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  1. I think he will be back, as he has little value in a trade. However if he can be in a bigger package for a starter, go for it. It is evident the Wallner will probably replace him, and left field will be a combination of Laurach, Gordon and Kirlloff. There is little place for him here except as a 4th outfielder and Buxton replacement in center field.
  2. Great article Ted, and congratulations to Sisk and the rest of the placers. Command is such a big thing in the majors plus stuff, Would be interested in knowing how fast the fast ball of these pitchers are and how many of them rely on deception, because in my opinion, deception only goes so far as a lot of major league hitters can foal off pitches at a much higher rate until pounding a mistake. I know this is for the minor league season, but also wonder how many of these pitchers may have a big league future starting next season.
  3. I am not as down. For the first time, I feel the Twins have excess starting pitching and a decent bullpen. I would like to see them resign Fullmer as the bullpen to me seems to be the weaker area. It is hard when you only have 3 or 4 starting position players available from the start of the year. This is basically a AAA club they are running out there. The good news is the Gordon at least looks like a super utility guy, and an outfielder or two will probably come through next year. (Wallner, Laurach, Kirloff). Twins with this many young players will have money to spend. The only question is whether they use is wisely. Mahle is the big question mark to me as is this arm injury serious or just a blip. Do we extend him for a year or two to try and extract value if he is out for most of 2023. How many of the Twins young pitchers develop and are we looking at 2023 or 2024. Lots of good offseason discussion and plenty of room for risk taking.
  4. I don't think we are going to win with only 4 players starting who started the season. And many are out for a fair amount of time. We now have multiple pitchers that will be interesting which one they keep(my guess is the Archer and Bundy will not be back) as we have Ryan, Gray, Winder, Ober, Maeda, Mahle, Varland and others as starters, not counting Paddock who could be back later. For relievers we have Duran, Alacla, Lopez, Thielbar with either additions or some minor leaguers stepping up. Players we have Jeffers, Arraez, Polonco, Miranda, Urshala, Gordon, Kepler, Buxton, Kirloff, maybe Laurach and Celestino. A second catcher and a right handed outfielder are all the are missing here. Plus a SS, either Correra, or someone else, plus Lewis will be back at some point. This to me seems like a very competitive club with a few holes to fill. Some of you seem to be saying to tear it down or go on a spending spree. Neither is going to happen and the FO is going to be here. Worst thing this year was the bullpen that they constructed failed. I don't think anyone saw Alacla being out for the year. Or Paddock and Mahle going down injured. Outside of premier closers relievers are very fickle. Let the year play out and go get them next year.
  5. You forget about Winder and Varland, who covered some of those games and look like they belong. That going forward may be a good thing.
  6. Enlow seems to be a bullpen pitcher now. Maybe he can move up quickly to help.
  7. Rankings mean little if the top prospects are very upper level. Twins have added 3 top prospects from this year's draft. I am hoping Brooks Lee might make it in 2 - 3 years. We don't know why, but a lot of prospects also don't work out, so take these rankings with a grain of salt. Pittsburg with there finishes the last 30 years should have a top flight farm system, they do not. The one thing I am concerned about is development, since the Twins have a hard time developing pitchers. That has to change.
  8. I agree with the comment on why not use Sands for 2 innings tonight. Fullmer can probably pitch today, but would feel better if he also had the rest from yesterday.
  9. I don't think Dobnick or Smeltzer should be in the equation if this is to be a contending club. Either with Sands, though he might be the long reliever we need. SWR and Varland will need to prove themselves before we entrust them. We also I believe have Lopez in the pen next year and would try and sign Fulmer, therefore cut Pagan. Thielbar and Moran should be the lefties, so that is 6 - 7 bullpen spots spoken for. A breathing starter goes at about $10 million if you want any quality that is not a lottery ticket or rebound player. Twins if they add another pen piece should be fine if Maeda comes back. Maybe they don't need Bundy, but then either Ober or Winder had better be the real deal and that leaves the Twins needing some starting if injuries occur or things go south again in the rotation.
  10. You can never have too much pitching. Bundy is a close decision, much of it would depend on how to reallocate the money. Probably would pay the buyout, but let's see how he pitches the rest of the year. Youngsters may or may not be effective when they return, this would be an insurance policy. Do not see any newbies banging down the door, so we would have to replace him, at what cost.
