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  1. To me the way Rocco is using his bullpen is scary, it works well now, but will it work well when the overused pen starts to flame out later in the year. Unless management plan is 1. Alacla will be back 2. the rookies starters in Wichita will be in the pen later in the year. Both require faith. This team could still fall apart quickly later in the year. Good thing is the hitting is not at where it probably wind up. But the only effect the manager will have is on bullpen usage. And that scares me.
  2. my opinion is that he gets 1 or 2 more starts, Ober you can send on a rehab assignment, so there will be some time. Gray will return to the rotation. When Ober is ready, if things do not improve Bundy will be toast. We cannot afford to waste time with marginal starters. Winder has certainly earned a position in the rotation.
  3. I don't think sending Jax or Sands back down when Gray returns is going to be an issue. Garlick could also be headed for the DL and take care of one promotion. Who starts is more of a question when Ober returns than who stays. I believe the board is correct on kirloff, he will have to hit his way out of St. Paul and the Twins could still option him there for a while. Laurach looks much better this time through and maybe has figured things out enough to stay.
  4. Probably the best chance of help comes from St. Paul or Wichita. Teams are not trading viable pitchers this early. And yes there are a couple of guys that I would not have on this staff.
  5. Unless Vallimont turns it around soon, doubt he will be on the 40 man past mid year. Glad to see the pitching hold up, we will soon need bullpen reinforcements here
  6. duffey can maybe still be effective in a lessor role. I feel that Thielbar and Stashek will not be part of the next good Twins team and we should be working on there replacements now.
  7. That is why you bring up Moran. You can't afford a total question mark for a reliever. Thielbar is unusable except against a lefty for the 3rd out of an inning. That is a very poor use of resources.
  8. I also would DFA Thielbar and Stashek. Bring up Moran and Cano. If you can't trust the pen, a lot of it is replaceable. Especially the bottom end.
  9. Pitch selection was bad. Rodriquez had fanned on breaking pitches, why even throw him a fastball in the zone (unless Duffey missed, I don't know). All the hits came off fastballs, probably not located well. Find another pitcher and use Duffey in much earlier spots. Duran or Alcala would be my preference, Pagan would have been fine. But the pitch selection and pitcher usage was curious.
  10. This is why we need to fire Rocco now. In the case use a closer who has closed before, you only have 2.
  11. Rocco also has Thielbar who has closed for the Twins before. Why didn't he use a player who had been there before in this spot. Also Jeffers, why throw Rodriquez a fastball when he had whiffed on 3 breaking pitches.
  12. My guess is the Twins go with a 6 man rotation early to save arms and assess. Bundy will have a very short lease. this also protects them against an Archer flameout. Just hope that Alcala and Duran step up. This is what this move is about.
  13. Interesting, shows a lot of faith in Duran and Alcala. Rodgers was not being extended anyway, so cashing is the correct play.
  14. Couple of thoughts. Twins could take the Myers contract, which is only for this year. Would hate to give up a left handed hitting outfielder, as the Twins are right handed heavy. Back side is you can never have too much pitching, if Archer or Bundy implode or both and one of Ober and Ryan do not have a good year, you are going to need a lot more depth. You are asking 3 pitchers in ST. Paul or Wichita to step up, that is a big ask. Both Paddock and Gore where much more highly rated prospects than any of the Twins current minor league starters. If Duran and Alacla step up, Rogers will not be here next year. So if the deal is right, cash the chips. Would have to see the total deal before making an opinion on it. Like the framework however.
  15. According to MLBtraderumors the Guardians have agreed to extend Jose Rameriz, 5 years $124 million, full no trade clause. Maybe a new leaf in Cleveland
  16. Problem is with most FA signings, the great majority do not work out, unless you are signing from the top of the pile. And those contracts turn bad usually the last few years. To keep the Twins relevant and keep the club running well, you need the cheap pitching from the prospects. Cleveland has gotten it for years, and the Twins look like they are going that way. It is dangerous, but when you don't have unlimited money, you have to cut somewhere.
  17. I am a little more optimistic. We have to know what is in the pipeline or we will be losing pitchers, some who might turn out to be quite good. Twins pitching did very well in Wichita last year and hopefully will do well in Minneapolis and St. Paul this year. We will have to fly with what we have, and it could well be better than people believe. I just hope if the retreads go south early they are quickly cut (I have more rope for Archer than Bundy) and the pipeline is tested. Twins bullpen could be very good if Alcala and Duran both come through early. We have more velocity there than the Twins have ever had. Just hope the starting pitching can get us 5 - 6 innings and that maybe Maeda comes back in August and gives us a boost.
  18. Theilbar had multiple saves with the Twins the first time through. I would not sleep on Duran also being a big part of this pen. I think the pen will be fine, just the management of it will have to be watched.
  19. we have a lot of possible starters in St. Paul and Wichita, hopefully some of them will work out this year, I am thinking Winder.
  20. I don't want to see any of Rooker, Garlick, Smeltzer, Cave or others of the like here. We need to move forward and find players to fit this team.
  21. Arraez will DH and play 3B. Sano will play 1B and DH. My guess is that Sano and Sanchez will sit against tough rightes on righties. You will need a RH hitting outfielder to play when the opposition starts a leftie (Kepler should not be an option, unless the Lefty does better against righties. Rooker and Laurach should be in St. Paul. To start the season I am expecting 15 pitchers because of the short spring training. Gordon should give you a lot of coverage for a short term. We will be fine.
  22. Winder should be with the Twins in a starting role and Duran in the pen. Don't waste their bullets in St paul.
  23. I tend to agree with this more on pitchers and not so much on position players. Pitchers tend to decline quickly (except for the special few), and the last few years of those contracts can be bad. At the age these players were, do not see an issue. Twins will have a new TV contract in the next few years and the MLB keeps signing great contracts for rights. Those get shared. Also with inflation dollars today are greater than the same dollars tomorrow. For me on position players it depends on the fit and temperament. Twins have a lot of young pitchers coming, lets find out what we have.
  24. I would recommend the surgery and then put he on the 60 day DL. Best outcome and with a 30 day rehab, we may see what we have.
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