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  1. I agree with Reusse here. Perhaps being the same age has got. Something to do with it. We both grew up with what I’ll call “pure” baseball. So much has changed, but you don’t trade a batting champ.
  2. Having been at opening day 1961 and a fan ever since, this is the stupidest thing ever happened to the Twins. Falvey best be ready for my ire when I get there in a couple weeks. I totally hate this move. I wish Pohlads would sell.
  3. I wii agree with Squirrel and his comments. All spring it’s easy to get autographs from the players, easier at the start. My big mouth has added to the attendance on away games from what used to be 7 or 8 of us to around 30 some days. Usually we can’t go into Hammond, dut the field next to it is where they practice. Also they do walk down to the other fields to practice. Someone asked where to get rosters, for the 40 man they sell them for $1 by the first field. The minors roster, which is always later are put in a box on the minor league offices wall. Also, there was some damage done so things will likely be different this year. I doubt we will be able to go underneath to the bullpen.
  4. A huge no from me. That would be about the worst trade we could make. Both Arraez and Kepler should hit over .300 next year with no shifts.
  5. So true. It’s hard to keep interested in this team.
  6. I’d rather get no hit then lose like the last couple games.

    1. tarheeltwinsfan


      Not me Halsey. When the Twins lose, like the last several games were lost, the losses blend with so many other similiar losses from the past, and tend to fade into obscurity. But to be no hit is like when we were kids in school, and we had something placed into our "permanent records". 

  7. I was listening on the radio driving home thru a thunder storm when Kepler hit it out. Announcers said pagan warming in the pen, I swear my Noooooooo could be heard hundreds of miles away. Rained so hard I pulled over in a rest stop, lost radio with all the lightning so checked my phone. No surprise idiot Baldelli gave another game away.
  8. Archer retires 12 straight, so what’s the book say, Rocco?
  9. The radio announcers kept making a point that the Twins hadn’t won back to back games for a long time, as if this would be it against the lowly Rockies. Truth is that defines this team, it’s just not good.
  10. Baldelli pinch hitting for Kirelloff just pissed me off at the time and it bit us in the end.
  11. There’s a pile of money to be made on this team, as starting pitchers dictate. Should of bet the house against Buddy.
  12. So why pull him ? The minute I saw Duffey come in I had a feeling we’d blow it again. Out coached again. How about a pinch runner for Sanchez.
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