  11. I have not seen the Twins team this year that could handle a .220 - .230 hitting SS with the catcher also being a low average player. Great teams are deep and can grind AB's. That is where I want the Twins to get. Correa if not going to be that expensive on a payroll of cheap pitching next year and for several years after. I want the Twins to go for it.
  12. It is far more necessary that he stays next year than what follows. Twins would have bring in another SS next year, until Lewis is ready (assuming Lewis can stay there for the next few years). I am hoping he stays, leadership is a big factor and he is showing it. Boris may try and bluff more money out, I am hoping the Twins do not bite if that is the case. Locking up a great pitching staff is more important than any one player. Twins have the makings of a very good pitching staff next year (at the currant time only lowing Fulmer(who I am hoping they can resign) and maybe Bundy (who can be replaced).
  13. I am still hoping we sign Correa long term with no opt outs. SS could be the one black hole here, unless Lewis can fill it starting 2024. With most of our pitchers being cheap the next few years, no reason we could not make this work. Liked the bullpen tonight, It is far deeper than it was, still could use more, but think Moran could help after the 10 days. Sands could just be a long man, blowout pitcher, that would also work, if we need 3 - 4 innings when the starter in ineffective. Hard to say where this goes, but hoping for the best.
  14. Am beginning to wonder if we will make a deal. Prices seem high, and this club has sprung a leak. Maybe it is time to make a few deals going both ways and bring up some of the kids. Just have not seen any kids that are really going well either.
  15. Since I have little knowledge would not the Northwoods league be a major step up for him? At least that is what I am hoping.
  16. I am more into the BPA, if that happens to be a pitcher fine. Was happy with the picks yesterday and hoping for more of the same today.
  17. I am hoping the Twins do not take another outfielder. System seems to have a lot of them at this time. Do not know what to think of the pitchers. I have heard the class is weak. Drafting for need does not work, so I guess it will work, but would prefer to having pitching if close.
  18. Could the Twins get by with an outfield prospect? If we take on all of his salary maybe an outfield prospect 8 - 20 range and a pitching lottery ticket could get it done. If we were really lucky they would take Jake Cave plus a better pitching prospect, but Contraous or maybe Wallner plus a little could get it done.
  19. Nice list Cody, Interesting debate. Twins seem to have plenty of possible position players for the next few years, so pitching is the way to go.
  20. Again then I guess you are fine with a bullpen ERA of 4.5. We are 29th now the last I looked. That is a big problem.
  21. Starters have done a great job, Issue is the pen. 2 runs is not a bad job, but breaking it down, Ryan went 7 innings and gave up 1 run, bullpen went 2 innings and gave up 1 run. That will not get the job done against better teams. Fix it now.
  22. I think the 2 most likely things are a trade or a DFA. A trade to a mid-level club that needs to cover injuries or a low level club the could use him and packaged with a prospect or two, bring back some relieve pitching. What is left of his price tag is not the great and the end of July, so he could have some value at that time. The good news is it will probably be close to the end of July before he is ready to play, so the timing is decent, otherwise you are looking at a DFA. Surely some club like San Diego could use hm and an outfielder, to bring back pitching.
  23. Buxton's HR fixed what was another meltdown by the pen. We still need 2 - 3 more relievers (and I understand they are not perfect) to fix the issue. We also need 1 - 2 bulk pitchers if your starter is only going 5 innings. This bullpen will be toast by August/September and I am afraid we may be a .500 club at that time. Still a great win, we have to beat the bad/mediocre clubs. (A lot)
  24. New relievers need to be here ASAP. New strategy against the Twins. 1. Run up pitch count against the starters. 2. Stay close until the late innings. 3. expect bullpen explosion from the Twins. 4. Win the game. Until they change the makeup of the bullpen, it is this simple.
  25. Rogers was one of the highest paid relievers in baseball, and relievers go up and down from year to year unless you are one of the 5 or 6 elite ones. Rodgers was not. A lot of this is money management, and most of the FO prior clubs did not spend top dollar for relievers. I don't think things went as planned, but does not mean this can't be fixed. I am in the group that unless your top reliever is in the elite category (Jansen, Chapman, in the old days Suter or Rivera) you just should not pay top dollar for them. Even the White Sox are having bullpen issues this year. Yes they need an upgrade, Twins have the prospect capital to pay for it, but they don't need to sell the farm to get help. Most relievers will get a 6 - 15 range prospect depending on the strength of the system.
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