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  1. Grienke will likely only get one year offers from teams. Why would he choose the Twins?
  2. Vegas is great for professional football and hockey teams. Opposing teams love to travel there. Not sure if the same is true for baseball fans, but who knows. The Carolina’s seem to make sense, but I don’t really think expansion is necessary or needed at this point.
  3. I suppose there is stat that shows Arraez is a better fielding SS than Simmons as well.
  4. Why don’t they just bring up last year’s entire draft class and see if they are part of future or not?
  5. I vote no to Story or to moving Polanco back. I prefer trading Sano, Arraez for pitching. I am ok with an infield of Kiriloff, Polanco, glove first SS free agent and Donaldson. Gordon and Miranda as backups.
  6. Ok??? They could have added this $800,000 to some heavily incentive laden Buxton contract!
  7. No. My point is not to sign any free agents. More so, it is that because of baseball economics it is necessary for the Twins to use other avenues of players acquisition than trying to outbid the Yankees for “top” free agents. It would be great to sign Correa to some large 7 year deal, but doing so will impact the roster now and for future years.
  8. There may be current players to be resigned and free agents to go after in the next 5 years. Will signing 2 or 3 huge contracts now , allow for that? There are many posters already advocating eating many millions of Donaldson’s contract to get rid of him. How many contracts like that do you want the Twins to take on?
  9. But it simply isn’t spending 40-50M this offseason, it likely means a commitment of hundreds of millions over 5 plus years. That seems to me to be a case made for the article topic.
  10. The title to the article is “A case against signing the top free agents”. I don’t think it means that they should spend no money. I guess I don’t think that every time the Twins lose out is free agent it was because ownership was cheap. And no, I am not a Pohlad , nor do I work for them.
  11. Maybe they should off Correa a 1 year/$60 million dollar deal
  12. So they aren’t using any of it? Also, the statement that they should be able give out $40-$50 million allocations next year is a bit misleading, because signing two long term free agents this off season probably means a 5 year commitment of $200 million.
  13. We will just have to agree to disagree as to what “did just fine” means
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