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  1. Leaving Dobnak in the rotation wouldn't been a decision based just in spring training. He earned it based on the prior two years and contract extension. Shoemaker should have been the one who had work out of the bullpen to start.
  2. Robbie Grossman went from a horrible fielder to a Gold Glove finalists in one year after leaving Minnesota. Eddie has all the tools to be a good fielder, I wouldn't be surprised to see him turn it around.
  3. They included the draft pick because both the Red Soxs and Dodgers didn't think Graterol was enough for Maeda. Instead of offering another top prospect, they offered the pick. The Dodgers offered money instead of additional prospects. Do you think the Twins should have walked away from the deal because they got money instead of a additional prospect? They do need to draft and develop players but also can't hold all the prospects. They do need to make them available if they want to make trades.
  4. I just can't believe it played out the way you think. First of all, if the FO had to go to ownership to get approval and if they didn't disclose the bonuses, they should be removing the FO not reworking the deal. So I'm pretty certain if ownership had to approve the deal, they were fully aware of the bonus. The teams was set to take on the full contract in the 3 team deal, it wasn't the Twins who backed out. Boston backed out, leaving the Twins to deal directly with LA. LA only had the Twins in the 3 team deal because Boston wanted Graterol, so they went and got him. After the deal blew up, taking back a rookie for the Twins is a lot easier than keep Madea for LA, so they had an incentive to make the trade. Since the Twins already said yes to the straight up trade, it hard to believe they later came back asking for more. I think it more likely the changes in the deal were made by the Dodgers and not the Twins.
  5. The original Graterol/Madea trade was just a pass through for LA, so you can't really compare that to the final trade. The Twins were clearly ready to accept a straight up trade without any money coming back since that was the first trade. When LA was making the trade directly with the Twins, they clearly wanted to get additional assets. Considering they had to include additional players in the Boston trade, they may not have wanted to give the Twins additional players and the money was better option for LA and helped offset what they sent to Boston. I don't get why people are getting huge up on the money returning. If the option is getting the money back or not making the trade, what would you have wanted them to do?
  6. Based on the WAR calculation, Castro was no more than a replacement level player. But the Twins need a catcher, so he provided what they need in 2 out of the 3 season.
  7. It doesn't seem like the Hill contract is a low risk contract. He has $9.5 million in incentives which can be met by pitching 75 innings. So that would be $12.5 million for 75 innings. He better be very good in the first 70 innings or you probably have to cut him. Which sounds like a good players contract, not a great team contract.
  8. Which wasn't my point at all. I wasn't saying not to sign players to long term contracts, just if you do, you should be paying them for the production during the contract not what they have done in the past.
  9. If you look at it that way, it's a poor way to run a baseball team. For example, what was a better baseball decision, the Twins extending Mauer or the Cards letting Pujos leave?
  10. It's perfectly reasonable to access trades/free agent as of today. I just wouldn't call a free agent that makes the 25 man roster a "huge haul". Same as a prospect making the 40 man roster. You might want to give it a minute.
  11. Just adding plays to the 40 man roster and claiming a trade a win, seems to be a pretty low bar we've set for this front office. Maybe we should wait to see if they actually contribute anything at the major league before we call this a huge haul.
  12. Accepting the QO is his best options. Michael Pineda got 2 year $10 million after undergoing TJ surgery. So even if he blows up this year, with the QO he should make over $30 for the next 3 years. Unless he hearing about offers around $50 million for 3 years, which I would doubt since he also has a draft pick penalty attached, this is his best option.
  13. 3. Sign RHP Jake Odorizzi for three years, $36 million If this is Odorizzi market price, he better grab the qualifying offer. $18m for one year, if he does anything he'll get more than another $18m over the next 2 years.
  14. Yes, I believe it's by league. So the Twins would have had preference over the National League.
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