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  1. I haven’t watched every inning of every game, but based on my observation, any metric that suggests Miranda is a better fielder than Urshela currently, should be discarded immediately.
  2. Enjoy the season!! However it turns out, I am finding them entertaining to watch this season.
  3. Weird how things work out. A few short months ago there were many opinions demanding Miranda to be playing in the majors and some suggesting Lewis was a wash out. Now, many are ready to give up on Miranda and believe Lewis is a sure bet.
  4. If the Twins are contenders this year and they are currently in first place. I think a strong argument could be made for a starting infield of Krilliloff, Polanco, Correa, Urshela and use Arraez, Miranda and Gordon as the reserves. Lewis would be in St Paul.
  5. I would send him back to The Saints to play SS full time, with the goal of him being the 2023 opening day starter for the Twins.
  6. Pitching wise the Twins look to have plenty of options. As far as position players, getting Buxton, Correa, Arraez, Larnach and Garlick all back and healthy would help the most.
  7. I am ok with Celestino as the 4th outfielder, but he has been getting too much playing time lately. Buxton needs to start playing more if the Twins are going to keep winning.
  8. Godoy and Sands are the obvious cuts tomorrow. I think the tougher calls are for when Kiriloff and Gray come back.
  9. Not everyone. Just those that agree with my opinions.
  10. I think the bullpen has the potential to be very good, even without Rogers. The only real question is (and it is a rather big one), who can get the last outs of the game.
  11. Or it could mean that they wanted to trade Rogers because he was in the last year of his contract and they probably were not going to resign him. And that they felt that Garver was going to have to get moved from catcher to stay healthy. And they were able to get pieces in return that they liked.
  12. I think it would be great to see Kirilloff at first and Larnach in left against right handed starters. I am just not sure the Twins will start the season that way.
  13. Your 10 first mentioned, are locks. If they start with 13 position players, that leaves 3 spots. My prediction would be Gordon, Godoy and some right handed outfielder. I don’t think Larnach makes the opening day roster, even if he has a good spring training.
  14. They likely see a lefty opening day, so I would leave Arraez and Kepler on the bench. DH is Sanchez, Rooker in right field?
  15. It would be interesting that the Twins would trade Donaldson to get out of a contract and then take on a more expensive contract . I only see Story signing with the Twins if it is team friendly and under the perceived market value.
  16. I wouldn’t make that trade, but I consider Kiriloff pretty much untouchable.
  17. We’re the Twins “tanking” when they traded Cruz for two prospects?
  18. Rodon may win the Cy Young or it is possible that he may battle injuries again this season or that he regresses from the one good season that he has ever had. Maybe the Twins could have had him by offering a third year or maybe he had zero desire to play for them. Enjoy the season.
  19. I never said to keep everyone. Obviously the defense will be a major rebuild. I just believe it isn’t necessary to rid the roster of every player of any talent and replacing them with a draft pick.
  20. The Jaguars have won 5,6,1 and 3 the last 4 years. Yep, that would be great!! Skol!!
  21. Yep . Trade any players with any talent. The Vikings can be the Jaguars of the north!! Skol!!
  22. It says a lot when getting the opinion of an independent, impartial third party is not considered a serious offer
  23. The negotiations could have started a year ago and it may not have helped it to settle any sooner. It likely won’t end until both sides have to feel some pain. And again, the tactic to lock out the players was probably a wise move by the owners to take away the possibility of a mid season strike. Mediation was offered to players and rejected. Might that not have helped speed up the process
  24. Do you propose MLB just cave on all of the unions proposals and accept their offer as is?
  25. You state the players should share the blame, but then place 99.9 of it on the owner’s. You have anti owner bias, own it. The tactic of locking out the players is just that. The owners did not want to see a strike later this summer and without an agreement, the players likely would have gone on strike mid season. Every topic of the labor discussions have been a gain for the players. No paycut has ever been discussed. It has always started with the players are getting a raise, the disagreement has been how much of a raise are they getting. The players are giving up nothing. So any statement that the owners are not negotiating in good faith seems misguided and unproductive.
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