch multiple innings when the starter departs early. You will probably need 2 of these. I can see Sisk at some point in time, he has little left to prove in AAA. Rest are later.
  8. Fullmer is the only one of the three I am interested in. Alcala will be back (hopefully) and we have others we can look at. There should be plenty of options better than Rodgers, May and Pagan.
  9. I think it depends on what you think with Lewis, Lee, Miller and others. Is one of them going to be able to man SS in the long run (at least 6 years). That decision is what is going to make the Twins offseason come together. If the answer is yes, then using the Correa money on pitching is the way to go. If not, you have to sign a SS and hope 2 - 3 of the young pitchers come through. Next year will be more normal, but Twins need to put a better product on the field to increase attendance back to where it should be. Pitching still wins, did you see what the Astros bullpen did over the course of the playoffs, that is how the Twins should play it, hope the young pitchers get there in the pen, and sign a closer or two very good relievers to multi year deals.
  10. I also don't think you should extend him. If he has a good year make him a QO for 2024, then move on. Some pitchers can pitch well from 35 - 40, most don't.
  11. IF you are not going to sign Contreras, then Narvaez won't break the bank and would work for me.
  12. I don't feel the Twins will win any bidding wars, which is what Rodon will take. I am guessing the Yankees up the payroll and game after this year as Cashman feels the heat and Yankee payroll gets close to $300 million and they send some starters on their way and pay for quality.
  13. I am ready for one of them to take over either second or third. I like working the pitchers and running up pitch counts. So maybe if the league puts a stop to the shuttle service, wreaking pitching staffs will be a talent. Would like to see the shuttle cut to 3 baring injury.
  14. Depends on where you take your risks. I think you need 2 bullpen pieces, a catcher, a right handed hitting outfielder (this are around), and maybe a starter or a shortstop. Would prefer the starter (we have shortstops in the pipeline), and look at the top end (Rodon, maybe Bassett, or others closer to that end), Otherwise we need to see what our young pitchers have to make decisions at the end of 2023.
  15. Don't see much there. Am more likely to roll with either a top of the rotation or more lockdown bullpen help. We seem to have enough starters unless one falls into our lap, but 2 extra bullpen pieces would really help.
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