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  1. I feel by season's end this club will not be close to the worst pitching staff. FO overestimated the ability or what they had left of 4 pitchers who account for some of the issues(Happ,Shoemaker,colume, Dobnak). Also cameos by Smeltzer, stashak. Relief pitchers vary wildly year by year, but we needed better starting pitching. Time to cut bait and bring up the youngsters, can't be any worse than what we have now.
  2. It proves that good starting pitching wins or at least gives you a good chance to win the game. Looks like Ober is a part of the future, let's try some other of the young pitchers and see what we have. Maybe the FO is hoping Happ and Shoemaker can pitch well enough to draw some interest, does not look like that is going to happen, so cut our losses.
  3. Dobnak should be the next to go. There will be plenty of roster moves if this does not turn around in the next 6 weeks.
  4. I am still in the fire Rocco camp as you can't fire the players. (all of them). As far as pitching, we don't know yet as it takes a fair number of years before changes show up, will be much more concerned if we can't develop pitching two years from now. We might as well trade, let a fair number of veteran pitchers go to see what the kids do. We still have the issue I have noted elsewhere with Berrios and buxton. You either have to extend them or trade them this midseason to get maximum value and I will not give the front office a pass if they do neither. That is a Pohlad decisi
  5. Depends on your view. If a retool then 2 - 3 years at about 14 - 15 seems about right. if a rebuild then trade him. I tend most of this depends on whether you can resign either Berrios or Buxton. If not either and you are trading both, then you are talking probably 2024 to see results. Pitching pipeline seems to be coming, not so sure of the hitting.
  6. Do not think either Buxton or Kepler will be back quickly, maybe close to the end of June from what I am seeing (about 20 days if we are lucky). Turtle will just be needed to fill in elsewhere.
  7. Will be interesting to see how he handles the club when health returns. I have just lost confidence in him.
  8. One question for you, do you see Baldelli being the manager in 2023 or 2024 when the next Twins window will start to open (hopefully)? If not, then maybe this can be turned around with a different voice. All managers/coaches are hired to be fired, at some time the players start tuning the leader out. My look from 50,000 feet is this is starting to happen.
  9. I think you are all low on what Berrios will command, my guess is he wants in the 20 - 25 range. That is high for me, given what I feel he is worth. Don't know what he could bring back, but some organizations have prospects who are blocked and might be available. Pitching is the key, or middle infield or 3B. We have outfielders for the time being, unless you are including Kepler or the like to bring back better players.
  10. I think the Twins need a manager with some fire in him. Baldelli has to go. You can't fire the players.
  11. the white sox have also had significant injury issues, they have survived. Maybe Rocco is too much a player's manager and this ballclub has a fair number of Latin ballplayers and they tend to be a little more fiery. Could be the clubhouse needs a temperament change. Some of it is FO related, where putting together a bullpen seems to have failed this year. But everyone failing at the same time. All I see is the excuses for this happening. You need to have someone take responsibility.
  12. The biggest thing here is the rule change starting in 2020 with a runner on second in extra innings changed the bullpen dynamics. You now need pitchers in these innings with stuff to strike hitters out. Outside of Acala the Twins do not have that type of pitcher. It was known this is the future, and the FO did not make adjustments for it. That is not Rocco's fault, but player management is. Just remember one thing, you can't fire the players.
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