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  1. Kirilloff might be a better hitter, but Larnach stays healthier and is a better outfielder. Regardless, I hope these two along with Buxton and Donaldson are batting 2-5 in next year’s lineup.
  2. I agree. Polanco projects to be the starting 2b next year, why move him back to SS? The Twins will most likely be bringing in a free agent at SS for next year, maybe Simmons, maybe someone else. Why mess with a move that seems to have worked this year??
  3. If able to trade for value go for it. But I don’t find it wise to just dump them.
  4. For this year? Since the only real SS on the roster is Simmons, maybe trading him for a bag of balls or whatever outer fringe prospect some team is willing to give up isn’t a great idea
  5. What benefit does moving Polanco off of second base provide? Does he not look like a good 2022 option there to you?
  6. Because Celestino is not ready to be a starting major league center fielder, Polanco should not be an every day SS, Arraez is not an everyday 3b, Sano is not an everyday Dh and Gordon is a ?
  7. Pitching wins, but is very expensive when buying in the free agent market . A starting short stop would be be my top priority, unless Royce is deemed ready to fill that spot. And then pitching. My question is. In this era of getting 5 innings from a starter and then running out 4-5 relievers every game, wouldn’t bullpen arms be a better investment than throwing 10-15 million at a starter?
  8. To say “defense doesn’t matter “ was maybe a bit harsh. But the signing of these two aging players has not worked to help upgrade the defense. In fact, the eye test and a lot of statistics seem to indicate it has regressed.
  9. I voted to fire both. Not a fan of this brand of analytics, where only home runs matter and defense is an afterthought. And pitching? I have not been able to figure out what exactly the plan is there. Not fun to watch this team.
  10. Maybe the hitters should be more concerned about making less errors/poor plays in the field and inability to hit in the clutch or situationally, than the bullpen needing to throw 5 shutout innings every night….
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