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  1. I don’t care if Kirilloff hits .100, he needs to get in the lineup and stay there. Against lefties, too. I am so tired with the automatic outs that are in the lineup every day. As a #1 draft choice and a very successful minor league hitter, AK is going to hit! Whether because of bad luck,injuries, or poor roster construction, this team includes several players, both hitting and pitching, that would not be on another major league roster. Embarrassing!
  2. 6 non-starters starting today! Agree 100% Chief-a win today counts the same as in game 60.
  3. I know I’m jumping into this thread late, but Baldelli is an idiot! Ok-one run down-2 outs in the 8th-we still have 6 AB’s left, and our manager brings in our worst pitcher?? What the hell is he thinking? Now game would be tied. Hope this doesn’t come back to screw us out of the playoffs!
  4. I love the Twins, but it really hard to watch them lately, even when they win. Cleveland won something like 20 games in a row over 2 years against the Tigers, but they play us like they’re in ‘27 Yankees or something.
  5. Another solid pitching effort wasted. The Twins hitting is horrendous. Every hitter except Polanco looking to hit homers-damn bomba infatuation! With Kepler hurt, why don’t they try someone who has always hit- Kirillof? But what do I know? I’m just a fan!
  6. If Kepler indeed needs to go on the IL, hopefully they will bring up Kirillof! He deserves a chance-Twins need to play their best players!
  7. In a short season, days like today are hard to overcome. This team has been pathetic against left handers, and as pointed out by Doc and others, the loss of the protection (Donaldson, Graver, and Buxton) has been crippling! This organization has always had this weakness, and is probably why they went out and got The Rain Man. I’m also disappointed in Baldeli-his use of Thorpe in a 2 run game, with a rested bullpen, was (fill in your own adjective). Mine isn’t printable. I’m not sold on his judgement in these situations. Finally, Kirillof, Lewis and others sit unused in a wasted year for their development. I don’t have any specific answers, but I think they at least would have given a better effort today!
  8. I don’t hate this trade: I remember Graterol throwing 100+, but if it’s straight, major league hitters can rip that.
  9. Donaldson is not coming to the Minnesota! He is using the Twins to drive up his asking price! Ask yourself, when was the last time a major player chose the Twins when the numbers got this high? NEVER. (Please don’t mention Cruz- 12 million/year not in the same ballpark)
  10. I’m tired of checking these pages to see if the Twins made any moves to get pitching. Different year, same old story- organization says they are trying to get an ace- but other clubs step up (White Sox) and get the job done. Great season last year when all of the touted prospects came through, but I’m afraid next year starts a steady decline into oblivion. But I guess that’s what you expect from a middle of the road ball club............
  11. Can the Twins actually bring someone up from the minors now? I realize they would have to be put on the 40 man first, and someone would need to be dropped. But it might save their season.........
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