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  1. If he continues on the path he was on, he will be one of the best players in baseball I know you have to give something to get something,I think this was NOT having to give up Lewis and Kiriloff, I was just getting ready to slam Twins FO, but they have indeed added valuable assets.
  2. I like relegating him to the bench, start Arreaez, and keep Schoop for depth, the one thing you can count on is Schoop striking out when you need him the most
  3. love Arreaz who doesnt? J Scoop hits an occasional homerun, but is he worth keeping around? Id have trouble deciding between Scoop and Sano for next player outside looking in.
  4. huhguy

    What gives?

    lol..twinsbaseball.com, the official site
  5. huhguy

    What gives?

    Its beyond me how TD staff doesnt think suppying their readers with pre season game results. I had to go to er..that other site to find out about games, that should not happen
  6. on Eduardo Escobar, the best and most important Twin in the last several years. As a latin player he can probably be effective to his late 30 s , His dugout presence is worth a majority of the money, I heard a player say, that when he was traded from the White Sox, it was the first time he had seen MLB players cry. Thats how I felt too...but on the flip side, if you can get 3 respectable prospects AND resign him, what a coup that would be huh? Anyway Falvine, overspend on him bring him home and let his career end in the Cities, Agree?
  7. I know ive said lay off Molitor, but a team cant play this flat unless totally uninspired. I say Fire Sale, and Lose Molitor with it.
  8. huhguy

    Fools Gold

    Yeah, yeah..9-2 on the home stand, yes they won as I said they had to, but you know what they beat the best college team in baseball, dropped one to the lowly Royals and most disturbing, couldnt throw a pitch the third place Rays couldnt hit..nope its over....there are some promising thoughts..1- Did Falvey assist with the draft in Cleveland? Lets hope so, they have built an incredible team. Did you see those numbers of the Indians in the All Star Game? Ramirez 29 Hr's Lindor 25...I want some! No we have A ball Sano, and the never gonna be great Buxton..(oh yeah his glove is elite) but his hitting is as bad as his defense is good..Jake Cave anybody? Im buying... So lets start over..bring up the young arms give em a chance....but this team simply put is not good enough,,,, While we are thinking other teams players, is Sucre for the Rays available?
  9. huhguy

    Tampa Series Key

    If the Twins beat the Rays in the series then there is real reason to hope, if not...Twins probably not coming back
  10. I was just thinking today, Im gonna free up a lot of my time and let the Twins be....sick of watching them... but THEN..they call up Astudio? gulp..im back in!
  11. Whats with all the Molitor Criticism? He should be blamed for Sano beng a child? Buxton Injuries? Morrison ineptness? Have you noticed Molitor cant bat? Wow...this guy the only coach in HISTORY to take a team from worst to the playoff, is the problem? Did Molitor make Polanco PED? Did Molitor make Dozier look like Father Time? Cmon...get a grip!
  12. Trevor May D Enns M Littell Please vote.. As bad as Enns was, May was beyond awful, I think LIttell will be back, smarter and more determined, but this performance sends him to the back of the pack of the Next wave PLEASE VOTE!
  13. How about Meija and May for the next Wilson Ramos? Maybe we get an A ball Pitcher too?
  14. huhguy

    Escobar and Magill

    I shudder to think about the Twins with what I think is there best player Escobar. That said, you have to rest him, Watch him swing, he's exhausted, love him but he cant play all the time, not to the level he's capable of. How good is Magill? Was he awesome last night or what?
  15. Trevor May would NOT be an asset to the current Twins Pitching staff when Hughes was around yes but who do you replace now? May got battered around at Rochester tonight conjuring up memories of his former self, If the Twins are smart...they will only bring hm back in case of an injury
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