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  1. I was listening on the radio driving home thru a thunder storm when Kepler hit it out. Announcers said pagan warming in the pen, I swear my Noooooooo could be heard hundreds of miles away. Rained so hard I pulled over in a rest stop, lost radio with all the lightning so checked my phone. No surprise idiot Baldelli gave another game away.
  2. Archer retires 12 straight, so what’s the book say, Rocco?
  3. The radio announcers kept making a point that the Twins hadn’t won back to back games for a long time, as if this would be it against the lowly Rockies. Truth is that defines this team, it’s just not good.
  4. Baldelli pinch hitting for Kirelloff just pissed me off at the time and it bit us in the end.
  5. There’s a pile of money to be made on this team, as starting pitchers dictate. Should of bet the house against Buddy.
  6. So why pull him ? The minute I saw Duffey come in I had a feeling we’d blow it again. Out coached again. How about a pinch runner for Sanchez.
  7. Larnach did spend hours more than anyone not named Jake Cave in the batting cages this spring.
  8. Buxton will have a super year. Reason - he now signs autographs with a bible verse.
  9. Kepler, Kirilloff and Arraez worked out today, and signed a ton of autographs. Max has buffed up and on a mission.
  10. Well there is getting autographs, but from the minor leaguers. Most here are very accommodating, it’s just hard to know who is who. Lots of practices to watch, and no snow to shovel.
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