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  1. Coaches and players 75%, if not higher. Many teams deal with injuries and Falvey and Levine don’t throw, catch or hit. And putting the lions share of the blame on the glove first SS brought in to hit 9th doesn’t seem to make much sense.
  2. If the choice for the starting SS next year is Gordon or Simmons, I take Simmons
  3. Not sure how 12 starts this year is a better indicator than 5 years worth in the minors.
  4. I was in attendance for this game, first time in a couple of years. It was a beautiful night to be at the ballpark, unfortunately the home team seemed to be just going thru the motions.
  5. #6. Even you state he is not ready. #5 Speed is barely used by the Twins now. Buxton and Gordon both have it and it doesn’t seem to be utilized. This regime values homers. And this guy hasn’t really hit that well at AA #4 and #3 Don’t know a lot about these two, can they field the position? IMO that is important. Can they handle a part time position? They did have nice seasons, but not sure they would be much of an improvement. #2 if he isn’t playing every day, I would prefer he starts next year at SP #1 I do like his versatility, has pretty much quit hitting though. And he bats right handed. I am not even that big of a fan of Cave, but he did hit right handers pretty good a couple of seasons back, and was playing hurt much of this season. Wondering why you didn’t mention Larnach, Martin, Rooker or Garlick
  6. Could you be specific about the “other worthwhile options “?
  7. yeahyabetcha

    Saddest sports city

    Enjoy the Season!!
  8. Dantzler was not very good in the preseason. No way Zimmer was playing him over Breeland.
  9. I bet the Twins see Cave as a backup outfield option for next year.
  10. I only watched from the 8th inning on…but. Watching and trying to understand Rocco’s late inning maneuvers is painful. For instance, bottom of ninth, KC has a right hander on the mound, Twins have 3 left handed batters on the bench, Arraez, Gordon and Cave. Due up is Rooker, Kepler, Jeffers. Rooker gets to bat and makes an out, Kepler makes an out. So bottom of ninth with no one on and two outs, Gordon is sent for Jeffers and makes an out. Rortvedt goes into catch, Gordon goes to bench. Next inning Rortvedt gets placed on 2nd and Gordon is unavailable??? secondly, bullpen usage. Duffey, Alcala, Colome all get one inning each throwing around 10 pitches and are removed. Minaya gets an inning, struggles a bit, gets thru it with 20 plus pitches. He gets the next inning. Twins lose the game. I don’t understand analytics.
  11. I guess in that case Kepler is doomed to be a .200 hitter who is unable to advance a runner from second with no outs.
  12. And maybe if Kepler would just try to go to the opposite field once his shift would become less pronounced
  13. If the opposition would have played the shift that Kepler gets against Carew, I am willing to bet he would have bunted alot more
  14. Rocco must be a great manager. Didn’t most of these horrible players win the division last year?
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