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  1. The silver lining: No inherited runners scored and Sano only struck out once!
  2. In 2002, the Twins were Division Champs. In 2003, the Twins were 7.5 games out of first in the Central at the All Star Break with a sub .500 record of 44-49. They traded Bobby Kielty for Shannon Stewart and the combination of them playing (reasonably) well and KC stumbling resulted in the Twins winning the division and heading to the playoffs (and actually winning a game!). The 2003 team underperformed expectations but still reached the playoffs. Coming in to the 2021 season, most thought the Twins were a flawed, but solid team (not unlike the 2003 Twins) that many expected to make it
  3. It looks like the bullpen is unlikely to allow any inherited runners to score tonight.
  4. I think the Twins should add a quality defensive short stop via free agency. Jose Iglesias is available as a free agent and has consistently put up good defensive numbers. His offense is not god-awful (OBP is alright and not much power), but I believe the Twins can sacrifice some offense in exchange for what I believe will be significant overall improvement in defense. Putting a good defender next to Sano will make Sano appear better so he can stay put at 3B. I would also add a good glove at 1B (perhaps one of the Twins minor leaguers could fit in here, I don't know much about their defens
  5. I looked at the fielding stats over at Fangraphs. On the year, the Twins had 10 position players (not inlcuding catchers) that played 300+ innings at a position in the field. Only three had positive UZR/150 -- Max Kepler 20.6 in RF, Byron Buxton 15.7 in CF, and Max Kepler 9.5 in CF (yes, Max was two of the Twins 3 players with positive UZR/150). Marwin Gonzalez only played 291.2 innings at 3B, but had an 18.9 UZR/150. Contrast that with the Yankees; they have 8 players with positive UZR/150 (including Brett Gardner counted twice like Max Kepler) and 5 that are negative. The Astros (whom I
  6. One error on what should have been a double play (two outs), and one additional error (one out) means that the Twins gave the Brewers an extra inning of offense. It's really tough to win when the other team gets to play an additional inning.
  7. Before play today (Monday, August 5), the Twins have the third best record in the AL at 69-42. If the playoffs started today, they would be an AL playoff team along with the Astros, Yankees, Indians, and Rays with the Athletics just a half game out of the wildcard picture. The Twins record agains the AL playoff teams (not including the Athletics) is 16-13, which trails only the Yankees (20-13). The Astros are next with a sub-500 12-13, and they are trailed by the Indians and Rays at 10-13, and 13-19 respectively. Obviously, the teams have changed (particularly the Astros with the addition
  8. In quite a few threads there are lamentations about Buxton's poor performance. Folks frequently had similar lamentations about Aaron Hicks during his tenure with the Twins. I decided to pull some numbers on each of the players (note, this is not nearly as sophisticated an analysis as many of the regulars on TD accomplish): Buxton Year PA wRC+ OPS 2015 138 53 576 2016 331 86 714 2017 511 90 728 980 Plate Appearances As a Twin Hicks Year PA wRC+ OPS 2013 313 62 597 2014 225 83 615 2015 390 96 721 928 Plate Appearances As a Twin 2016 361 64 617 2017 361 127 847 For each player, thei
  9. Twins are 26/30 with 0.197. Giants are the bottom at 0.170.
  10. Who was taken off the 40-man when Perkins was removed from the 60-day DL?
  11. I'm confused by this. How have the twins only had 320 lead-off plate appearances since the beginning of last season? There's been about 190 games since the beginning of last season. If you're only counting the lead-off of the game then there would be 190-ish plate appearances. If you're counting the lead-off for each inning then you're pushing 2000 plate appearances (190 games x 9 innings per game). I cannot figure out the 320.
  12. Cal Ripken weighed 220 pounds when most other SS weighed 175 soaking wet (I think Ozzie Guillen was listed at 150!). Ripken ushered in a new era of large shortstops (A-Rod, Jeter, etc.) that could play their positions very well in spite of their large size and did not seem overly prone to injury because of their size (particularly true in Ripken's case). Mike Trout (235 pounds) and Jason Heyward (245 pounds) are both exemplars of modern-day large outfielders that play their positions very well and don't have reputations as being injury prone. Based on these and other examples I don't believ
  13. The Schafer for Nunez pinch hit was another that confused me. Based on each player's history, Nunez has the superior bat while Schafer is the superior outfielder. It seems the better decision would have been for Nunez to hit and Schafer replace him in the field in the next half-inning. I understand that there will be growing pains, but he seems to be missing some pretty obvious opportunities to improve the Twins' chances at winning games.
  14. All, I usually stick to the front page and this is my first foray into the Forums section; perhaps this has been discussed. I find myself wondering about some of Molitor's decisions (or lack of decisions). A case in point is this past Saturday's game against the White Sox. It is the top of the ninth, Twins are down by one (4-5 game) and need to score at least one run for the game to continue. The scheduled batters are Herrmann, Robinson, and Schafer with Suzuki and Nunez on the bench and available to pinch-hit (I believe Escobar was out with new baby). Neither Suzuki nor Nunez should b
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