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  1. Happy New Year to all. And many thanks to all that run this site. I was to leave for Ft Myers tomorrow, but cancelled out Thursday. Still hopeful for a spring training and will get there if there is.
  2. It’s with heavy heart I report that Big John Mele passed away. A great guy and grounds keeper. A friend of many players and fans.
  3. No worries about offense tonight, 2 dingers already.
  4. So there is finally a game on tv, and we are down a td in the second. I may not watch much.
  5. I was fortunate enough to sit and talk to Mudcat several times in Ft Myers. He told me a lot of stories, some I’ll never forget. I really enjoyed him, a great guy.
  6. Let’s just play 7 innings for the rest of the season and get it over with.
  7. Twins keep playing like they have and I’ll be taking a lot of time off.
  8. Starting pitching is the only bright spot this season. The hitting and bullpen have been flops. This team is not a.500 team. I’m not really missing the no tv coverage.
  9. Rowson loss was the biggest loss in years. I said that last year, and the playoffs showed it. Offer the job to Dave Kiriloff.
  10. Heard from my friend that he's working 16 games this spring. He said all the kitchens but one will be open, no beer vendors though. He's been switched from condiments to cleanup, spraying down all kinds of stuff. Not sure how many fans will be allowed to each game.
  11. Having been to spring training for the last 31 years, it looks as though I'll miss this one. Good thing the winter has been mild so far in Northern Minn. I've been trying to keep up with plans for the spring and what I do know is that some fans will be allowed to some games. I don't attend many games though I'm there every day. Season ticket holders will get first crack at tickets. The practice fields are off limits though so no interaction with the players. My friend is down there getting balls hit over the fences now by those working out. A couple of friends who work in the stadium have been told they'll be working. It's a shame about TK's son. RIP Tom Kelly Jr.
  12. I can’t believe that I just looked at motel rates for the spring as disgusted as I’ve been with this team. But rates are low now so I jumped. Warm weather is good.
  13. I know Bert was very upset having his games reduced. My guess is he had enough getting what he felt was screwed over and just quit.
  14. I,be been thinking the big difference this year is the coaching staff. And that.Rowson was the biggest loss. This could be a very disappointing season.
  15. I must admit this is getting hard to watch. I even turned it off one game. Disappointing, for sure.
  16. Can't stand Bert. I like Morneau the best, he knows the game and predicts what pitch is coming next.
  17. The Twins site didn't work for me but the link above worked
  18. I dislike the removal. My chances of having a statue there are getting slimmer and slimmer by the day.
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