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  1. Was it “absolute blunder” when the other 5 teams he played for gave up on him as well?
  2. I have a feeling that Cave will play more and out perform Broxton next year. And that Happ will get a contract as a back of the rotation pitcher somewhere and will live up to those expectations.
  3. I hope the Twins invest in Buxton first (if he even is interested in signing), starting pitching second, SS third. Not interested in any of these options.
  4. I find it ironic that the author was able to throw Happ and Shoemaker (who were signed as back of the order options) under the bus as main causes of the Twins poor season. But than offers 3 options that are in someways similar to them as expensive top of the rotation pieces. Happ was probably the Twins best starter in April, than had the worst stretch of his career when he came under the full tutelage of Wes Johnson, than helped pitch the Cardinals into the playoffs after he was traded. Why?
  5. I hope he is allowed to start the season at AAA to see how the season works out. He would probably be my first in line if a starter is injured. Everything changes if Buxton is traded however.
  6. It is more likely that none of these will be starting next August for the Twins
  7. Or he could just take his 7 million this year, stay healthy and put up numbers close to this year’s rate and expect a much larger offer next offseason.
  8. I wish the Twins would have made the trade. That way, three of the players (Simmons, Happ, Robles) that were the main cause of the Twins poor season, all would have made the playoffs. Weird.
  9. How do the Giants leave Webb in for 7.2 innings?? Don’t they know pitchers suck after 4??
  10. I give him a C, but my main complaints are maybe more organizational than on Rocco. For instance, the trend to pull starters earlier and rely on bullpens to get the last 12 outs of nearly every game. But most teams do it nowadays, Boston did last night with Eovaldi. It worked out last night, but what if one of 4 relievers used, had a bad night.
  11. I respect your opinion, but I disagree with almost everything you say and the assumptions you make.
  12. Do you think Happ helped or hurt the Cardinals chance to make the playoffs?
  13. If Buxton were to stay healthy next year and play near the pace he was at this year what kind of offers do you think he would get?
  14. Springer got 6 years/150 million. If I am Buxton, I bet on myself staying healthy next and would look at that contract as a starting spot.
  15. My first choice would be to sign him, although 7/$200 scares me. But if I were him I am not sure I would sign for anything less. But let’s just say that he doesn’t want to sign a long term deal with the Twins because he wants to test the open market in a year. If that were the case the Twins should explore the trade options. Not sure how to answer the punt question….the only minor leaguers that I see as early in the season options are Miranda, Celestino and Rortvedt. Meaning I think the Twins already have to bring in a SS, 3 starting pitchers and at least one bullpen arm if they are gonna compete with the Sox. And that is with signing Buxton.
  16. So if Buxton counters with 7 years/ $200 million, what do you do?
  17. What if his asking price is $300 million for 10 years?
  18. If his bat is that valuable that it should be in the lineup more than 100 games a year, he will likely have to stop catching. The problem is how do the Twins do that? And who catches then?
  19. Not a fan of how he manages, but I think you put too much blame on Rocco. He probably manages the way his bosses want him to.
  20. I truly doubt it is Rocco’s solo decision to be limiting Ober’s usage this year. I believe it to be an organizational decision.
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