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  1. To break the tie in this discussion, YES-Kirilloff is indeed untouchable! Anyone that has followed his career understands this kid can be special. People in this thread will look back in the years to come and wonder why this was even a discussion!
  2. I’m extremely disappointed the Twins did not bring up Kirilloff today. No room for him? Find room! AK has done everything the Twins have asked him to do-hit and hit for power. He is a major piece of the Twins future-don’t screw with his head and make him wait for one of the other OFers to get hurt.
  3. Seriously, why would Oakland or CINCY want to trade right now? If they wait until closer to the trade deadline, some desperate team that thinks one of these pitchers would be the final piece to a World Series trip would likely overpay here. These Twins need more than one more decent starting pitcher to contend.
  4. We all should realize these players only play for themselves-not the fans, not their teammates, and especially not the organization. We all get wrapped up following “OUR” team, but “OUR” players don’t give a flying f**k about anything other than their next contract. Souhan’s example of the Viking’s leaders-Cousins and Harrison Smith-missing games “their” team ended up losing, was a spot on example of selfish behavior. Unfortunately, games in June count the same as games in September…….
  5. I think Rocco is playing with fire with a questionable bullpen. Every game is an adventure. I’m afraid this group of very average relievers will be toast by July.
  6. Kirilloff was one of the reasons I was excited about the TWins this year. I think he has a chance to be a really elite hitter. He has endured his share of bad luck to begin his career with his TJ surgery and now his wrist issues. His presence in the middle of the lineup changes the whole dynamics for the team. I’m surprised you left off Pagan’s turn around (at least for this week) and needed success this weekend. No walks, too!
  7. On the days we face a tough lefty, we need someone to bash those southpaws. That’s certainly not Rooker! Against lefty’s, Sano and Sanchez will almost certainly start, and we do not need another swing and miss guy. Garlick has shown this spring and last year that he smashes lefties, and is certainly better than Rooker defensively. Come on, Twins, this is not a hard call!
  8. Really happy with Archer! He might be a bust, but he’s a bulldog!
  9. I don’t mean to be redundant, but the Twins are relying on: 1.) A cast off that his team sought to move, 2.) 2-unproven guys with limited experience 3.) A retread that has been terrible for the last few years, 5.)An unproven player the FO is going to pull out of their ass? As excited asI was to get Correa, the pitching staff has been a bottomless pit! Remember last year’s additions? Twin’s fans better come early to watch Correa: he is going to ask to get out by June 1!
  10. As excited as I am to get Correa, I’m wondering what the holdup is getting him to camp? It looks like he’ll sign officially on Wednesday, and that gives him about 2 weeks to get ready. Really?
  11. I can just see the next team the Twins are supposedly dealing with:” now that you idiots backed yourself in a corner, we need for you to add, say Buxton??”
  12. My guess they wanted to unload Donaldson and the Yankees would only go along if they could dump Sanchez and get a viable SS. Yuk!
  13. I can hardly wait for the Twin’s explanation of this. Looks like a salary dump to me!
  14. I Was looking forward to the start of ST, but then one of my favorite players was traded! Falvine better find some pitchers, or it’s going to be a long season!
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