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    Attended opening day, Met Stadium, 1961. A fan before and since then.
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  1. Happy New Year to all. And many thanks to all that run this site. I was to leave for Ft Myers tomorrow, but cancelled out Thursday. Still hopeful for a spring training and will get there if there is.
  2. It’s with heavy heart I report that Big John Mele passed away. A great guy and grounds keeper. A friend of many players and fans.
  3. No worries about offense tonight, 2 dingers already.
  4. So there is finally a game on tv, and we are down a td in the second. I may not watch much.
  5. I was fortunate enough to sit and talk to Mudcat several times in Ft Myers. He told me a lot of stories, some I’ll never forget. I really enjoyed him, a great guy.
  6. Let’s just play 7 innings for the rest of the season and get it over with.
  7. Twins keep playing like they have and I’ll be taking a lot of time off.
  8. Starting pitching is the only bright spot this season. The hitting and bullpen have been flops. This team is not a.500 team. I’m not really missing the no tv coverage.
  9. Rowson loss was the biggest loss in years. I said that last year, and the playoffs showed it. Offer the job to Dave Kiriloff.
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