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  1. Thanks Seth, great article. Twins have a very deep farm system, probably without the super top players which bring you the higher rankings in the farm system reports. This I probably why I have felt with the coming 40 man roster decisions, we need to find out which prospects are real and which might flame out. I am just hoping we don't lose Gore in the rule 5 draft. Should be interesting, though I am afraid of how long it will take the new CBA to be worked out.
  2. I think the biggest thing for players is the number of club owners who don't care about the major league product, just taking a run for about 2 years out of 10 and making lots of money on it. A salary floor in the 80 - 100 million range would at least force some money to be spent, not the current 40 - 60 million payrolls the bottom feeders have. It would help the mid level players who can be replaced by rookies at half the cost. You are not going to be able to sell a hard salary cap and bigger revenue sharing at this time (this would really help to make the product wonderful). Service time is an issue, but maybe you make the rule that any time over 60 days counts as a full year and any time over 20 days counts as a half year. That at least would end some of the blatant stuff.
  3. I feel the Twins should use this year as a testing grounds for these pitchers. Why waste their bullets in St. Paul when we can see how they fare up here. I would expect at least Winder to join Ryan in the Twins rotation, with some of the rest not far behind. Until the last week of spring training you will not learn much, unless these pitchers start the game against the other major league players (on the road). I have high hopes for most of the top 5, with Woods-Richardson being the one that I would not have in the top 5 yet.
  4. Good article. I think a couple of the starters will wind up also in the bullpen, so hopefully the pitching will improve in 2022.
  5. Still have questions, may have preferred Twins protected Gore rather than Vallimont. Think both are good, but Gore may be more projectable. Good chance Vallimont never makes it, but if he does will be a real weapon. Rest are lower level pitchers I know little about, but still a great article.
  6. Problem is at this time the FO unlike the Rays, does not trade the correct pitching prospects. so it is better to keep all of them. And hope 25 - 33% of them work out.
  7. Trade will not happen with Winder until people are sure of his health. I am hoping that he is healthy and he starts either in St. Paul or with the Twins. Twins have a lot of possibilities. So if a number of them make it over the next few years, we should be fine for starters. Like Cleveland it is a numbers game. This is what the FO was brought in to do. Build very good teams with a budget around $130 million. We may do better if more than 2 - 3 hit.
  8. Yes, but this group needs a couple or 3 minor leaguers to make it for this to be a top notch group. My fear is that the FO will add more middle of the road types, and they will pitch in the first half and be no help. Mason, Moran, Cano and a couple of converted starters in the minor could make this a position of strength. We just have to give some of them a chance.
  9. You are assuming the Twins would sign either pitcher to an extension. That might be either very difficult or impossible. That is why I would not do a trade without the extension as a given. Risk vs reward. Pipeline is lined up. Plenty of pitchers play up, plenty of super prospects fail. That is why this FO is here. Give them the chance. If the next two years prove them wrong, then bring the pitchforks.
  10. It seems to be more of a numbers game and we have a lot of possible numbers. For the pitching staff I always felt 2022 was going to be a find out what we have year. And hope a lot it works out. Then fill the holes next off season.
  11. Saw Barnes was released and signed overseas, I think in Korea (according to mlbtraderumores). Look at Cleveland, they just seem to grow pitching prospects on trees. Hopeing we have the same success here. It may take another year to see what we have. Then you use money to fill the holes.
  12. Interesting group. Gore is one of the pitchers the Twins could lose in the rule 5, as he would be easy to stash and see what you have for a bad team. IF our pitching is really this deep, we could be in better shape than we know.
  13. We can all hope he returns, but it would not surprise me that the league adjusted and his stuff does not play well enough to continue on.
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